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Something to Believe


Cara sat back and watched as Harry took the podium. He began his speech. At first, she was just watching him, but then she listened to his words closely.

“The children here have braved through so much more than I can imagine. It’s so much more than a child should ever have to endure in a time of growth and learning. These children we honor today are those that are some of the bravest in society, and in my mind, I look up to them. Thank you.” He ended his speech. The crowd clapped as Harry stepped down the podium and Mr. Howard started to speak.

“That was amazing.” Cara whispered to Harry.

Harry smiled. “Thank you.”

She stood up. “Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.” She said. Cara left the room and went to the bathroom. Coming out, she saw a frantic mother wiping the front of her daughter’s dress. The little girl was near to tears.

“What’s wrong?” Cara asked, approaching the two. She was aware the photographers were blasting pictures of her, but she didn’t care.

“Oh, her older brother’s spilt tea on the front of her dress and she’s supposed to receive her award.” The mother said, brushing the girl’s bowl cut hair.

Cara took off her scarf and bent down, tying it around the girl’s neck. “What’s your name?” she asked, smiling.

“Emily.” She whispered.

Cara smiled wider. “Well, Emily, you can have my scarf. It’ll cover up the stain and it’ll look lovely with your eyes.” She promised. Just as she said, it covered the stain.

The girl smiled. “Thank you.”

Caroline shook the mother’s hand. “I’m Caroline Hunt.”

The mother smiled. “I’m Elizabeth Blount…thank you so much, Miss Hunt. I’ll be sure to return your scarf to you as soon as I can.”

Cara waved her off. “Keep it, please.”

Elizabeth was in shock. “Are you sure? That’s a very expensive scarf. It’s pure silk.” She said.

Cara smiled. “It’s the least I can do.” She said, watching Emily swaying around in dress absentmindedly.

“What kind of cancer does she have?” Cara asked quietly.

Elizabeth smiled at her daughter sadly. “Brain cancer…it’s gone for now, the doctors say it will be back with a vengeance. They say she won’t live to ten.”

Cara put a hand on the woman’s shoulder. “You’re brave. Your daughter is brave.”


Cara came back to the room and sat down with Harry.

“Where’s your scarf?” he asked.

Cara smiled. “Don’t worry about it.”

Harry went up on the stage with Henry to present the awards. One of the first ones was for Emily Blount, a little girl who had a rare form of persistent brain cancer. She walked into the stage wearing a white dress. One thing, Harry noticed, was the familiar blue silk scarf tied around her neck. He smiled at her, and looked at Cara, who was watching the girl fondly.

She had given her scarf to the little girl.

Harry knelt down and gave the award to Emily. “Congratulations, Emily.” He said with a smile.

After presenting all the awards, there was a small greeting area for Harry to meet the kids. He and Cara walked hand in hand to the room.

“You gave your scarf to the girl.” He commented. They were walking past the windows,
where the photographers were snapping pictures.

“Her brother spilt tea on her dress; she needed it.” Cara said.

“It was an expensive scarf; I saw the price.” Harry commented.

Cara shrugged. “She needed it more than me. She’s gone through much more than me.”

Harry stopped in his tracks and turned Cara so she was facing him. He pulled her in by her waist until their foreheads and noses were touching. “Things like that make me love you.”

Cara chuckled. “They’re all watching and taking pictures.”

Harry smiled, fluttering his eyelashes against hers. “Frankly, I don’t care.”

He dipped her into a deep kiss. The photographers went wild and Harry laughed, releasing Cara.

“We’re about to get in a lot of trouble.” Cara chuckled, as Harry took her hand again and they went off to greet the children.

“Again, I don’t care.” Harry said, smiling and squeezing her hand.


It was about four o’clock when they got done with the luncheon. They were back in their hotel, lazing about.

“Say…I was wondering would you want to have dinner with my dad tonight?” he asked. “He rang me last night, but I never answered him.”

Cara smiled. “I would get to meet your dad?”

Harry nodded. “And Camilla, of course. They’re here in London for some occasion.” He said.

“Should I change?” she asked. “What should I wear?”

Harry laughed. “Now you’re concerned?”

Cara scoffed. “First impressions, Harry!”

Harry rifled through her things until he pulled out a peach dress. “Wear this.”

After changing, the two left for Clarence House. Cara was nervous, and Harry was laughing.

“Don’t worry, Cara. They’ll love you.” He assured, as they walked to the door. It was opened for them and they were brought to the sitting room while they waited for his father.

“Harry!” a voice rang. Harry stood up and hugged the man who approached him. A woman was behind him, smiling. Cara could tell it was his father and Camilla.

“Dad, it’s been a while. Hey Camilla.” He said, hugging the both of them. He took Cara’s hand and led her to his father and step mother. “Dad, Camilla, this is Cara Hunt, my girlfriend.” He said.

Cara shook Charles and Camilla’s hands. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, your highness.”

Charles smiled. “Please, call me Charles.”
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