Status: It's over! May write a sequel later, not entirely sure yet.

Diamond In The Rough

Chapter Twelve

“Hey Claude, you’re looking chipper this morning. What happened?” Mike asked as Claude sauntered into the locker room for morning skate. I laced my skate slowly, watching Claude carefully.

“I went out on a really nice date,” he smiled.

“With who!?” Jeff cried from his stall. I nodded in agreement.

“Cassidy,” he shrugged. I felt my gut hit the floor. No…would she really do that? Go on two different dates with two different guys from the same team in less than a week? I clenched my jaw and tried to block out the rest of the conversation as my blood boiled. There was no way in hell I was going to lose another girl to another team mate.

*Cassidy’s Point of View*

What the fuck? I read the text message and furrowed my brows.

What did I do? I replied. I tucked my phone into the pocket of my apron and went to go take care of a few tables. When I finally had time to check my phone again, I had 4 unread texts.

You went out on a date with Claude…not even a week after going out on a date with me.

Or did you not think that was a date? Was it not obvious enough for you?

Damn it…I’m not the kind of guy who asks girls to lunch every day. You should know that. You seem to know exactly what to say or do to get me ticked off, and this is no exception.
They were all from Dan. I tried to think of a response, but I couldn’t, so I read the last text in my inbox.

Cassidy, Dan is super pissed off. Just warning you. From Claude. I sighed heavily just as Ellie walked by.

“Boy problems, huh dear?” she asked. I nodded.

“Yeah, big time. You know I’m not really the type of girl who is willing to fall for guys easily. Well I seem to have caught the attention of two guys who work together. I like both of them…a lot Ellie. I went on dates with both of them, and that really got one of them pissed off. I don’t know what to do,” I explained.

“Cassidy, the boy who got angry is probably the more serious of the two. Men will fight for something they want, and it seems like he’s got a little more fight in him if he’s the one getting angry. I would take that into serious consideration…but in the end, you have to go with the man who will make you the happiest. One of them is probably a crush, while the other has serious potential,” Ellie said. I smiled in relief. Ellie always knew what to say.

Dan, I’m really, really, sorry. I don’t think sometimes.

*Dan’s Point of View*

No kidding I thought darkly as I received Cassidy’s response. I had locked myself in my room, and tossed the tennis ball against the wall aimlessly. Andrej had given me a worried glance as we got home, but he didn’t say anything as I slammed my bedroom door shut. Claude had avoided me all practice, and he was lucky that it was a morning skate and not a full blown practice, because I would have murdered him. Who did he think he was? I was more infuriated with him than I was annoyed with Cassidy, but I knew she was partially to blame too.

That night I played more fiercely than I had in a long, long time. Lavy was getting annoyed with me when I got sent to the box for the third time that night (I could have sworn he was chewing his gum hard enough to set it on fire), but I had to send Claude, Cassidy, and the Devils a message. You don’t ever mess with Dan Carcillo. I roughed every guy who got in my way up, and at the beginning of the third period, Clarkson finally got annoyed enough to drop his gloves. I glanced at the bench, and Laviolette reluctantly nodded. I dropped my gloves, and within a few moments, I dropped Clarkson too. He didn’t get away without leaving me a few souvenirs though, including what I knew would be a gorgeous black eye, and a bloody nose. I plopped onto the bench in the box, and I was almost surprised when it wasn’t indented with the shape of my butt. I could imagine Cassidy sitting at home sulking because I whooped Clarkson’s ass, but I shrugged it off. After my five minutes were up, I hopped back onto the ice. I was surprised when the puck hit my stick a few minutes and a shift later. I looked, and Brodeur wasn’t ready for a shot coming from my angle. He was still focused on the other guys, and I took the opportunity. The game was tied 3-3, and there were only a few seconds left in the third. I pulled my stick back and slapped the puck towards Brodeur. The puck found twine and the horn sounded. A sea of orange erupted into cheers, and the guys rushed me as I pumped my fist in celebration. Suck on that Giroux!

Nice game asshole. I smirked as I read the text from Cassidy a little while later.

Thanks. What was your favorite part? The part where I laid Clarky out, or the part where I beat your goalie and won the game? I replied. Sure, it was cocky as all hell, but I felt on top of the world. I almost forgot how mad I was about her going on a date with Claude.

How about the part where you meet me at Tilly’s in an hour and we go out for drinks? I raised my eyebrows, but glanced at Claude, felt an irritated twitch coming on, and took a deep breath.

That wasn’t part of the game, but I’m down.

I showed up outside Tilly’s exactly an hour later, feeling rather out of place in my suit and tie. I adjusted my tie awkwardly before walking in.

“Hi…I’m here to pick up Cassidy,” I said to the friendly looking old lady at the counter.

“Oh, she’ll be out in a few minutes. She had to get changed. I take it that you’re Daniel?” she asked. I raised my eyebrows.

“She told you who I am?” I asked.

“Yes. Cassidy and I are very close. Her own mother…well, she isn’t exactly the type of person Cassidy likes to talk to, so she talks to me. It seems that she’s taken a liking to you,” the woman smiled. I grinned.

“Yeah?” I asked, but the woman snapped her mouth shut as Cassidy walked out. I swallowed roughly when I saw her. She was wearing a ruffly scarlet top that was a little low cut (nothing risqué, but nothing modest either), tight black jeans, and black boots. Damn.

“Hey Dan…you ready to go?” she asked, walking up quickly. I nodded, and she whisked me out the door.

“Anything that woman said was lies,” she smiled as I unlocked my truck and she hopped in.

“Why do I feel like you’re the liar?” I smirked.

“Um…I…oh shut up,” she said. I grinned and pulled out of the parking lot.

“You’ve got a nice shiner going there Dan,” she said as we walked into the bar.

“Oh yeah? Well, always have to look my best, right?” I chuckled. She nodded and we ordered our drinks.

*Cassidy’s Point of View*

He looked a little happier. Watching the game, I had known that I had royally pissed him off. I felt really bad about it, and I knew that inviting him out could possibly repair the damage I’d done. He seemed to be a little out of it (I wasn’t surprised, he had fought Clarkson) and I bit back a sigh. We sat in awkward silence for a while, him watching some of the game highlights playing on the big screen, me trying not to watch them.

“And the question of the night; what got Dan Carcillo so mad? Carcillo is known for his fiery playing style, but he seemed a little less disciplined than usual. He refrained from commenting after the game, but everyone wants to know…what happened? Was there an argument between him and a member of the Devils, or did something happen off of the ice that set Carcillo on this penalty streak?” the announcer on the TV said. I groaned inwardly and threw back the rest of my beer quickly. Dan sighed and looked at me sadly.

“I think maybe we should go…” Dan said. I stared at him for a minute, and then nodded slowly.

“Maybe…” I muttered. What did I do?