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Something to Believe


Harry and Cara returned back to London. There were a couple days before the New Year holiday and Harry had some business to attend to. He had planned to make some appearances for charities and he wanted Caroline to come with him as a guest. It would gently ease her into the scene.

Harry and Cara were inside a small store. “We need to find you something to wear for the charity event tomorrow.” Harry said. He was increasingly aware of the people staring, but Cara just held his hand tightly. He looked down at her and smiled; she returned the look.

“So, what is the attire?” she asked lazily.

“Well, it’s a luncheon. I’m wearing a navy suit.” Harry said.

Cara chuckled. “Can we please be the obnoxious couple that matches outfits?”

Harry laughed. “Yes, we should.”

Cara walked around a little bit; Harry just followed her. She picked out a silk, navy dress and held it up to Harry. “What do you think?”

Harry smiled. “It’s beautiful…you’ll look stunning in it.”

She went to the fitting room and Harry sat outside.

“So what is the luncheon for?” she asked.

“It’s to award sick children. They’ve been awfully brave. I’m going to speak at the ceremony.” Harry said.

Cara came out of the fitting room with her hair tied back. She turned around for Harry. “How is it?”

Harry smiled. She had an eye. “You look beautiful…even more so than you usually do.”

Cara laughed. “Has anyone ever told you you’re good at flattery?”

Harry smiled cheekily. “I try.”

Cara kissed his cheek before going back into the dressing room to change back. She walked out with the dress and took Harry’s hand. They walked to the register under the watchful eye of everyone in the store. When the store clerk nervously rang up the dress, Harry reached for his wallet. Cara beat him to it and pulled out her card.

“Don’t, Harry.” She said.

“Why not?” Harry asked. He’d always bought his girlfriends things.

She shrugged. “I can pay for it myself.” She said in a very self dependant tone. People in the store started buzzing and whispering as Harry and Cara walked out of the store.

“That was bold.” Harry commented.

“What?” Cara asked, confused.

Harry shrugged. “Usually, the ladies make me pay.”

Cara chuckled. “I’m not like that, Harry. I can support myself. I want people to see that I’m not leeching you because I’m dating you. I’m fully self sufficient.”

Harry smiled. “That’s why I love you.”

Cara kissed him lightly and smiled.


The next day was the luncheon. It was the twenty eighth, and the next morning they were leaving for Anglesey, where William and Kate lived. Harry and Cara descended from the hotel to a car waiting for them.

“They’ll all be out taking pictures, so just watch yourself.” Harry advised.

Cara chuckled. “It can’t be too hard, walking to a car?”

As soon as their feet were out of the building, light bulbs went off. Cara was slightly taken aback, but kept her head down and followed Harry into the car.

“Are you excited?” Harry asked.

Cara smiled. “A little bit…I get to see what you do now.”

Harry chuckled. “It’s not all that exciting, trust me.”

Cara pressed her head against Harry’s arm. “I want to know you. I want to see everything about you.”

Harry kissed her head. “The same for me.”

The car pulled to the front of the building. Harry and Cara stepped out and smiled graciously for the cameras. It was cold out, but Cara was shivering from more than the temperature. Harry took her hand and led her inside, away from the photographers.

“That was crazy.” She said. “It was like strobe lights.”

Harry sighed. “The most unfortunate part of my job-having to get along with them.” He said, jerking a thumb back to the paparazzi, which was still firing shots from outside of the glass windows. They dropped off their coats at the coat check, but Cara kept her scarf. She was still shivering. She was nervous, and it was the first time she’d ever been. What would they think of her? What would she do?

She and Harry took seats at the front of the room. There were children scattered about with their parents.

“Caroline, this is Mr. Henry Howard, the creator of the fund.” Harry said. It distracted Cara from her day dream. “Henry, this is Miss Caroline Hunt.”

“Hello Mr. Howard.” She said graciously. She was a bit taken aback though. Harry was being much more proper than he ever had. Cara could hardly remember the last time he actually called her Caroline.

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting your parents, Miss Hunt. I’m not sure if you know this, but they are patrons of our charity as well. They are such lovely people.” Mr. Howard said.

Cara smiled. “I will tell them you say hello, Mr. Howard.”

He smiled. “And if I may say, you and the prince here make a very beautiful couple, just like your parents.”

Harry grabbed Cara’s hand under the table and squeezed it, much to her comfort.

“Thank you, Mr. Howard.”