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Handcuffs and Alibis

You've Got Me Head Over Heels for You

“Just ask him, Jack. I’m sure he’ll love you.” Arianna tries to convince Jack. She takes his rough, calloused hands into her own. Jack bites his lip thoughtfully and looks up at the red head with worried eyes. He’d always been an insecure boy. He doesn’t know about the plan though. Arianna truthfully feels bad for the kid. But, this is revenge right?

“Are you sure? He wouldn’t like a boy like me. I’m too weird and fat for him.” but, that was truly so wrong. Alex…could have weird spurts. He would get sadistic and masochistic. Then he could be the angel and act like he’s never done anything wrong. His deep, chocolatey brown eyes were a factor. Anyone would be a sucker and fall for them. Jack especially, because he was basically in love with him.

“He would love you, as I said before. Trust me.” the red head was trying to keep the devious smile from making its way to her lips. Everyone thought she was the perfect child. Well, they were wrong. She was the exact opposite. Alex is to blame for that problem. His cruel manners got the best of him and is slowly taking over Arianna.

“Ok. I’ll do it.” Jack sighs triumphantly, smiling widely. The plan was working so far. After they kill the boy, the couple can run away and be in love. Yeah, Alex is leading the younger boy on. He doesn’t even know why his target was Jack. Maybe because he’s always envied the boy for his looks; his friends and his filthy rich parents. The house he lived in, was like one of the most known mansions in town. Bassam Barakat, his dad, owned a huge company in the city. Jack is an intern there, just being a secretary for now. But he still gets paid like 30 bucks an hour. The skunk haired boy had always been spoiled, but down to earth. Not stuck up or anything like the other rich kids at school. Both boys went to a private school. Alex met Arianna outside of school.

“Thank you! Now let’s get you ready.” Jack turns his back to Arianna so he can’t see her smirk. She just couldn’t hold it in anymore. He pulled himself up higher into her lap; laying his head on her shoulder and he smiles up at her. Immediately the smirk is wiped off of her face and is replaced with a non-genuine smile. “You’re one of my best friends Aria, I love you.” right now she’s starting to change her mind. She could never kill one of her best friends. He is so innocent and….just innocent. Staring into his eyes was making her turn back to good for a moment.

But then she thinks about how Alex would kill her if she didn’t help. Now, in her head she’s coming up with her own plan. It’s like 12 am by now because the convincing took longer than they both expected. So Jack falls asleep right on Arianna’s shoulder like that. The red head sighs and picks him up gently off of her, and lays him down on her bed next to her. “I’m gonna try everything to not let you get hurt, Jacky.” she quietly whispers before kissing the bangs that were plastered to his forehead. He sweats a lot when he’s nervous, and he really doesn’t want to ask Alex out. But he’s going to. All because she told him too. He could possibly get killed, because of her. Once she gets into her pajamas and turns off the light, Jack presses up against her chest and buries his face deep in. She falls asleep to the scent of coconut, which Arianna figured was his shampoo and conditioner.

The next day, the three are walking down to their local Rita’s. Since Rian is the staff manager there, he manages to get them free water ice. Arianna orders a cotton candy gelati, a root beer water ice for Jack and Alex. She lets the two boys walk over and sit down at the bright red benches while she talks quietly to Rian.

“I want you to watch Jack very carefully when he’s around Alex without me, ok? Something is going to go wrong soon and I need to be there for him. Or you. I can’t tell you what exactly, I can only say he’s going to get hurt badly. And not emotionally.” she murmurs under her breath, hazel eyes staring into Rian’s light brown ones. They’re coated in worry, because they’re all a tightly-knit circle of friends.

“Why can’t you tell me?! You know that he is so vulnerable and innocent…we have to try and protect him.” worry lines crease Rian’s forehead. But just as she’s about to tell him, a customer comes up and asks for some water ice. “When I get back, you’re telling me everything. This is my last customer.” she just nods, spooning the blue water ice and vanilla custard into her mouth. Once he’s done scooping what looks like sour green apple water ice, he throws off the Rita’s visor and shut all of the lights off.

