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Something to Believe


“It’s almost summer!” Cara trilled happily. The term was nearly over. Harry was glad; he hated school. The only thing holding him to St. Catherine’s really was Caroline.

Her mood had improved. It had been four months since her mother’s death. She was still sad, but she resumed a happy mood for the sake of her family and sanity. Anyway, there was a lot to be happy about coming up. Beatrice’s wedding was in a month and they were starting to plan Natalie’s wedding.

Harry smiled. He was overjoyed that Cara was happy again. He felt his phone buzz in his pocket; opening it, he saw a picture of Kate wearing an ornate gown.

I just got my dress for the wedding. Beatrice had a change of plans-she wants it all very glitzy and glamorous. Will’s just told me that Elie Saab contacted Charles’s household, telling him that they will create dresses for the wedding for Cara. Sending our love! Kate

Harry poked Cara. “Want to go to London this weekend?” Harry asked.

“For what?” Cara asked.

Harry chuckled. “Kate’s just told me Elie Saab wants to design your dresses for the wedding.”

Cara’s jaw dropped. “Are you serious?”

Harry laughed. “I am!”

Cara fell on top of Harry, who gasped.

She chuckled. “You’re getting old.” She teased.

Harry scoffed. “Excuse me, twenty seven is not old.”

Cara laughed and played with his collar. “In four months you’ll be twenty eight.” She reminded him.

Harry sighed. “I’m tragically aging.”

Cara rubbed his back. “I think you’re aging just fine.” She murmured seductively.

Harry grinned mischievously and flipped her over on the grass so he hovered over her. He kissed her lightly and moved down her neck, brushing her hair.

“Oi! You two! Stop that, we all use the yard.” Collin barked from the second story window.

Harry laughed. “Says you; don’t make me bring up you and Hannah in the shower!” he yelled.

Collin turned red. “You said you would never talk about that!”

Cara laughed and dug her head into Harry’s shoulder. Harry smiled, placing a hand on her back. He felt happy. He had a reason to be living. He had her.


That weekend, the two strode through London to the Elie Saab office. It was tucked away from everything, right behind Harrods. Tiny, the two squashed through the door.

A small receptionist smiled. “Your highness, Miss Hunt, welcome. Please follow me.”

She escorted them to a small room in the back. It was filled with racks of dresses, sewing machines, and picture boards with model names. A man stood in the back with a smile on his face.

“Your highness.” He said, bowing his head. “This must be the lovely Miss Caroline. I must say, I thought you were beautiful in picture, but you are much more gorgeous in person.” He said.

Caroline blushed. “Thank you.”

“I’m Marcus Tisbury, the manager of Elie Saab’s boutique here in London. This is where Elie Saab houses his designs during London Fashion Week.” He said, motioning around. “It may not be glamorous, but the dresses are.” He winked.

“Thank you so much for this opportunity.” Caroline said, following Mr. Tisbury.

“Oh, it’s no problem, Miss Hunt. The whole of London has their eye on you. They’re saying you could have better fashion than Kate.” He said.

Cara blushed. “Oh, wow, I don’t know about that.”

He smiled. “You’re a rising star, Miss Caroline. Now it’s time to dress you like one. Size four, I suspect?” he asked.

“How’d you know?” Cara asked, amazed, holding on Harry’s arm.

He smiled. “I can just tell. Now, here are the dresses we thought you should wear. They’re both from older collections, but we knew they’d just be gorgeous on you and we had them in your size.” He said, unzipping the first. “This would be for the ceremony.” He said, revealing a steel blue cocktail dress with a boat neck. It had delicate lace detail and a slight jeweled belt. She went into the small dressing room and slipped it on. Mr. Tisbury gave her a pair of nude heels to match and she walked out.

“What do you think?” she asked, turning around.

Mr. Tisbury clapped. “Simply gorgeous! What do you think, sir?” he asked Harry.

Harry was smiling. “You look absolutely beautiful.”

Mr. Tisbury grabbed the longer bag. “Now, this one is a surprise.” He winked, entering the dressing room and putting it on the hanger for her. She unzipped it by herself, revealing the most gorgeous steel blue gown. It reflected light with its tiny facets of glitter. Slipping it on,
she got out of the dressing room.

“Oh my God.” Mr. Tisbury said, clutching his heart. “You look simply gorgeous. You must keep your hair down during the reception. It looks fantastic. What do you think, sir?” he asked Harry.

Harry just gaped at her. She looked like an angel. She stood there shyly, waiting for his reaction.

“Is it too much?” Mr. Tisbury asked slowly.

Harry shook his head. “No…it’s perfect. She looks perfect.” He said, smiling. Harry stood up and kissed her delicately.

After her fitting, they left again. Harry held her hand tightly. “You’re going to look amazing.” He said.

“Is it too much?” she asked.

Harry laughed. “Nothing is too much for Beatrice.”

They kept walking until they saw a gaggle of cameras. “Ugh, oh no. Do you want to take a different way?”

Harry laughed and put an arm around her. “No…what do we have to hide?”

They walked through the photographers, her hand around his waist and his was the same.
They walked and walked until Harry saw a blonde girl in a suit walking towards them with a smile on her face.

“Harry!” Chelsy Davy called out.

“Chelsy?” Harry asked. He instinctively hugged her.

She smiled and turned to Cara, shaking her hand. “You must be Caroline.”

Cara smiled, fighting the urge to grind her teeth when she saw the way she was looking at Harry. She said hello and they spent five minutes talking.

“Well, I better get to work. See you guys at the wedding.” She said, referring to Beatrice. Of course she was invited.

Girls like Chelsy didn’t usually bother Cara.

It was only when they looked at her boyfriend the way Chelsy looked at hers.

Especially when Harry looked at her that way as well.
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