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Something to Believe


Caroline was setting up the rest of her room. It was on the second floor. Roger and Natalie shared a room on the first floor; Collin also had a room on the first floor. She and Harry, the other newest member of the household, would live in the two rooms upstairs. Her room was light yellow and over looked the backyard. Finally, Caroline didn’t have to live under her mother and father. She was on her own-for now.

“Excuse me.” A voice said.

Cara turned to see Harry standing in the doorway. He smiled brightly. “I didn’t mean to disturb you…I just felt that we weren’t properly introduced downstairs.”

Cara smiled and held her hand out. “Cara Hunt.”

Harry took it and shook her hand lightly, staring her in the eyes. “Harry.”

“So the good prince of England has decided to join us at St. Catherine’s, hm?” she asked.

Harry stepped inside her room. “I decided it was about time I learn something useful.”

“Collin’s told me a little bit about you.” She said, emptying some of her boxes. Harry sat in her desk chair.

“And what has he told you?”

Cara laughed. “That you’re fun…he made you seem quite different than how the paparazzi likes to portray you.”

Harry grinned. “I’m a different person, really…but enough about me. How about you?”

Cara snorted. “I’m nothing compared to you. You’re the prince.” She blurted.

Harry laughed. “I’d like to know about you.”

Cara began arranging things while Harry stared her down. “Well, I was born here in Rochley and I grew up here. Collin’s parents live over the hill from mine. We grew up together. I have a younger brother named Alex and a young sister named Felicity. Alex is fifteen and Felicity is thirteen. I suppose my parents had a midlife crisis and wanted more kids.”

Harry laughed. “You’re funny…I like that.”

Cara went on. “My parents own the pub, brewery, and the two inns in town. We own a couple other breweries, bars, and inns out of town too, but my dad and his brother run those. My mum inherited a vineyard in Italy and we go there on holidays.”

Harry nodded. “Sounds charming.”

Cara set down books on her desk. “I went to primary school here, but my parents sent me off to boarding school for secondary school. I came back and decided to go travelling for a bit. Since then, I’ve stayed six months in Italy, some time in Japan and Australia, the United States, Canada, and Spain.”

Harry was impressed. “Very worldly…how long were you travelling?”

Cara shrugged. “I guess I was gone for five years maybe…Natalie joined me for the first two years, but decided to leave for school. I came back last year to help out at home when my dad got sick. I decided to enroll at St. Catherine’s because I could run the business and learn. So that’s why I’m a business major.”

“Five years is a long time to be away from your family.” Harry implied.

Cara shrugged again. “It was more or less to soak my oats…I’m going to be stuck in Rochley for the rest of my life; might as well see the world before settling down here.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked.

Cara smiled at him wryly. “My dad isn’t as young as he thinks he is. He’s getting around that age where he just wants to settle down and relax, not travel all the time to take care of the business. We ship to several different countries. That means a lot of work. Plus, my uncle wants to expand the business. When he decides to retire, it’s all on me.”

“Can’t your brother and sister help?” Harry asked.

Cara smiled again. “Think of it this way…your brother inherits the crown. What do you get?”

“Freedom to do whatever I please...I’m a prince with all the benefits and without the hassle.” Harry said.

Cara chuckled. “That’s exactly my situation…I get all the work while Alex and Felicity get the money, name, and freedom.”

“That sucks.” Harry said flatly.

Cara nodded. “It does…it really does. But I love my family. I’ll do anything for them.”

“Don’t you ever just relax? Party?” Harry asked.

Cara burst out laughing. “You haven’t seen a party if you haven’t been to a Cara party.”

Harry grinned. “I’d like to see one of those.”

Cara chuckled. “You just might soon…we’re having a housewarming party tonight. I just brought over some crates from the brewery.”

Harry grinned. “That sounds like a fun time.”

Cara nodded. “You’ve just got to watch the girls in this town…they’d do anything to bag a prince. Don’t drink too much.”

Harry beamed. “And would you bag a prince if you could?”

Cara stared him up and down and laughed lightly. “That’s not my style.”

Harry grinned and leaned in. “Then what is your style?”

Cara chuckled. “I’m into guys who don’t pretend they’re big shots.”
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