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Something to Believe


The next day, Cara and Harry were riding in a car to William and Kate’s house on Anglesey.

She was exhausted. They got in late from dinner with Harry’s dad the night before. Charles was a nice guy and very courteous to Cara.

They pulled into the private farmhouse’s driveway. It was tucked away from the main area; it reminded Cara much of her parents’ country home-secluded and private. Standing in the doorway were William and Kate. William was dressed in a plain sweater and khakis; Kate wore a wool wrap over a white button down and jeans. The car pulled over and Harry bounded out of the car, holding Cara’s hand. He let go to hug William and Kate.

“Hey, little brother. It’s been too long.” William said, chuckling, as he pat Harry’s back.

“Far too long…Will, Kate, this Cara.” He said, taking Cara’s hand and swaying in back and forth.

Kate immediately hugged Cara. “Welcome…I’m Kate.”

Cara smiled. William hugged her as well. “Any girlfriend of Harry’s is a part of the family. Come on in; it’s freezing.”

They went inside while the driver of the car put their bags in the foyer.

“Are you two hungry? I’ve just made some meat pies.” Kate said.

Harry laughed. “You haven’t had a meat pie unless you’ve had one of Kate’s.”

William smiled. “He’s right; she’s a marvelous cook.” He said, kissing her cheek. Kate smiled and pulled Cara to sit on the couch.

“You two caused quite a stir at the charity luncheon yesterday.” Will said, throwing the paper at Harry. Harry opened the front page and laughed.

“Prince Harry and his newest lady, Miss Caroline Hunt, are apparently getting very serious. According to reports, Caroline has already met Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. Harry is also becoming very close with the Hunt family, as he was pictured on vacation in Italy with the Hunts for the Christmas holidays in their private villa on the island of Capri. Prince Harry took Caroline on her first outing yesterday to a charity luncheon. Although she was not his official guest, they were inseparable for the entire affair. Caroline was seen giving her silk scarf, reportedly at a cost of one hundred and fifty pounds from Harrods, to a young cancer stricken child to cover tea stains on her dress. After the luncheon and before proceeding to greet the guests of honor, Harry and Caroline shared a steamy kiss in front of the paparazzi, confirming their serious relationship.” Harry said sarcastically.

Cara laughed. “God, they blow everything out of proportion.”

Kate smiled. “The paparazzi don’t bother you?”

Cara shrugged. “As long as they don’t invade my home anymore, I’m alright. I just do my best to ignore them.”

William punched Harry’s shoulder. “She’s a keeper.”


After dinner, Cara and Kate were sitting on the couch in the sitting room while Harry and Will went out for a night on the town together.

“So you and Harry are housemates?” Kate asked.

Cara nodded. “His friend Collin is one of my oldest friends, and two of my friends live with him as well.”

Kate nodded. “When did you two first start dating?” she asked.

Cara blushed and looked down. “Well, I came home one night and he surprised me with dancing and dinner. After that, he started making an effort. We would go out to dinner, study together, and he’d come in while I was working at the music shop and I’d teach him how to play the piano. I guess it just evolved from there. I wasn’t one to settle down, but every girl would if they met their fairytale prince.” She confessed.

Kate smiled. “Do you love him?”

Cara nodded. “I do, I really do.” She admitted.

Kate took her hand. “It’s a lot to take on.” She warned. “I gave up a lot of things to be with William-that’s why we waited so long to get married. I don’t want you to end up unhappy.”

Cara was confused. “What do you mean?”

Kate sighed. “Dating a prince is one thing. You give up your privacy. You have to watch yourself; you never know when old friends will stab you in the back and reveal information about you. Anything you’ve done when you were younger can come out and make you look bad. They’ll terrorize your family; God knows my sister and brother were horrified to see pictures of them on magazines. I’m not allowed to have a day job and I can’t go out without at least one member of security following me in London. If I didn’t love William so much, I wouldn’t have done it.” She confessed.

“Well, we’ve only been dating three months officially.” Cara said.

“Oh, God, I don’t mean to scare you!” Kate said.

Cara laughed. “I know, I know. I’ve thought about it too. My parents expect me to take over our family business…but if by any chance Harry would want to marry me, I couldn’t. I don’t know what I’d do.”

Kate smiled. “He really loves you. I’ve never seen him with a girl like he has been with you. God knows I adore Chelsy, but their relationship was unhealthy. This one…he just wants to be with you all the time.”

Cara smiled. “You really think so?”

Kate grinned. “I know so…I saw how he was with Chelsy…towards the end of their relationship, it was all fighting and silence. He’d long for the days he could escape with the boys…with you, it seems like he just wants to be around you all the time. You’re the rare type of girl Harry is into. You can be anyone you want to be, but at the end of the day you still care about him no matter how crazy he is.”
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