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Something to Believe


Harry smiled into the phone. “Hello, Mr. Howard. I wanted to discuss the benefit for this year.” Harry said. “I’m in the process of creating my charity, and I’d love it if we could merge our causes.”

It had been two months since he and Chelsy had broken up and he’d never been happier. Well, he had, but he wasn’t dwelling on it. His charity was up and running now and his experience in business was helping a lot. He had spent Christmas with Will and Kate; Kate was pregnant with their first child-a girl. Harry was still single, but he needed the time for himself. He hadn’t been single for a while.

“That’s a lovely idea, your highness, but I’m afraid we’ve already gotten a benefactor for the charity benefit this year.” He said. “We even have a theme.”

“Oh? What is it?” Harry asked, perplexed. He’d been helping this benefit for years; this was the first time they’d gotten someone else.

“Well, the benefactor had the loveliest idea…a ball; you know, princess or prince for a day. She’s gotten friends and other companies to donate dresses and tiaras for the girls and suits for the boys…she’s also gotten a five star chef to do it as well. Of course, outside guests would be charged and donations accepted, but the patients and their families are free.”

“Who?” Harry asked.

Mr. Howard chuckled nervously. “I daresay you know her…Caroline Hunt.”

Harry’s jaw dropped. “Really?”

“Yes, sir. She’s wonderful with the children. When she’s not in Italy, she’s here in London with them.” Howard said.

“Italy? Why would she be in Italy?” Harry asked.

“Oh, she hadn’t told you? She’s based in Italy now. Her co-owner, Collin Kerwin, runs the businesses in the UK with her uncle, Arthur, but she’s been spending a lot of time in Italy running the vineyards, wineries, and hotels. She’s even expanded to hostels now.” Howard said. “I do know she’s expected to be back next week for the benefit. I believe we’ve just sent
your invitation.”

Harry smiled. “Thank you, Mr. Howard.”


Cara was walking in the streets of London. She hadn’t been in London for quite a while now and she was all by herself for the benefit. She was on her way to the Elie Saab office to pick up her gown for the charity ball.

She ran into a blonde woman. “Oof! I’m sorry-Chelsy.” She said in a crass tone.

Chelsy smiled. “Caroline, you look lovely.”

“Thank you.” Cara said sternly. “How’s Harry?”

Chelsy smiled again. “I wouldn’t know; we broke up.”

Cara was shocked. “When?”

Chelsy sighed. “Oh, I don’t know, about two months ago.”

“Why?” she asked.

Chelsy smiled. “I thought it would be obvious…he loves you. He wants to be with you. He’s just scared now, so he’s taking it slowly. Take him back, Caroline. He’s always loved you. We…we just needed to go through something to know it was really over.” She said, walking away.

Cara got her dress and went back to the Goring Hotel, where she was staying. She called up Collin.

“Did you know Harry and Chelsy broke up?” she asked.

“It’s all the papers have been talking about recently.” Collin mused.

“She came up to me today…she told me to take him back.” Cara said.

“Do you want to?” Collin asked, astonished.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen him in ages!” She said. “Not since the St. Catherine’s benefit.”

Collin sighed. “You haven’t been happy since.”

“Collin, you hate him.” She reminded him.

“I don’t hate him. I miss him too, Cara. He was my best mate. I was just angry.” He sighed.

“Well, if I should run into him, I’ll tell him to call you up. Who knows.”


Harry was walking through Harrods incognito. He was in the jewelry department, browsing for a tiara. It was a ball, after all, and his princess needed one.

“Are you looking for something in particular sir?” a voice asked.

Harry pointed to a tiara; it looked like one of his grandmother’s. It was small and had a floral lace design.

“This one.” He said.

“This?” the clerk asked.

“Is it real diamonds?” Harry asked. He really didn’t know anything about jewelry.

“No sir, it’s Swarovski crystals.”

It didn’t matter to Harry. It still caught his eye. He imagined Cara wearing it and automatically resolved to buy it.

“Is it for someone special?” the clerk asked, smirking. He recognized Harry.

Harry grinned and pressed a finger to his lips, shushing. “It’s for a princess.”
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