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Something to Believe


Harry woke up with a pounding headache. “What happened last night?” he asked, as soon as he got into the kitchen. Roger, Natalie, and Collin were eating.

“You had quite a night, my friend. I can’t wait to see what your birthday is like in two weeks.” Collin teased.

Natalie laughed and sipped her coffee. “I better go; Cara’s going to want someone to help her move in her stuff.”

Roger got up too. “I’ll help. We’ll see you guys later!” they called, leaving and slamming the door shut. Harry winced from the noise; his hearing was still sensitive.

Collin laughed. “Are you ready to start school?”

Harry waved him off. “It can’t be too hard.”

Collin’s face got serious. “Harry, this isn’t Eton anymore. This is the real deal…it’s not all about drinking and playing around with girls anymore.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “I can handle it, Collin.”

Collin snorted. “In two weeks, you’re going to be twenty seven. You still act like you’re seventeen.”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Harry said, holding his arms open.

Collin sighed. “I’m just saying mate…it’s about time you start thinking about growing up, settling down.”

Harry’s face dropped. “I already thought about that before. You know how that ended.”

Collin sighed again. “Maybe Chelsy just wasn’t the one, mate.”

Harry snorted. “I only just spent years on her.”

Collin clapped his back. “You don’t know, Harry. You might meet someone here. There are tons of beautiful women around the town.”

Harry shook his head. “They aren’t Chelsy.”

Collin rolled his eyes. “To get over her, you need to move on.”

Harry shrugged. “I don’t know, mate. I don’t know if I really want to…I love her so much.”

The door swung open. “Collin!” A voice called.

Collin laughed and hugged the girl who ran into the room. Harry recognized her. Who was she? She seemed so familiar.

“We didn’t get to talk last night.” The girl pouted. She turned to Harry and smiled. Harry was taken aback by the beauty; there was something different about this girl. She had light brown hair, gray eyes, and had a baby doll face and petite features. “Hi, you must be Harry.” She said.

Harry smiled. “Yeah, I am. And you are?”

The girl beamed. “I’m Caroline Hunt.”

Memories of the night before flooded into Harry’s mind. He saw the girl carrying the tray and wearing black. Her hair was pulled into a pony tail and she was taking a shot. Harry remembered asking Collin about her.

Harry smiled. “Pleased to meet you.”

“Well it looks like we’re going to be housemates now.” She said.

“Right, where are Nat and Roger?” Collin asked.

Caroline waved him off. “Oh, I decided to leave much earlier. They came to get me?”

Collin laughed. “Looks like they’ll be at your house looking for you.”

“How do you two know each other?” Harry asked.

Collin put an arm around Caroline. “Oh, Cara’s been one of my best friends for years. I’ve known her since she was born. She’s just a little younger than me.”

“I’m almost twenty five.” She reminded Collin. “And you’re nearly twenty eight.”

Collin scoffed. “As if-I just turned twenty seven.”

Caroline smiled at Harry. “Call me Cara. Anyway, I better start moving my stuff upstairs.”

“How did Auntie Claudia react to you moving out?” Collin asked.

Cara rolled her eyes. “She threw a fit, of course. Alex did her best to comfort her. But this is my life, and they can’t control me.” She said, disappearing up the stairs.

“Now that’s a woman.” Harry said.

Collin gave him a look. “Don’t even think about it. She’s like my younger sister.”

Harry laughed. “Whatever do you mean, Collin?”

Collin sighed. “I mean it, Harry. She’s staying in Rochley, for good.”

Harry snickered. “Jealous, are we?”

Collin shook his head. “No, just being realistic. She’s inheriting all of her parents’ businesses. She has to stay here.”

Harry shrugged. “Who said I can’t date her? Besides, you told me to get over Chelsy.”

Collin smacked the table. “I mean it, Harry. She’s my baby sister. Don’t you hurt her. The last guy who went out with her transferred out of the university. I think I told you last night…from what I remember.”

Harry shrugged. “I’m the prince of England.”

Collin snorted. “And she’s the princess of Rochley. The people of Rochley love her as much as one.”
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