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Something to Believe


Harry and Cara put their things in their room. They were on the island of Capri. It wasn’t warm enough to even swim, but the Hunts had an indoor pool to their house, encased by glass windows. Before Harry even turned around, Cara was done changing; she wore a plain white bikini and wrapped a towel around her waist.

“You look gorgeous.” Harry said, wrapping his arms around her waist. She smiled.

“Come on; we should get to the pool. It won’t be long before Mum, Dad, Felicity, and Alex gets back.” The rest of her family was taking a tour of the island.

Harry followed Cara to the pool. She threw her towel to the chair on the side and gingerly stepped in. Harry threw his towel next to hers and cannon balled into the pool. He pierced the surface to see a very angry looking Cara.

“Harry!” She squealed.

He treaded the water. “What? You were going to get wet anyway.”

Cara rolled her eyes and pushed him. “You’re so obnoxious.”

Harry laughed. “I try.”

He pulled her into a hug and swung her around in the water. “You look beautiful.” He said, tracing her jaw.

“You always tell me.” Cara said with a smile, rolling her eyes.

“Well I always tell you because it’s the truth.” Harry said.

Cara smiled. “I do like that.”

“So I was wondering…Will and Kate want us over for New Years.” He said.

Cara smiled even wider. “I would love that…so that’s the first time I meet someone from your family. Should I be nervous?” she asked.

Harry laughed. “Not at all…they’ll love you. Besides, it’ll just be to warm you up for the big event.” He said.

Cara stared at him confused. “What is that?”

Harry smiled shyly. “Well, I just caught news that my cousin Beatrice is getting married in a couple of months…and I was wondering if you would come be my date to the wedding. It
would be your first public thing, but I know that you’ll be fine.” He said.

Cara smiled. “I would love to go with you.”

Harry looked down. “Of course, you would meet my dad, Camilla, and my grandparents.”

Cara separated herself from Harry. “I would meet the Queen of England?” she asked.

“Why not? She’d love you.” Harry said. “You’re the perfect girl that they want me to bring home.”

Cara kissed him lightly on the lips and traced his jaw. “This is actually real, isn’t it?” she asked.

“What are you talking about?” Harry asked.

Cara smiled sheepishly. “We live together…you’ve met my family, I’m meeting yours. We’re actually a real couple.”

Harry laughed. “We are a real couple.”

Cara kissed him lightly. He deepened the kiss and pressed her against the wall of the pool. She dangled her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He started playing with the back of her top when she pulled away and chuckled. “Not here…”

“Where?” he asked.

They quickly got out of the pool and grabbed their towels. Pulling him by his hand, they ran up to their bedroom and locked the door. Not caring they were wet, the fell on the bed.

“Are you completely sure?” Harry asked. This would be the first time they’d done it together.

Cara smiled. “Of course.”


It was probably a couple of days later when Cara received a phone call from Natalie. “Hey Nat!” Cara said lazily.

“Cara…you should see the paper.” Natalie said in hushed tones. “Collin is furious.”

“You know I can’t see it here…I’ll pull it up on the computer.” She said, getting her laptop out. She opened it to the Sun’s webpage to see the front headlines. Her jaw dropped. On the homepage was a blurry picture of her and Harry in the pool.


Confirmed by several insiders and eyewitnesses, Prince Harry of Wales is getting very serious with his new girlfriend, Miss Caroline Hunt. Hunt is the heiress to Hunt Corporations, which owns breweries and hotels throughout Europe. Insiders say that Harry and Caroline got very serious quickly. Others claim that Caroline has already met the queen and that Harry plans to propose to her soon. Harry has joined her family for the Christmas holidays on their villa in the island of Capri in Italy. Insiders claim Harry will propose to Caroline on Christmas day. His wedding may fall soon after his cousin, Princess Beatrice.

“What the hell?” she screamed, hanging up on Natalie. Harry burst into the room.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked.

“They can see inside our house?” she yelled.

“Who can see inside our house?” Alex asked, entering the room.

“The paparazzi!” she snarled, showing the boys the picture. Harry’s eyes were wide open. It was him and Caroline, standing in the pool. If they had that shot, they had every other shot…

“Fuck.” Harry said. “I’ll make some phone calls…I am so sorry, Cara.” He said, pulling out
his phone. He started making calls, so he left for the other room.

Caroline angrily zipped to the bottom of the page to see the comments.

That Caroline! She’s just another fling. Ugh, I hate her.

I like them together. She’s pretty.

I think they look good for each other. She’s a right sight better than Chelsy.

Caroline’s such a bitch. I hate her.

She shut the computer and put her head in her hands. For the first time, she was feeling the downside of being a prince's girlfriend.
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