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Something to Believe


It was the day of the wedding. Cara had just flown in and was sent home to get ready. Natalie and Roger were getting married right there in Rochley and the girls were getting ready at Cara’s home, where they would also have the reception in the back gardens.

Cara slipped on the light blue dress. It was longer in the back, touching the back of the top of her calves, and the front was cut right on the knee. It was beautiful. She twisted her hair and put in the fresh flowers Natalie had gotten.

“Well, what do you think?” Natalie asked, walking in. She was wearing her wedding gown-it was simple chiffon, with an empire waist. She wore a teardrop veil and a bunch of flowers in her hair.

“Oh, Nat, you look gorgeous.” Cara squeaked, hugging her.

“Can you believe it? I’m getting married.” Natalie said.

“We’re getting so old.” Cara joked. “Twenty six and twenty seven…good God.”

Natalie hugged her. “And you…maybe you and Harry soon?” she asked cautiously.

Cara chuckled. “I don’t know, Nat. We’ve just gotten back together. It could be a while.”

Natalie kissed her cheek. “Well, let’s do this.”


Harry stood up at the altar next to Collin and Roger.

“Good day to get married.” Roger whispered excitedly. Harry smiled up at him. When the crowd stopped their idle chatter, Harry looked down the aisle. Natalie’s sister walked down the aisle. Following her was Cara. Harry wanted to step out of line and kiss her right there and then, but for the moment he just winked at her.

The ceremony went on.

“Will you, Natalie Amelia Robinson take Roger William Matherly to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold all of the days of your life?” the minister asked.

“I will.” Natalie said dramatically.

“Will you, Roger William Matherly take Natalie Amelia Robinson to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold all of the days of your life?”

Roger smiled. “I do.”

The ceremony ended and the bridal party got into a separate car to proceed to the Hunt residence. Cara immediately hugged Harry and kissed him as soon as they were out of the church. “I’ve missed you.” She teased.

Harry laughed. “I’ve missed you too.”

They got in the car and exchanged stories; Harry explained how he’d decided to return to work in the air force and follow his brother’s footsteps as a search and rescue pilot. Cara explained her charity work and how the vineyards could expand on their own without her help.

“That’s good…because they’re asking me to move to Anglesey.” Harry said.

Cara’s eyes widened. “Anglesey? In Wales? That’s…that’s far.” She mentioned.

He took her hand. “I would love it if you’d move in with me.” He whispered. Before she could answer, he shushed her. “You don’t have to answer me yet. Think about it.”


Cara watched as Natalie and Roger danced under the tent in their garden. She swung around her flute of champagne and her father rolled next to her.

“Harry’s asked me to move with him to Anglesey. It’s in Wales.” Cara said.

Her father smiled. “I know. I say yes.”

Cara looked down at him. “What?” she asked, shocked.

Her father smiled. “You love him. It’s clear. You always have. It might’ve taken William and Catherine eight years, but I think you and Harry are good for each other. You complement each other. You need each other.” He said. “That’s why you need to move with him to Wales.”

“What about Felicity and Alex?” she asked of her younger siblings. Alex was seventeen now and Felicity fourteen. They were with their friends, talking animatedly.

“Alex is old enough to take care of himself; Felicity is surrounded by wonderful people. They don’t need you to baby them.” Her father said. “And I can take over for you in the business. Cara, I don’t want you to ever miss out on love because of work. I won’t allow it. I’m quite strong enough to manage on my own.”

Cara teared up and bent down to hug her dad. “I love you.”

He chuckled. “I love you too, Cara.”

Harry approached her. “Excuse me, but can I have this dance?” he asked.

Cara smiled and took his hand. He escorted her to the dance floor and everyone sighed with envy as Cara put her arms around Harry.

“This was a lovely wedding.” Cara commented.

“You look amazing.” He said.

Cara kissed his cheek and they floated around a little. Nat and Roger were thanking people. Collin was dancing with Natalie’s sister, Emily. Duncan was joking with guests.
“It really makes you wonder, doesn’t it?” Harry asked. “If we were to ever get married?”

Cara smiled. “Yes.”

Harry looked confused. “What?”

Cara smiled wider. “I’ll go to Anglesey with you.”

Harry smiled brightly and kissed her, dipping her back. “I love you so much.”

Cara cupped his cheek. “As I love you.”