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Picking Up the Pieces

To Break Her Heart ends with Danny learning her dad died.

Danny Hill is back after her dad's funeral and things have never seemed worse. She hears his will and it's not something she wanted to hear. That means having to go back to live in her old house. That means seeing Luke again.

After his funeral, her brother, Seth, takes her to a quiet room to show her his will. All of a sudden, she gets a flashback.

“Also?” I prompted.

“It said that when the time comes, if you please would not be angry at her or Dad for long,” Seth answered.

“What? When what time comes? What are you talking about?”

And all of a sudden, she understands what that means.

And part of it means seeing her old friends again. Which includes Luke.

The boy who broke her heart.
Luke's been in bad way since Danny left. It seems like a miracle when she comes back. A time to get a second chance.

But a certain choice made a long time ago stops him.

But it won't stop him for long.

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WARNING: Some sexual references and mature language. Watch out kids! :D
  1. Oh shit.
    Jordan's POV
  2. Ouch.
    Jordan's POV
  3. That's not so bad.
    Lucas's POV
  4. Great.
    Jordan's POV
  5. Sooner or later.
    Jordan's POV
  6. That, my friends, is what I call progress.
    Lucas's POV
  7. What the...?
    Jordan's POV
  8. Stupid me.
    Jordan's POV
  9. Jordan's still got me good.
    Luke's POV
  10. It’d be good...right?
    Jordan's POV
  11. Why the hell is everyone getting married?
    Jordan's POV
  12. "Don't I look sexy?"
    Luke's POV
  13. What am I supposed to say?
    Jordan's POV
  15. I see how THAT turned out.
    Jordan's POV
  16. What the hell...?
    Jordan's POV (I know it's supposed to be Luke's, but I thought it would be better to be in Jordan's POV! Sorry >.< Luke can have two chapters for this <3)
  17. I'm really sorry!
    AND Fu**ING PISSED! (Read the author's note!)
  18. Yeah. I do.
    Jordan's POV