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Something to Believe


It had been quite some time. Harry was just weeks away from his thirty first birthday. He and Cara had been dating for two years interrupted now. His grandmother was concerned with the fact that he was still unmarried; he assured her it would all happen in due time-he just wanted Cara to get used to the press and such.

She had, and wonderfully. She could evade them. Cara gave them exactly what they wanted and more. The public found her increasingly interesting. As Harry worked, she took control of his charity and was now working alongside Mr. Howard.

Harry was in London for the day; Cara was in Rochley. Harry was having lunch with his father at Clarence House when he brought up the topic.

“I’m asking Duncan if I can marry Cara tonight when I go back to Rochley.” He blurted nervously.

Charles smiled. “That’s wonderful, Harry.”

“I was going into the shops to find a ring though and I haven’t found one good enough.” He explained. “I want the perfect one.”

Charles’s eyes crinkled. “I think I can help you.” He brought Harry up to the room he shared with Camilla. In the dressers was a small box used to hold cufflinks. Harry remembered his father letting him borrow a pair for his confirmation.

“When I first started courting your mother, she gave me a ring to remember her by. It’s not nearly as iconic as the one Kate wears, but it is your mother’s. She might’ve forgotten it; goodness knows I forgot about it too. She gave me the ring she was wearing the day we left to remember her by. When I got home I threw it in here. I found it after she died. She must’ve forgotten about it…but to this day, I haven’t.” he said. He dug around, finally procuring a diamond ring. The diamond was large and oval, set in a silver ring.

“This was mum’s?” Harry asked quietly, taking the ring.

Charles looked down. “I was a horrible husband to your mother. She was just a child…plucked out of the world she knew and into a world of madness. I did nothing to help her. To this day I still wonder…” he began, but stopped.

“Wonder what?” Harry asked.

“Nothing, son.” Charles said, a sad smile appearing on his face. But then the smile changed to a happy one. “Go. Go propose.”


Duncan smiled. Harry shook his hand. He had asked to see Duncan alone and had asked him for Cara’s hand in marriage.

“You’re going to propose? When?” he asked.

“Tomorrow evening when we arrive in Italy.” Harry said.

Duncan smiled. “It’ll be lovely. Here, I’ll draw you a map. I proposed to Claudia on that island too…there’s a little place that’s perfect to do it.”

Harry smiled. “Thank you, Duncan.”

Duncan smiled. “You’re welcome, son.”

The next day Harry and Cara jetted off to Italy for a private holiday. Harry was nervous.

“What’s wrong, Haz?” Cara asked.

“Nothing…I’m just…tired.” Harry quipped.

Cara shifted uncomfortably. For the past few days, he’d been distant. She knew he was going through a lot at work and was rather tired. She was glad the two were finally getting a holiday in. He had been very stressed out at work and she wasn’t able to do much. After all, there wasn’t much of a night life in Anglesey. If they were lucky, they were watching a movie with Kate and Will. However, the two were very much busy with their two year old daughter, Charlotte Diana Carole. Cara remembered being at the hospital with Harry when Charlotte was born-Will and Kate knew if they named their daughter directly after Diana, she’d be hounded by the press all her life. They chose a much more demure name and gave her grandmother’s name as her middle name.

Seeing Charlotte grow up made Cara think about her future. She was twenty eight now after all. She and Harry had spent a year dating, nearly a year apart, and now it had been two years. It was hard to believe it had been four years ago that she met him. Back then, she was teaching piano on the weekends and working at her parents’ pub. Now she was a worldly socialite running a children’s charity and a former CEO.

But did she want to get married? She was getting to that age. Kate and Will had gotten married at this age. Harry was yet to crack the question of marriage. Once or twice they had discussed the probability of marriage-Harry always said it was as if they already were married, since they lived together. But would he wait eight years as Will did with Kate? She wasn’t sure she wanted to wait that long.

They ate dinner and decided to lounge in the hot tub outside. It was a luxurious summer evening and the sun was starting to set.

“Fancy a walk?” Harry asked, getting out of the tub and drying himself. She could’ve sworn
she saw him slip something from under his towel into his pocket.

“Sure.” She said cautiously, getting up and drying herself. She put on her robe and lazily tied it across, slipping on her flip flops. She pondered it for a second-perhaps he was going to propose…but Harry always surprised her with little trinkets, so she thought nothing of it.
They set off a path Cara didn’t recognize.

“Where does this go?” she asked.

Harry smiled and put his arm around her waist. “Your dad told me about it. He said it was special to your mum.”

They walked further until they reached a little rocky cliff that looked over the house. She could see everything from this view-especially the spectacular sunset.

“It’s beautiful.” She commented.

“Not as beautiful as you.” Harry said.

Cara laughed. “You’re such the flatterer, Harry.”

Harry smiled and took her hand. “It’s been four years since we met, you realize?”

Cara nodded. “Give or take.”

Harry smiled. “And every day since that day I’ve thought about you. Even when we were apart…I loved you.”

“You still love me, don’t you?” she teased.

Harry laughed. “I love you so much it’s not even funny. You’re…you’re perfect. You can be anyone you want to be but in the end, even when I mess up, you still love me.”

“And I always will.” She said cupping his cheek.

Harry knelt on the ground and pulled out a diamond ring. It was a huge oval diamond and it glittered as the sun went down.

“This is the place your dad proposed to your mum…and I’m doing the same. Caroline Marie Hunt, will you marry me?”

Cara’s heart stopped. She felt every emotion in her body leak out and she started crying. “Yes, yes a million times!” she said, as Harry slipped the ring on her finger. It fit like a glove.
Harry kissed her passionately and lifted her into the air.

“This ring is gorgeous.” She gasped, taking a proper look at it.

“It was my mum’s. It’s nowhere near Kate’s, but it’s still mum’s.” he said. “She would adore you.”

“I love it.” She said, kissing him. “I love you.”


Two months later in November, they were at St. James Palace. Being the son of the heir apparent, he was expected to make an announcement as big as Will and Kate’s. Harry had decided to they should wait at least a month or two to announce it. Many people didn’t know what Harry’s announcement was; they assumed he was announcing a new campaign or return to the army. When they walked in, the photographers went insane, immediately focusing on Cara; they hadn’t known she was a part of the announcement. When they saw the diamond ring, they snapped even more. Harry kept a firm grip on her hand and she patted it, lightly, assuring him. She smiled dutifully.

Harry couldn’t stop staring at her. She wore a soft pink pencil dress and her hair in bouncy, relaxed curls. She was a vision to him. Just seeing her wanted him to hurry up the wedding.

It was a perfect fairytale.
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