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Something to Believe


Harry sat at the breakfast table. “I feel like a jackass.” He said.

“And why is that?” Collin asked, sipping his coffee.

“Well Cara and I were about to get it on she totally started screaming at me and left. I don’t remember exactly what I did.”

Collin choked. “Are you serious?”

Harry winced. “Don’t hate me.”

Collin got up and left quickly. Harry started slamming his head against the table when
Natalie sat down. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked.

“I totally screwed things up with Cara.” He said miserably.

Natalie laughed. “A lot of guys do that with Cara on the first try. Try again. She really likes it when they make an effort.” She pointed out.

“Well I can’t find her.” Harry said irritably.

Natalie shrugged. “You can usually find her at the music shop. Her parents own it and she gives piano lessons.”

Harry smiled. “Thanks Natalie.”

“Don’t push her, Harry.” Natalie chuckled. “She’s not one to be persuaded.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.” Harry murmured.


Harry stood outside of the small music shop in town. They sold instruments and sheet music. He heard a soft melody coming out of the back room of the shop. Standing there waiting, the door opened. Cara walked out with a little girl.

“Don’t forget Meredith, light with the keys.” Cara warned.

The girl smiled. “I won’t, Miss Caroline.” She scurried off and out the door.

“And what are you doing here, your highness?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. “Should I curtsy?”

Harry chuckled. “No, I’m just visiting. I didn’t know you could play the piano.”

Cara walked over to some sheet music and started arranging them. “You’ve only known me
for a day, after all.”

Harry smiled and shuffled towards her. “Maybe I’d like to know you better.”

Cara swung around. “And why is that, Harry?”

Harry shrugged. “It just seems like you want to get to know me too.”

Cara smiled mischievously. “Maybe I don’t.”

Harry was taken aback. He’d never had to try that hard before. “I sure hope you want to.”

Cara turned back to the sheet music she was arranging. “Impress me.”

“That’s it?” Harry scoffed. He had enough resources to impress anyone.

Cara nodded. “I’m not easy to impress. Really get to know me…on your own.” She said. “I’d like to be friends.”

Harry raised an eyebrow. “Just friends?”

Cara shrugged. “What is anything without friendship?”

A little boy walked into the music shop and Cara turned around and smiled. “Hello, David. Just put your things in the room and I’ll be right with you.”

“That’s it?” Harry asked.

Cara smiled. “That’s it. I’ll see you at home, Harry.”


Harry had been wracking his brain all day on how to impress Cara. He had to do something big.

“What are you doing?” Natalie asked, walking into the kitchen.

“I’m trying to think of something to impress Cara. Maybe I could fly her to London for the weekend.” He said.

Natalie snorted. “She’d hate that…she hates big gestures. I say surprise her with flowers or dancing…or music, she loves music.”

“What’s her favorite band?” Harry asked.

Natalie shrugged. “Two Door Cinema Club, I suppose.”

Harry grinned and thanked Natalie. He went up to his room and pulled out his phone to ask William for advice.

“Hello?” Kate’s voice rang.

“Oh, Kate…its Harry. Is William in?” he asked, crestfallen.

“Nope, he’s at work…do you need him?” she asked.

“I was going to ask him on how to impress this girl.” Harry said.

Kate laughed. “You were going to ask your brother? Harry, you know your brother really doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body. He tries and he tries, it’s just too cute.”

“Then you give me advice.” Harry demanded.

Kate sighed. “What’s she like?”

Harry grinned. “She’s smart, beautiful, and fit.”

Kate snorted. “That’s all?”

Harry shrugged. “I know she likes Two Door Cinema Club, that’s all.”

He could sense Kate smiling on the other end of the phone. “Right, here’s what you do.”
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