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Something to Believe


Cara walked out into the street, followed by her two security guards. The photographers were snapping pictures of her. Sometimes it got annoying, but she learned to deal with it.

The wedding was in a month.

Felicity followed next to her. The two sisters were getting ready for the last fitting of their dresses for the wedding. Cara was excited; bubbles of excitement filled her stomach. She was going to see her dream wedding gown for the last time before the wedding. It was now fully complete; the last few times she’d seen it, not all of the lace was on, it was half made, or some details were missing. She was trying on the shoes, veil, and picking her tiara today.

The two got into a car and went to Buckingham Palace. The hairdressers, makeup artists, and the designers would all be there. Kate was bringing Charlotte and Natalie was bringing her daughter, Annabelle, the other bridesmaid, to be fit in their dresses. They would do their hair and record exactly how everything would be done.

Cara and Felicity were thrust into chairs for their makeup and hair. It was all very simple and natural. Cara’s hair was put in soft curls and Felicity’s golden blonde hair was straightened and pinned back with a blue Swarovski pin-blue and crème were their colors.

Charlotte and Annabelle came out in their crème dresses. They had blue sashes. The two toddlers swayed around, giggling. Kate brought out the two sample flower headpieces and set them on their heads.

“Oh, they look simply beautiful.” Cara cooed.

“Now, let’s see your gown.” Kate said, whisking Cara to the other room to put her dress on. After a second of buttoning and zipping, Cara stared at the mirror. The sides of her hair were braided until they met in the back of her head, the rest flowing down her shoulders to show off the beautiful lace bodice. It all flowed out to a chiffon ball gown skirt.

“It’s fantastic. You look like a princess.” Kate said. “You’re going to be a princess.” She said, hugging her.

An attendant brought in the veil. It was simple, ending just under her back. Cara felt complete.

“It needs a tiara.” Kate noted.

“I think I may be of service.” Said a matronly voice.

Cara and Kate turned to the door to see the queen standing there.

“Your majesty.” Cara said, quickly curtsying. Kate did the same.

“I thought you’d need a tiara for the big day.” Queen Elizabeth noted. “But many of the tiaras I own are just too grand I think…they’d distract from your beauty.”

Cara blushed. “Oh, m’am, thank you.”

“I was in quite a situation when suddenly your young sister revealed a secret to me.” The queen said, grinning. “She said your father had quite the gift for you.”

Felicity walked into the room carrying a bright blue box. It was a Tiffany’s box-Cara remembered her mother had a special fondness of Tiffany’s.

“Dad had the diamonds in some of Mum’s necklaces taken out…and he had them made into a tiara. He bought some too, but that’s the more important part. Harry chipped in too.” She said, grinning. She set the box down and Cara opened it.

“Oh my God.” She said, covering her heart.

“It’s modeled after the tiara Harry got you for the charity ball.” Kate said, amused.

Tiny flowers of diamonds were woven with silver waves. The center of the flowers were tiny little pearls. Leaves were delicately laced through. Kate took it out of the box and slipped it in Cara’s hair.

“Oh my dear, you look simply stunning.” The queen said, kissing Cara’s cheeks. Cara smiled and thanked the queen, staring at herself in the mirror.

“How do you feel?” Natalie asked.

“Like a princess.” She breathed.


Cara had slipped out of her dress and was now waiting to see Felicity. She was excited to see what her younger sister had picked to wear. She had given her the choice. Cara had already tried on her after party gown and was told Felicity wanted to wear her dress twice.
Felicity stepped out of the next room, grinning. She turned around once. “What do you think?”

Cara gasped. It was beautiful. The form fitting blue chiffon dress had elegant strings of bead. Her sixteen year old sister looked grown up.

“Oh Fel…it Mum could see you.” Cara choked, hugging her.

There was a moment of silence between the sisters.

“Now, there is the question of who will walk you down the aisle.” The Queen said.

“My father can’t…I guess I’ll just go it alone.” Cara said bravely.

“You won’t have to.”

Cara turned to see Collin standing at the door. She hugged him. “Will you really walk me down the aisle?”

Collin smiled. “You’ve been a younger sister to me forever. Now I get to give you away.”


Cara was back at Clarence House with Harry. They were in bed, about to sleep.

“You helped my father buy me a tiara.” She mentioned.

“None of Nan’s tiaras were pretty enough for you. They were either too big; too gaudy…plus, I doubt you’d want to wear the same one as Kate. When your dad approached me about making you a tiara…I thought it was right.”

“He used the diamonds from one of my mother’s biggest and most extravagant necklaces.” She noted, remembering the huge sparkler her mother never wore. It was too big, she had said, but she treasured it.

“My mum also contributed a little.” He said, grinning.

“What?” Cara asked.

“Well, my mum left me some of her jewelry…and there was this necklace from Dad she never really liked anyway. She always told me ‘Harry, someday, take these diamonds out of this god awful necklace and give it to a girl you love.’ So I did.”

Cara hugged and kissed Harry. “I can’t believe you’d do that for me.”

Harry smiled. “I love you.”

Cara laid her head on his chest. “I love you too.”