‹ Prequel: Just Say Yes
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Open Your Eyes

It's been six months since Erin walked away from her relationship with Brian, and during those six months both have suffered an unspeakable tragedy. Three months after her and Brian split, their mutual friend Jimmy Sullivan suddenly passed away. Brian was immediately sent in a downward spiral of depression upon losing his best friend and bandmate. Meanwhile Erin tried to continue on living her simple life all the while caring for her ailing grandmother. However, that simple life is changed when she receives a phone call from an old friend of Jimmy's, putting forth an offer that warily brings her back to southern California.


- - - - - - -

Unfortunately, Jimmy won't be alive in this story. However, that's not to say he won't be in it at all. There will be flashbacks here and there and several mentions of him will be made. I apologize if anyone is offended or hurt by this but it was the direction I felt my story was going. Again I don't own anyone other than Erin and her made up family/friends.