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Diamond In The Rough

Chapter Nine

*Dan’s Point of View*

“Nope. Ask anyone at the diner. People sometimes…sometimes they question your place on the team, but I know what your place is. You bring some fight back into the team. Some games, when you get on that ice, you’re the only one who looks like they care. Sure, you might rough some guys up, but in a way…in a way you’re keeping the spirit of the Broad Street Bullies alive. You guys strike fear into the hearts of your enemies…you’re a rough player, but you’re good too,” Cassidy’s words echoed through my mind all night, and for the first time in days I didn’t want to go to sleep. I was afraid that it had all been a dream, and that I was actually just sleeping right now. Not many fact, I don’t think anyone…had said something so nice to me about my career before. I was always being tagged as the goon, as the tough guy, as the jackass…but Cassidy told me I was good…she said I had a purpose other than being a goon. I rolled the tennis ball in my hands and stared up at the ceiling. I could hear Andrej talking on the phone in the other room, but I didn’t know or care who he was talking to, or what he was saying. I had the sudden urge to call Cassidy and stared at my phone, which was perched on my end table. I slowly put down the tennis ball and took a deep breath. If I called her, it would mean that I wanted to talk to her. If I wanted to talk to her…I didn’t even want to get into that one. I was still confused as all hell about her, but I had a feeling that I was having feelings towards her. Feelings that weren’t Dan Carcillo approved…but then again, Cassidy saw a different side to Dan Carcillo.

*Cassidy’s Point of View*

My phone started buzzing and I rolled over to pick it up. I checked the caller ID. Dan Carcillo. My heart thumped a bit, and I silently cursed it out, wondering why I was getting so excited about him calling me.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hey. What’re you up to?” he asked. I swallowed roughly.

“Reading a book, you?” I asked, tucking my bookmark into the large novel that was sitting on my lap.

“Playing with a tennis ball,” he chuckled.

“A tennis ball? Why?” I asked.

“Just something to keep me occupied when I have nothing else to do. Video games and TV only occupy me for so long,” he explained. I smiled.

“You need a hobby,” I laughed

“Hockey is my hobby,” Dan said. I rolled my eyes.

“Other than that. Besides, you get paid to play hockey, so it’s not a hobby,” I smirked. He sighed.

“Well what do you suggest for a grumpy goon like me?” he asked.

“I dunno. What do you like? Maybe you can learn how to play guitar,” I suggested.

“That would be fun,” Dan said. I grinned. It sounded like someone burst through the door, and he yelled for a second. I heard maniacal laughter and I rolled my eyes.

“Hey there Danny boy, who you talking to?” I heard Claude chirp.

“None of your damn business,” Dan snarled. I heard Claude gasp, and I knew Dan had punched him.

“What was that for?” Claude whined.

“For calling me Danny,” Dan grumbled.

She called you Danny!” Claude cried. Suddenly the line went flat. What the hell was that about?

*Dan’s Point of View*

I immediately hung up the phone and pummeled Claude. He shoved me back, and laughed again.

“Aw come on man, I’m only teasing,” he smiled. I scowled at him.

“Get out. Who invited you here anyway?” I growled.

“Andrej. You forget that he lives here too, don’t you?” Claude asked, leaning against the wall right near the door. I swear he was deliberately trying to piss me off.

“No, but he didn’t tell me you were coming over. So leave before I take my lamp and shove it up your ass,” I said, flopping back into my bed. Claude shook his head with a smile.

“You are an angry little elf tonight, huh?” he asked. I simply reached over towards the lamp and he skittered towards the door.

“Last I checked, I’m taller than you Claude,” I smirked. He scowled.

“Shut up,” he said.

“Oh good, now that I have you two trapped in here, we’re going to have a little chat,” Andrej said, pushing Claude back into my room.

“Chat?” We both asked in unison before glaring at each other.

“Yeah, a chat. Now, both of you have been acting like the world’s biggest jackasses towards each other ever since we met Cassidy. I want to get this straightened out, and I want it straightened out now,” Andrej said, folding his arms over his chest. I immediately hopped out of bed and gave him an angry look.

“What are you, my mom or something?” I asked.

“No, but I’ll act like it because you guys obviously need it. Now shut up and listen to me. It’s blatantly obvious that both of you have a thing for Cassidy, but no chick digs guys who are total jerk offs. So here’s my suggestion; knock it off, get over it, and whoever gets her gets her. I mean, she might not even like either of you…but if she does, there’s nothing you can do to change it really. Also, if she eventually ends up with one of you, no sabotage either. We don’t need a team feud, especially over a chick. So shake hands, suck it up, and try to act more like the adults that the legal system says you are…” Andrej sighed. Claude and I stared at him for a while, but then Claude ran a hand through his hair.

“I guess he’s right,” Claude sighed.

“Yeah…” I mumbled. He stuck out his hand and I shook it. Andrej nodded in approval.

“Good, now Claude, get out of Dan’s room. I think he needs to call someone and explain why he hung up on them,” Andrej said, giving me a knowing glance. I scowled at him, but sighed in relief once Claude walked out of my room.
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