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Something to Believe


Harry leaned against the table, swirling his cup in his hand. He watched Cara from across the room. She was talking animatedly to a group of men, using wide gestures. They laughed and she smiled.

“So you’re falling for Cara already, I see.”

Harry turned to see a guy he didn’t recognize. “I’m Jonathan, Jonathan Walters. Collin’s a mate of mine.” He said, shaking Harry’s hand.

“Harry…and what do you mean?” he asked.

Jonathan chuckled. “Everyone around here loves Caroline. She’s the princess of this town. They’ve watched her grow up…so if anyone hurts her, everyone hunts you down.”

Harry laughed. “I think I can handle it.”

“She doesn’t trust very well, you know. It takes a lot to get her to even talk to you straight without sarcasm.” Jonathan pointed out.

Harry dutifully noted. “Does she have a boyfriend?”

Jonathan shook his head. “Oh, no. The last guy she dated was named Geoffrey if I remember…they broke up in the middle of the semester. The next week, Geo was off and out of town.”

Harry winced. “What, did the townspeople chase him out?” he joked.

Jonathan nodded. “Literally…he was shunned from all the bars, inns, shops…the Hunt family basically owns this town and the next.”

Collin came over. “Now, what are you talking about?” Collin asked.

“We’re talking about Cara.” Harry said curtly.

Jonathan quickly took his leave and Collin gave Harry a stern look. “You remember what I told you, Harry.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Collin, she’s a grown woman and if she wants to, she can have it.”

Collin shook his head. “No, I know what you do. I remember all the shit you put the girls
through when we were kids. I love Cara; she’s my baby sister basically. You won’t hurt her.”

“Then I won’t hurt her.” Harry said. He ignored Collin’s protests and quickly made his way over to her.

“So I was debating on which class to take…oh, hi Harry.” She said fondly. The rest of the guys around her dispersed at the sight of the prince.

“I see you’ve made the others disappear.” She said, chuckling. She took a sip out of her cup.
“I have that effect on people…someone’s been telling me quite a bit about you.” Harry

Cara cocked her head. “Really? Who?”

“Jonathan.” Harry repeated.

Cara growled. “That jealous son of a bitch…he’s an old boyfriend. He thinks he knows everything about me just because we went out when we were kids. Don’t listen to a thing he says.”

Harry smirked. “Then you didn’t have your old boyfriend chased out of town?”

Cara rolled her eyes. “First of all, Geoffrey was a douche bag. Second of all, that was my mum. She never liked him anyway. She always thought he was a bit of a pansy.”

A good song came on and Harry grinned. He grabbed Cara’s hand and led her to the middle of the floor. “Come on, let’s dance.” He said.

Cara laughed and put her arms around his neck. She slinked her body around, shaking her hips. Harry mimicked her moves and they slid against each other, ignoring everyone else.


The night came to a close. Collin was passed out in his room and Natalie and Roger retired to their room as well.

“We should go upstairs.” Harry slurred. He had drunk way too much.

Cara led him up the stairs and they went into his bedroom. It still smelled like paint fumes from the week before when they painted his room blue. The pair collapsed on top of Harry’s bed.

Harry maneuvered his hands to her hips. He bit her lips hungrily and flipped her over.

“If you say yes, I say yes. I really do quite like you.” He said gruffly, playing with the edge of her shirt.

All of the sense flooded back to Cara. She got up abruptly.

“I’m the rebound.” She said coolly. “I should’ve seen this coming.”

Harry looked confused. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

Cara shook her head. “Come off it, Harry. The girl you love just broke up with you and you’re just looking to mend your pride.” She spat. “Good night.”

Cara slammed the door shut and marched to her room. She stripped off her sweaty clothing and changed into pajamas. After hopping into bed, she cursed herself. Of course she would let her emotions get in the way. This was the perfect story; the fairy tale prince would sweep her off her feet and take her away to a castle.

But this wasn’t a fairytale and Harry was far from a fairytale prince.

“Don’t do it. Don’t fall for it.” Cara reminded herself, until she fell asleep.
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