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Something to Believe


Cara and Harry walked into the hotel. Harry was totally piss drunk. Cara felt tipsy, but she was in her mindset. The two went up to their room.

“You looked absolutely gorgeous tonight, babe.” Harry slurred. “Everybody was talking about you.”

Cara took off her dress and landed on the bed in her slip. “It was fun, except for Chelsy.”

“Chelsy…” Harry murmured, stretching lightly. He took off his jacket and threw it over. His tie and pants came off and he started unbuttoning his shirt.

“She said she loves you. Do you love her?” Cara quickly blurted out.

“I love you.” Harry said, landing on top of her and kissing her.

She pushed him off. “Do you love her?” she asked.

Harry paused for a moment. “I do.”

The next thing she knew, Harry was passed out on the bed.


Harry woke up in the morning with his dress shirt unbuttoned and in his boxers. He felt like he’d just been hit by a train. He saw Cara sitting on the bed, her legs pulled to her chest, reading her cell phone. She was fully dressed and her bags were packed.

So they hadn’t had kinky wedding sex. Disappointment-that’s what Harry loved about weddings.

“Hey love.” Harry said, pushing himself up to kiss her cheek. “Rough night.” He pushed back a lock of her hair to kiss her cheek, but saw the tears rolling down her face. She pulled away.
“What’s wrong?” he asked slowly. “Why are you crying?”

She looked forward, tears coming down slowly. “I’m breaking up with you.”

Harry froze. “What?”

“You tell me all the time that you love me, you adore me, and you cherish me.” Cara stated.

Harry nodded. “Of course I do. I’ve never felt like this with a girl before.”

Cara sniffed. “Yes you have…with her.”

“Who?” Harry asked, sitting up.

“With Chelsy.” She whispered.

Harry groaned. Maybe it hadn’t been good that Beatrice invited Chelsy. “Look, I’m sorry that you had to meet her and stuff, but you have to know that I’ve moved on.”

She looked at him accusingly. “No you haven’t. I was there, I saw you kiss her. She told me she loves you more than anything and I heard you tell her you’d always love her.”

Harry’s eyes widened. She’d seen that? “Cara, it’s a misunderstanding, please let me explain.”

She stood up. “We would’ve never made it anyway. You’d never marry me.”

“Who says I wouldn’t?” Harry asked. “I love you!”

“As much as I love you Harry, I have to work my parents’ company; if I married you, I’d give it up. I couldn’t work.” She said.

“I’d abdicate. Who says I have to be in the succession? Will and Kate are just going to have kids and eventually I’ll be fifth or seventh. I’ll never be king.” He said.

“I can’t ask you to do that. Harry, it’s over. Just let it be over. You can have Chelsy if you love her so much.” Cara said bitterly.

“Cara, please, listen.” Harry said. “You always love your first love.”

“Not the way she loves you, or the way you love her.” Cara stated. “I was just a distraction.” She said, mocking his words yesterday. “I was just a distraction from the start.”

Harry groaned, immediately regretting his word choice.

Cara looked down at her phone. “Collin is here to pick me up.” She said, taking her bags.

Harry looked out the window to see Collin getting out of his car and the photographers getting ready for shots. They seemed to just know that something was going on.
Harry quickly put on pants; when he looked up the door shut. Throwing on shoes and buttoning his shirt as he went down the stairs, he caught up to Cara, who was dodging photographers and heading out the door.

“Cara! Cara please come back! Just listen to me!” he said. Photographers started buzzing and taking shots.

Cara shoved her bags into the backseat with Collin’s help.

“Cara!” Harry said, grabbing her wrist.

Collin came between them. “Let her go Harry.” He said firmly.

“Come on mate, you know.” Harry pleaded.

Collin pulled him close. “I told you not to hurt her. I told you from the start not to play with her. You told me you weren’t. As far as I know, you’re dead to me. Pack up your things; you can’t live with us anymore.” Collin whispered. He let go of Harry and ushered Cara into the car.

They took off with the screech of the wheels.


Harry walked into Buckingham Palace. His father, Camilla, William, and Kate were waiting for him and Cara.

He walked in alone.

Everyone was shocked. “Where’s Cara?” Kate asked.

Harry burst into tears. “She left this morning. She broke up with me.”

“Why?” Kate asked, covering her mouth.

“Because of Chelsy.” He sobbed.

William had only ever seen his brother cry like this twice-once, when they first found out their mother died, and second when he had to confess to their dad about taking drugs. He’d never cried about breaking up with a girl. It was usually silence or anger.

Will took his brother in a hug automatically.