Status: It's over! May write a sequel later, not entirely sure yet.

Diamond In The Rough

Chapter Six

The next time I heard from Dan was when the entire team returned to Tilly’s the following Friday. Ellie was pleasantly surprised when they requested that I waited their table, and immediately consented. I hurriedly tied my apron behind my back, readjusted my Team USA jersey (Parise of course), and walked over to the table.

“Back again, huh guys?” I asked.

“We couldn’t resist seeing your beautiful face,” Claude teased, and I shook my head with a smile.

“Yeah, yeah, butter me up why don’t ya? So what can I get you guys to drink…and no, we don’t have Jack, so don’t ask,” I smiled, directing my last comment towards Braydon, Andrej, and Claude. I wasn’t surprised when they all ordered the same things, and I grinned at Chris as I handed him his coffee. After bringing them their food I returned to the counter, and tried not to eavesdrop as Claude got up and started talking to Ellie. I raised my eyebrows as they glanced over at me, and Claude returned to his seat after a few minutes.

“Cass, honey, why don’t you go take a few minutes and chat with your friends?” she asked, walking over. I shook my head and she placed a withered hand over mine.

“I can’t Ellie! I just started my shift less than two hours ago!” I said, and Ellie shook her head.

“All you do is work and study! How are you ever going to get married if you don’t take the time to chat with boys, especially a group of such handsome young fellows. Sure they’re a little banged up, but they’re all incredibly cute,” Ellie smiled.

“I don’t think marriage is for me Ellie,” I sighed, picking up a rag and wiping the dessert counter with it.

“Just because it didn’t work for your parents doesn’t mean it fails for everyone. Just take a look at Carl and I! We’ve been married for over forty years now, and we’re as happy as can be,” Ellie said quietly. I knew she would never let up on the matter, so I put the rag down and headed over to the table.

“Scooch over sour puss,” I said, nudging Dan over. He, in turn, forced Andrej over, who fell into Scott’s lap, who bumped into Carter, who spilled his water all over Bob. We all laughed, except for Bob, who simply mopped the puddle off of his legs and shook his head at Jeff.

“Don’t you have a job?” Dan smirked.

“Yeah, I do, but certain gingers at the table like to coerce my boss into having me sit here with you losers,” I smiled.

*Dan’s Point of View*

Claude looked slightly dejected as Cassidy opted to sit next to me instead of him, even though there was an empty chair next to him. I bit back a smirk, which was hard when his face fell even more at Cassidy’s mention of the “g” word. I kept pretty quiet and mostly listened to Cassidy talk, laughing or throwing in a snarky comment when it was called for. She talked about movies, books, video games…the usual things you’d talk about with friends. I was a little surprised that she didn’t bring up hockey, but I was also happy about it. She treated us like normal people, which was rare in this area, but then again, so was finding a Devils fan.

“Hey Dan, are you always this quiet?” she asked. Some of the other guys chuckled.

“Me? Nah, I was just thinking,” I shrugged.

“Don’t hurt yourself now,” Andrej teased, and I glared at him. Cassidy laughed and poked my side.

“Lighten up Danny, he’s only joking,” she chirped. I allowed a small smile to form and she grinned.

“See? You’re much cuter when you smile,” she said before getting up to help Ellie with another table’s orders. She called me Danny…but I don’t care…she called me cute.