Another Day, Another Hotel

"Another Day, Another Hotel" is kind of like life on the road from Billie Joe's point of view. The band is on an American tour with My Chemical Romance and Adrienne is tagging along. Billie has to deal with missing his kids, suffering through mundane interviews, band and tour mate hijinks and Jason Freese's trombone.
    Billie Joe is surprised by visitors on the road
  2. Reunited
    Billie Joe reconnects with the boys
  3. Like Father Like Son
    Joey's amped from the show. 11 year olds like fire works.
  4. Goodbye for Now
    The kids are dropped off at Grandma's and the tour continues
  5. Network News Always Gets Me Down
    Billie Joe and Adrienne make up for lost time in Salem Oregon
  6. Locked Out
    Billie Joe begrudgingly puts up with bandmate hijinx. the trombone makes an appearance!
  7. Does Being a Pothead = Dirty Hippie?
    With some time off, Adrienne and Billie Joe hit the town in Seattle and discuss their true beings.
  8. One Word: Fahey
    Billie Joe's worst nightmare is realized... they're going to New York to do needless promotion against Billie's will. Thanks, Gerard Way.
  9. Pull Over, I Gotta Throw Up!
    when my chemical romance's bus breaks down, they cram into green day's and hears billie joe's horror stories of childhood family vacations.
  10. Shout Outs and the Drunk-College-Girl Woo
    The boys and My Chemical Romance do TRL, leaving Ronnie and the Jasons to entertain themselves.
  11. Big House
    Ronnie and the Jasons get bailed out for way more money than they're worth.
  12. Baa
    Billie finds a surpirse in the hotel closet
  13. Sexy Farm Animals?
    Tre's companion stirs up more trouble
  14. Backtracking
    interim. i swear the next part will be longer
  15. Airplane!
    plane ride
  16. Mango Madness
    the bands and accessories arrive at the airport and wait for further instructions.
  17. Chateau Marmont
    they get to the hotel. ooh shiny
  18. Boogie Wonderland
    Suspended Disbelief is your friend. Pretend that "Happy Feet" was released in 2005. thank you for your cooperation :D
  19. WHA-BAM!
    The Way Brothers go at it and Billie attempts to seduce Adrienne... attempts.
  20. Light My Lucky
    Billie needs a cigarette bad. Grouchy grouchy