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Something to Believe


Harry loved the Hunts’ house. It was decorated in Italian style on the inside. As soon as they were inside, two teenagers ran at Cara. The older boy was Alex, her younger brother, and the girl was Felicity, her younger sister.

“I’ve missed you two!” she lamented, hugging them tightly.

Alex had a deep booming laugh. “We’ve missed you too…we haven’t seen you in forever.” He complained.

“I don’t like going to school so far away.” Felicity complained.

“Oh, shut it Fel, you know you love St. Bernadette’s.” Cara teased. She took Harry’s hand. “You two remember Harry.”

Felicity turned beet red and started smiling widely. “H-h-hi Harry…I mean, hello your highness.” She said.

Harry laughed and shook her shivering hand. “You can just call me Harry.”

Alex shook his hand, but pointed at him, and to his eyes. “I’m watching you two.”

“Alexander!” Cara gasped.

Alex laughed. “Felicity’s too young to have a boyfriend, so this is my only chance to intimidate the boy!” he complained. “Just let me have my fun.”

Harry smiled. “It’s nice to meet you guys. And trust me, Alex, I’ll take good care of your sister.”
He said, putting an arm around her.

They went to the table. “I made spaghetti.” Claudia, Cara’s mother announced. They all dug into their meals. Harry had desired a home cooked meal, and he’d never had one like this before. The whole family was sitting together, eating, and laughing. Harry had never had an experience like this before.

“Are you enjoying dinner, Harry?” Claudia asked.

Harry smiled. “It’s delicious, Mrs. Hunt.”

She smiled. “Please Harry, call me Claudia.”

“It’s so cool, Cara. We get the papers and magazines at school and everyone is so surprised you see you.” Felicity said.

“Yeah, even some of my mates asked for your number.” Alex teased.

Cara rolled her eyes. “Shut it, you two.”

“So are you two official yet?” Alex asked, smiling.

“Alex, you shouldn’t ask questions like that.” His mother chided.

Cara paused and looked at Harry for the answer.

“We’re just enjoying each other’s company right now…no labels at all.” He announced.

“That’s not what it looks like to everyone else.” Alex snorted. “God, you should see the girls when they come over for play rehearsal. ‘Oh my gosh, Harry and Caroline!’ They’re invading Eton.” He complained.

“You go to Eton?” Harry asked, smiling.

Alex puffed his chest proudly. “Yes…I’m nearly at the top of my class.” He announced proudly.

“You wish.” Felicity and Cara sniggered at the same time. Alex stuck his tongue out at him and the girls giggled together.

Harry smiled. They were a picture perfect family.


The next day, they sat at home. Cara and Harry sat together on the couch playing games when Natalie walked in. “Look who made the front page yet again.” She teased, throwing the paper to Cara.

Cara unfolded it. It was her and Harry, walking. Harry had his head turned back at Cara, checking on her. Cara was smiling mysterious at the paparazzi. A smaller inset picture had the two of them in the distance holding hands.

The suspicions have been confirmed by photographs and eyewitnesses; Prince Harry has found love in heiress Caroline Hunt. Residents of Rochley, the small town Harry had taken solace in, claim to see the couple walking around town hand in hand, eating dinner at the local pub, and even hanging around the local music shop where Caroline gives music lessons on the weekend. It was even confirmed by the paparazzi just last night, who caught the couple walking, holding hands, on the way to the town inn, which Caroline’s parents own. However, once they spotted the photographers spotted the two Harry and Caroline quickly split, leaving Harry to walk ahead and Caroline greeting the press with a smile, giving them the shot they wanted and walking on.

Cara snickered. “Well, they think I’m gracious.”

Harry was taken aback. “I love how this doesn’t bother you at all.”

Cara shrugged. “I’ve seen what the press can do. I know you don’t like it. But I shouldn’t complain because you’ve been through much worse than me.”

Harry hugged her tightly. “You know, we’ve been seeing each other for a little bit.” He said reluctantly.

“Yeah, we have.” She said cautiously.

“And when your brother asked if we were official yet…” Harry started.

“It got you thinking about asking me. All the papers have been.” She said.

Harry smiled. “We’ve only known each other for three months…but would you want to be my girlfriend?”

Cara smiled wryly. “I’m never one to be tied down. I don’t like relationships. Every time I have one, my heart gets broken.”

“I won’t break it.” Harry whispered, clutching her hand.

“You’re the first person I’ve really felt connected with. You’re the perfect guy for any girl and I just got lucky that you picked me.” Cara confessed.

Harry shook his head. “That’s not true. You’re beautiful, you’re smart, and you’re honest. The little things in life impress you. You love your family and they love you. I’m lucky to have found you. You took a broken heart and you made me a different person. You’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met and I would be so, so happy if you would just be mine already.” Harry confessed back.

Cara smiled and launched herself onto him. He laughed and hugged her tightly. “So you’ll be my girlfriend?” he asked.

“Of course.”
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