Rian and Arianna sit down on a bench right across from Jack and Alex. Jack looks happy, and it breaks Arianna’s heart knowing that everything Alex says isn’t genuine in anyway, unbeknownst to Jack. He’s nothing but a user and a….killer. She explains everything in great depth to Rian, his mouth falling open wider and wider. His teeth almost blind her, but not really. They’re just so white and straight and perfect. Anyway back to the point. Rian says he’s going to everything in his power to help Jack. Even if that means losing his spot at Rita’s as staff manager, he’ll do anything to keep one of his best friends safe. Especially a person like Jack. He’s just so fragile, anything would break the boy into pieces.

The two can hear Jack’s happy laughter rip through the air, breaking the silence. Alex just smiles a fake smile at the younger boy. Everyone can tell it’s fake, except for Jack of course. Poor boy is caught up in his “love” for Alex. She’ll just let the situation run its course and step it at the right time.

After that little date, Arianna was told the news of the two’s relationship. Which she didn’t approve of one bit. She probably would have when she wanted to kill Jack, but that thought has been changed for a while now. About two weeks after the confirmation of the boys dating, Jack slept over at Arianna’s house. Well, more like she forced him too. The skunk haired boy couldn’t shut up about Alex. The lights were off and they were about to go to bed after a long night of endless talking.

“I…I just like him so much Aria. You can’t understand how much he means to me. He says he would never hurt me or leave me, and I honeslt believe him. You know me, I have trust problems. For me to trust him is a big step.” Jack’s head is on her collarbone, as the two are laying together. This is a usual position. It’s nothing sexual because obviously Jack is gay. And yeah, for Jack to trust Alex is a huge step. He usually never trusts anyone. The only people he really trusts is Rian, herself and apparently Alex now. She just feels so horrible because she knows he’s faking the whole thing, just using Jack. For basically nothing. Just to toy around with his feelings, which isn’t right.

“I’m glad you two like each other so much. What did I say, I said he’d love you! He does.” she just has to go along with it like she has no clue. Which pains her even more, but she has to do it. “I think I love him. Yeah, yeah I know that’s a lot. But you do know how long I’ve liked him for. Just being with him has made the feelings stronger.” that fact was true, Jack had liked him since middle school, and they were now in senior year. Four years of non-stop liking Alex. So she could understand the love part.

“Well I feel like I’m annoying you with my blabbering on about Alex… so I guess I’ll shut up and go to bed. Goodnight aria, I love you!” he says before closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around her waist and laying his head on her chest. She couldn’t help but cry a bit. Her Jack is going to get hurt, and there really isn’t anything she can do about it. No sounds come out of her mouth but quiet whimpers and sobs. Just knowing that her best friend’s days might be numbered tears her to pieces. Luckily, he’s a heavy sleeper so her crying didn’t wake Jack up. But she is so broken about this and the red head couldn’t help herself.

Little did she know, Jack was fake sleeping. He heard every whimper, every sob. In a way that said everything was ok, he wrapped his arms tighter around her and buried his head deeper in her chest. But, the slightly taller boy didn’t know the reason why she was crying. Should he say something, so he knows that she’s ok? Probably. “Dear, I’m not really sleeping. I haven’t been sleeping this whole time. What’s wrong?” he asks, sititng up. Arianna pulls herself together quickly, wiping the black tears from her eyes. Jack figures that she forgot to take off her makeup when she was getting ready for bed. The younger boy lifts his arm up to wipe the tears from Arianna’s eyes. She sniffles and looks everywhere except Jack’s eyes, trying to ignore his question. “Aria, dear, please tell me what’s wrong.” Jack says, pulling her chin up to look the boy straight in the eyes.

“Fine. I’m worried and scared for you. Alex is a player, and you should know that. I don’t want him breaking your heart because you’re so fragile and easy to break. He might do something, you’ve never seen his sadistic side; and you never want to.” more tears slowly fall from her eyes, but she’s quick to wip them away. For her to be cyring about something, it must really be worrying and bothering her. She’s one of the girl’s that bottles everything up until she cracks down big time. This may be one of those times.

“Aw, I know you’re worried. But, honestly, I’ve never been happier. I finally have the boy I’ve wanted for four years and it’s working perfectly. But if you’re that worried he’s going to do something I’ll keep on the look out.” he says, smiling up at her. “Now go to bed, I hate to see you cry. Goodnight Aria, love you and I’m actually going to go to bed this time.” she giggles a bit, he can’t tell if it’s real of not but as long as she feels better. “Thanks Jacky. Love you baby brother!” Arianna can make out before yawning and drifting off into a dream.

