Status: Re-writing.

My Best Friends Brother

Chrissy, Lilly, Liz, Miranda, and Rose are all related to members of the famous band Black Veil Brides. They also have a band but they aren't famous. What happens when they all start falling for each others sibling? Will it last or will it drop dead? And what will also happen to thier band? Will they rise to the top like thier siblings or will thier relationships get in the way of thier band?

I guess this is what happens when you fall for your best friends brother.

I don't own Black Veil Brides or any other famous character that may appear. I only own the plot and the characters that aren't famous.
  1. These Eyes They See More Than You Know
    I'm they Type of Person - Breathe Carolina (read author's note) Rose's POV
  2. My Stomach’s turning Into Knots
    The Syndicate - Modern Day Escape (Ashley's POV)
  3. I’m Not a Vampire But I feel Like One
    I'm Not a Vampire - Falling in Reverse (Rose's POV)
  4. You Can’t Take Back What You’ve Thrown Away
    Beautiful - Kiros Ashley's POV
  5. It's not my Vanity You're Missing
    This Prayer for You - Black Veil Brides (Rose's POV)
  6. We're Never Gonna Be The Same
    The Dressing Room - Breathe Carolina (Ashley's POV)
  7. I Struck the Glass and Broke the Bones inside my Fist
    There's No Sympathy For The Dead - Escape the Fate
  8. No Dust Will Ever Grow On This Frame
    The Mortician's Daughter - Black Veil Brides (Ashley's POV)
  9. Never Gonna Change My Mind
    Rose's POV Rebel Love Song - Black Veil Brides