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Something to Believe


Cara and Collin walked back in through the gates of St. Catherine’s.

“A good couple months in Italy did you well.” He said, commenting on her tan appearance.

She smiled, pushing the long braid of shiny brown hair over her shoulder. Against her father’s wishes for her to continue her schooling, she decided to defer and start working. So far, she and Collin were doing well working together. She was in Italy, maintaining the vineyards while Collin conducted the international business. They were hardly ever home; Nat and Roger had the house to themselves.

Cara chuckled, linking her arms with Collin. “I’m happy.” She blurted.

Collin smiled earnestly. “I’m glad you are. It’s been a while. It’s nice to have you back.”

Cara blushed and pressed the skirt of her dress. She wore a black skin tight satin dress with three quarters sleeves, a black pillbox hat with a matching veil, and her signature diamond necklace and earrings. She remembered when she tried to return the earrings to Kate; she’d sent them privately to her. They returned back a couple days later with a letter from Kate, expressing her condolences on the breakup and claiming the earrings were a gift from her-as a friend.

Her heels clicked against the cobblestone and she shivered. It was early fall and she was already getting cold. Collin laughed.

“Oh shut up, you have a jacket.” She hissed. Collin laughed even more, pressing his suit.

They saw Natalie and Roger standing under a tree. Natalie was in a white dress with a red hat and Roger wearing a suit and a tie to match Natalie’s hat. Cara gratefully hugged her friends; she’d spent too much time in Italy.

“Look at you! You’re so tan!” Natalie mused.

“And you’ll be coming with me to Italy for our hen party.” Cara winked.

Natalie grinned. “I can’t wait.”

“What’s the ruckus going on over there?” Collin asked, pointing to the floods of cameras.

Roger swallowed uncomfortably and looked to Natalie, who looked down. “Well…erm…Harry’s here. With Chelsy.”

The crowd of photographers turned around to see the four of them and immediately started shooting.

“Shit, we better move along.” Collin muttered, putting a hand on Cara’s back and pushing her away. But Cara’s eyes lingered behind for a second.

She could’ve sworn Harry was looking back.


Harry and Chelsy were at the inn.

“It’s cozy here…except the staff is a little lax.” Chelsy commented.

“That’s because they hate me.” Harry murmured, just quiet enough that Chelsy wouldn’t hear. They had been in a relationship again for a few months and Harry was miserable. It wasn’t that Harry didn’t love Chelsy. He really did. It was just as if the spark between them had gone out. Everything they did was routine. It wasn’t like when he was with Cara. No matter what they were doing, he never got bored of just being with her. They could sit on a couch for an entire day and be content; whereas with Chelsy, they needed to be doing something all the time. He wasn't happy, but he didn't want to accept defeat.

They went out into the hallway and bumped into a maid. “Oh, I’m sorry.” Harry said.

The woman sighed. “You might want to hurry if you’re leaving. Mr. Hunt is downstairs and I’m sure you don’t want to see him.” She mused.

“Duncan is downstairs?” he asked. He quickly started going down the stairs.

“Who is Duncan?” Chelsy asked, confused.

“Caroline’s dad.” Harry hissed. They hit the bottom of the stairs when Harry saw the feeble man in his wheelchair. Duncan turned around and the smile wiped off his face.

“Duncan.” Harry said, red in the face.

“Your highness.” Duncan said curtly. “We’re delighted to have you.” He said in a crass tone. “You really should be on your way. The ceremony will start soon.”

Harry and Chelsy got into the car. “What was that all about?” she asked.

“Duncan doesn’t like me very much now.” Harry sighed.

“He shouldn’t take it out on you; she broke up with you.” Chelsy said.

“You don’t understand why.” Harry said sadly. He looked out the window.

Chelsy sensed the mood. She grabbed his hand and kissed it. “Hey, remember? We’re together.” She whispered happily.

Harry smiled fakely. “Yeah.”

They got to St. Catherine’s. Harry felt strangely at home on the campus. There was a whole army of photographers ready to take pictures of him and Chelsy. They stood in the doorway of the school posing with the dean of admissions.

Chelsy made a strange face. Harry looked in her direction; she was staring at a small group of people by the trees; particularly a tan girl with shiny chestnut hair. She looked different from the last time Harry ever saw her, much different. She was standing with Natalie, Roger, and Collin.

Cara wore a tight black dress and her hair in a long braid. Harry kept staring and swore that she saw him too. The photographers caught on and turned to take pictures of Cara. Collin whispered in her ear and gently put his hand on her back, leading her away. When they got far from Harry, she linked her arm around his.

Harry felt a deep growl forming in his chest when Chelsy gently nudged him. He snapped back to reality.

She wasn’t his to be angry about anymore anyways.