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Something to Believe


Cara walked into the ballroom, smiling. Children were dancing with their friends in their beautiful dresses and suits. Parents sat around, watching their sick children happy for a moment. There were celebrities all around her; she had not only turned it into a night of fun for the children, but a charity event attended by some of England’s biggest stars.

“Miss Hunt, I must thank you for all of this. It is a wonderful event.” Mr. Howard said, gesturing to the crowd of people. “And I must say you look stunning. The press loved you at the receiving line.”

Cara smiled. “Thank you, Mr. Howard.”

She walked further in to see a stack of rhinestone tiaras. “Hm, the girls haven’t been given their tiaras yet?” she asked.

“No, they haven’t. Would you like to distribute them?” Howard asked.

Cara nodded. “Sure.”

She walked through the children, smiling. She bent down to them. “Would you girls like a tiara?” she asked. “A princess never goes to the ball without one.” She picked one up and set it on a girl’s head. “There, now you’re a princess.”

“Where is yours?” the girl demanded. “You’re a princess too, tonight.”

“It’s right here.” Said a familiar voice.

Cara felt a heavy presence on top of her head and her hand immediately flew up. She pulled it off her head gently; Cara stared at the craftsmanship. It wasn’t one of the royal tiaras, but it could’ve been. It was a floral lace that matched her necklace perfectly.

“Harry.” She whispered.

Harry smiled at her. “Hey.” He said shyly.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, looking him up and down. He was wearing a tuxedo with a skinny black tie; his hair stuck up in the back and he smiled, his blue eyes creasing at the edges.

“Is she a princess now?” a little girl asked.

Harry smiled. “Yes, she is. She always has been.”

The children ran along.

“What are you doing here?” Cara asked again, shocked.

“I got an invitation…and I brought Will and Kate as well. They came to the palace for Christmas.” He said, jerking his thumb back at a table. She saw Kate and Will, who were waving to her excitedly.

“What is this tiara for?” she asked.

Harry smiled. “You’re a princess. You’ve always been one. And I was an arse. I was more than that. I let go of something that I wanted dearly because I got scared and confused and acted like a child.” He explained. “Every day I was with her, I wasn’t happy. All I wanted was to see your face again.” He said desperately. It was a tone of voice Cara realized. She knew him better than he knew himself; she knew he was telling the truth.

“You’re going to have to try harder than that.” She said, moving to take off the tiara. Her hands barely touched the cool crystals when Harry stopped her.

“It’s yours.” He whispered. The song turned to a slow ballad; fathers grabbed their
daughters and celebrities grabbed each other to dance. Even Kate and William got up to dance. Harry took her waist and drew her in. She couldn’t say no; even though every instinct told her to back away, she just had to. The magnetic connection between them was just too much.

“Collin misses you.” Cara confessed, breaking the silence.

“I miss him too. I shouldn’t have done anything I did. I was a coward and a fool.” He said.

“Don’t say anything, please. Just…enjoy the moment.” She whispered.

“You’re still wearing the necklace I gave you.” He commented.

Her eyes fluttered down to her clavicle. “It’s the greatest gift I’ve ever received from one of the greatest people in my life.” She commented.

“And Kate’s earrings?” he asked.

“She refused to take them back.” Cara insisted.

Harry smiled. “Because she already thinks of you as family. She loves Chelsy for all she is, but she knows I love you more.”

Cara looked down. He kept laying down this love thing. “How do I know it’s true? How do I know that you’re not just coming back to me because Chelsy left you?” she insisted.

“Because she made me realize that I can’t be happy without you. “ Harry said.


The next couple days, Harry and Cara were inseparable. But the holiday ended and time was wearing thin.

“I have to go to the US to promote the charity.” He said.

“I have to go back to Italy.” She said.

“For how long?” Harry asked, hoping it wasn’t too bad.

“Until the wedding.” She said sorrowfully. Harry counted the months in his head. It was January and the wedding was in June. That meant six months without seeing Cara.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“I have to. With the change in management, they can’t run on their own. I need to see to it until it’s on its feet again.” She said. “That could be a while.”

Harry sighed. “I’ll live like a monk.”

“And you won’t go back to her?” Cara asked sadly.

Harry shook his head. “Cara, I love you with all my heart. I don’t ever want to leave you again. I was miserable without you, and even more miserable with someone else.” Harry said. “I won’t be without you again.”
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