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Something to Believe


Cara had enough.

She felt sick that the boys were fighting over her. She knew Collin loved her. He didn’t have any siblings and had grown up around her all his life, protecting her. But she wasn’t a child anymore, and she didn’t make the same stupid mistakes. She was capable of taking care of herself and didn’t want Collin interfering.

She pulled the both of them into her room. Collin sat on the bed with his arms crossed.

“Why are we doing this?” Harry asked.

“I can’t stand the two of you fighting! The angst was just too much to handle during brunch.”
She barked. “Collin, say you’re sorry to Harry.”

“I can’t tell a lie.” Collin spat.

“God dammit, Collin, you’re not my older brother!” she said angrily.

“I’m as good as!” he argued.

“But that’s just it! Older brothers know when to let go!”

Collin rolled his eyes. “Younger sisters never know what’s good for them.”

“Do you care to explain what is going on?” Harry asked loudly.

Cara stormed out of the room.

“Now she’s upset.” Harry sighed.

“You really like her, don’t you?” Collin asked quietly.

“I really do, Collin. At first I thought it would just be another fling…but getting to know her, I really like her.”

Collin sighed. “She really deserves someone like you…a prince. I always knew she’d never love me. I just care about her so much…I want her to be happy.”

Harry gulped. “I still want us to be best mates.”

Collin smiled. “You’ve been my best mate forever, Harry. I don’t want that to change.”

Collin hugged him, and Harry hugged back. Roger walked into the room and leaned against the doorframe, smirking.

“Well isn’t that sweet.” He commented in a sickly sweet voice. Both of the boys flicked him off and paid no attention.

“Shove off, Roger. We’re having a moment.” Collin yelled out.

“I’d like to, but there is a very pissed off girl downstairs.” He pointed out. “She’s raging in the sitting room.”

Harry let go and looked cautiously to Collin, who rolled his eyes. “Go. Go make her happy.”
He said with a small smile. Harry grinned and descended down the stairs.


Harry went to the sitting room to see Cara bunched up on the couch.

“Collin and I settled things out.” He said.

“I’m happy you two are friends again.” She said with a smile. She was obviously tired from her temper tantrum.

“So you and Collin…he apologizes.” Harry said awkwardly.

Cara looked down. “I don’t want to be mean to him, but then again I don’t want to have him rule my life, you know?”

Harry sighed. “I understand. Will is crazy protective of me. He was crazy when Chelsy and I broke up. I knew it was a mistake, but I just couldn’t stay away.”

Cara took his hand. “You loved her. It wasn’t a mistake. She made the mistake of not loving you.”

Harry sighed again. “That’s just it-she does love me. She just doesn’t want to marry me nor have children. That’s why I was angry. I want a relationship to be so much more than going out and having fun. I want to grow old next to her. I want to have children with her. I guess that just doesn’t matter to her.”

Cara sighed. “Trust me, there’s always a reason.”

Harry looked at her. “Are you sure?”

Cara smiled. “Isn’t there? At least, that’s what I tell myself.”

Harry nodded and looked that she was still holding his hand. He softly caressed it. “I really would like to get to know you. It’s just too soon for me to commit to anything after what happened with Chelsy.”

Cara smiled. “I understand. I know how you feel. And whenever you need me, you know you have a friend.”

Harry smiled. “That’s good to know.”