Lately, the red head had been trying to avoid Alex as much as she could. He told her his plan was working out great. Jack broke down his walls and let the older, devilish boy in. It’s like Jack would do anything that Alex told him to, because he’s “in love” with the boy. And he also told her it would be the day soon. That was the second time she cried since the incident when Jack slept over. Except this time it was Rian who found her. He asked her what was wrong, and she told the short boy that Alex was following through with his plan. He’d attempt to kill Jack in a matter of days. Rian just sits against the wall with her, his face plastered with disbelief. He gulps the lump in his throat down and fights back the tears prickling at the corners of his eyes. “Wow. I never actually thought he was serious. We have to do what’s best for Jack, Ari. Call the cops, have them keep a close eye on Alex’s house for a while. Just until this all dies down.” he obviously doesn’t understand.

“Ri, you don’t get it. He won’t give up until he has Jack’s h-head. There isn’t even a s-specific reason as to why he wants to kill him. I g-guess he’s just that crazy in the head.” she finishes, sobbing harder. Nothing really has hit her this hard before. They’d known each other since kindergarten, because Rian doesn’t go to the private school Alex and Jack go to. Arianna looks down at herself and shuts her eyes harder, hoping she could stop crying. She thought that she looked ugly when she cried, but in Rian’s eyes that was different.

“I know this is the wrong time to be doing this and all, but I really like you Ari. I’ve been trying to get you alone to do this, and I finally did…but you’re crying. Would you like to be my girlfriend…?” he trails off sheepishly. You see, Rian had liked her for a while now. He just never had to courage to ask her out. His reply is a gentle kiss, and he’s shocked at first. But then he closes his eyes and kisses back, pulling her closer. Once the now couple stopped kissing, she smiles at Rian and whispers a yes. “Now please stop crying? We’ll make sure he’s okay…we’ll do whatever, ok?” he whispers and runs this thumb against the wet part of her eyes, wiping away the makeup stained tears. Arianna gulps down all the sadness in her and nods at her now boyfriend, smiling. “Okay I think this calls for some water ice. It can fix everything.” he smiles his 500 megawatt smile at her, interlocks his fingers and the two start walking towards Rita’s

Unbeknownst to the couple, Alex was following through with his plan. Right about now.

“Alex why are you doing this to me?!” Jack screamed, tears already pouring from his eyes. The elder handcuffed the boy’s hands to his bed, and tied his legs to the bottom bed posts.

“Because I love you Jacky.” Alex says, batting his eyelashes at the skunk haired boy laying on the bed, his body racking with tremors. “Pretty boy, stop crying. I can make you feel better.” out of nowhere he pulls a knife and cuts off Jack’s shirt, and his eyes widen.

“You fucker THAT WAS A RAPLH LAUREN SHIRT!” Jack exclaims, only caring about the polo he was once wearing. But really, why would you care about a shirt in a time like this? He’s so fucking rich he can get 50 more of them. What he really should be caring about it his life.

“Don’t you fucking dare yell at me, I can KILL you right now.” Alex yells back, black eyes going wide. Jack shuts up and closes his eyes, crying even harder. “Since you just yelled at me I won’t be nice.” the knife meets Jack’s stomach, and he only makes a crimson line of blood, it still hurts like hell. Pain is pulsating through the younger boy’s body, and now the crying isn’t stopping anytime soon.

“I’ve decided, I won’t kill you. ‘M not that mean. But if you let me have my way with you, I’ll let you go. If you make it.” Jack just nods, he can’t really do anything else. Alex can do whatever he wants to Jack, anything. As long as he can make it out alive. Without warning, he pushes into Jack. That’s what he meant by having his way. While the tied down boy cries out in pain, the older boys cries out in pleasure. It hit Jack, he was being raped. By his own ‘boyfriend’, and potentially killed. Alex collapses on Jack’s chest afterward, falling right onto the open cut he made. A burning sensation was over taking his body as the minutes passed. "That's a good boy. Wasn't that wonderful?" More of the blood was coming out of his body, and he was starting to feel light headed.

“Yes, you feel sleepy, don’t you? Go to sleep, my little prince. Now I’m going to go get a shower, love you my Jackary.” Alex smiles down at Jack, almost creepily. Meanwhile with Rian and Arianna, they’re laughing and having water ice. “Don’t you think we should go check on Jack HOLY SHIT we should.” Arianna says, throwing her empty Rita’s cup in the trash and takes off running for Alex’s house. It wasn’t that far away, she could easily run it all. Rian probably could…oh well. Thank god for them that Alex takes like hour long showers.

They made it to Alex’s house in a matter of minutes, both Arianna and Rian were on track or some sort of sport. “Jack?!” Rian yelled up at the open window, about two stories up. Jack was on the brink of unconsciousness, but he heard Rian call his name. “Help.” was all he could croak out, and the two climbed up the house immediately. There was some type of thing on it made out of rope, which worked as a makeshift ladder. After climbing up to the window which they heard Jack in, Arianna broke down into another fit of tears. She jumped into the room, running over to Jack’s side. Honestly, she could care less if he was naked or not. “O-oh my god this is all my fault I’m s-so sorry Jack I made you ask him out oh my god.” the older girl took her hand in Jack’s and cried heavier.

“Where’s Alex at?” Rian questions softly, the fucker must be around here somewhere he thinks silently to himself. Jack just nods over at the door where the sound of a shower could be heard. “Arianna, babe, I understand you’re torn apart over this but we really need to help Jack he looks like he’s going to pass out.” he begs Arianna to get up and help untangle the ropes from around his ankles. Both were easily untied, even the younger boy himself could’ve made his way out of them. “Shit the keys for the handcuffs must be around here somewhere.” water was still running, and Alex could be heard singing some song. Which meant they had plenty of time to go. To their luck, the keys were right on the bedside table. After unlocking the handcuffs that were around his wrists, Arianna slowly helped Jack get dressed. Since beforehand Alex cut his shirt off with the knife, he had no shirt to put on. So Rian went into one of Alex’s many drawers and took a random shirt out. With a lot of struggling, he finally got dressed, but Jack hunched over because the cut on his stomach. “We need to get you out of here, really fast. Before Alex gets out of the shower.” Arianna chuckles at how worried Rian seems, but she knows that Alex takes forever to take showers. Probably even longer than she does.

“I should’ve listened to you guys the first time, I’m sorry.” Jack’s eyes were red and puffy from all the crying he did earlier. “Oh and you guys are a thing now? Way to go Rian, finally grew a pair and asked her.” the taller boy smiles weakly at Rian.

“Yeah he found me crying…again. Then we got water ice…while you were here. Okay we need to leave this place before Alex gets out of the shower.” the trio just decides to go through the house and save Jack from climbing down the side of the house. He probably wasn’t in the best condition to do that.

Once they all got a fair distance away from the psychopath’s house, it was time to talk about what happened back there. “Is it safe for me to ask what happened, even though I have an idea?” Arianna asked, wincing a bit at the ideas swarming through her head.

Jack swallows a bit, before trying to continue on. “Well….he made that cut down my chest and it really hurts like fuck.” he whines, rubbing at his stomach before shuddering. “And then…he…uhm…raped me.” this time he looks down at his shoes, stopping in his place.

The couple both smile at Jack sympathetically before going over to give him a hug. “Don’t be ashamed, it wasn’t your fault. You were so caught up in your love for him you didn’t realize it.” Rian smiles at him, but he doesn’t really understand.

“But I lost my virginity to him. That wasn’t my ideal way to loose it either.” he mumbles, shuffling his feet as he stumbled along. Thinking about it, Rian does admit that it would’ve been better if he lost it romantically. “Well all that matters that we have you now, and…you’re safe. Even though you’re hurt. You should get that checked out bro.” Arianna says, linking his arm with hers.

“I think this also calls for a sleep over at my house.” Arianna says, smiling.

“Well I guess I don’t have a cuddling partner anymore.” Jack frowns, since Rian and Arianna are dating.

“I don’t think Rian would mind, since you’re gay and all. You wouldn’t try to kiss me or anything.” the red head says, laughing.

“You can be the only exception, Jack.”
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here we go. the idea came out of nowhere while talking to my friend, because i said i hated him because he had skunk hair and i couldn't get my skunk hair. and yeah. i'm not sure if there will be a second part or not. but i hope this is okay....