Do You Remember How We Started?

f a k e g i r l f r i e n d

Everyone knew that Dougie Poynter birthday was on November 30th, but no one knew that his favorite foods were anything Greek and seafood related; that his favorite band is Blink 182 (Tom Delonge being his idol), that he likes lizards and if he wasn’t in a band with his best friends he would have been an herpetologist, that he doesn’t like fire or the dark, that his favorite superhero is Batman, and that his first crush was on a girl named Chelsea. Though they were just trivial facts, not a lot of his friends knew of them.

Expect his best friend, Mariana Musto.

They have been best friends before Dougie decided to audition for a spot in the band McFly. Where ever he went, she went and vise versa; they were always together, even when he made it into the band. Dougie made sure that his best friend was at all of their shows and practices. He always wanted her to be around even if he was hanging out with the guys. Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, and Harry Judd didn’t mind her being around -it was nice to have a girl that managed to keep the four of them in line. Mariana was their personal mascot, and they wouldn’t change it for a thing.

But Mariana wasn’t the only girl in the group for long.

Sometime later Tom brought a girl, Giovanna Falcone, whom he had started seeing. Then four months later, Harry brought in his new girlfriend Izzy Johnston. Mariana and the new girls become fast friends, and also occasionally teased Danny and Dougie about when they were going to get girlfriends. Dougie would shrug what the girls were saying off as Danny would get defensive about it, claiming that he was taking it slow with a girl and wasn’t ready for his idiotic friends to meet her. But even after years passed, the group hadn‘t meet the girl that Danny claimed he had; which caused Mariana to once again bring her up.

“Danny,” Mariana spoke getting his and everyone’s attention, “when are we going to meet this girl?”

Danny mumbled, “Never.”

Izzy laughed from her spot in Harry’s lap, “I thought pretending to have a fake girlfriend was for teenagers, not adults?” Danny narrowed his eyes at the blonde who had a sweet smile on her face.

“I don’t get why all you guys make fun of me!” Danny exclaimed. “Dougie doesn’t even have a girlfriend!”

“But I’m not faking one, dude.” Dougie spoke up from his spot; he was sitting next to Mariana with his arm resting around her shoulders as she leaned against his side. Mariana smiled at the feeling that was spreading through her body, she didn’t know why Dougie made her feel this way but she was starting to like it.

“Dougie could be gay, and that’s why he doesn’t have a girlfriend.” Harry threw the comment in the conversation.

Dougie winked at Harry, as he began to thrust his pelvic upwards, “I’m only gay for you, baby.”

Danny raised an eyebrow, “Anyways, I’m not faking a girlfriend though!” Danny stated, glaring at his friends.

“Then prove it.” Giovanna, Tom’s girlfriend, spoke as she walked into Mariana’s living room with her hands laced loosely with Tom’s. “If you can prove it, than we won’t tease you anymore.”

“You guys suck.”

Harry chuckled, “If you can’t prove it, than just admit she’s fake.”

“But she’s not!”

Mariana shook her head causing her bangs to fall in her eyes; pushing them away with her hand, she looked at Danny with a knowing smirk, “Just let us meet her.”

“Are you crazy?” Danny asked.

“She probably is.” Dougie answered which led to Mariana smacking his chest playfully. Letting her green eyes meet his blue ones, Dougie gave her a cheeky smile which caused her heart to race. There was something about her best friend that was making her feel differently about him; a feeling that wasn’t sure if she was supposed to have. Was she supposed to be loving her best friend more than a love for a brother?

“Then tell us about her.” Tom mumbled as he sat down on the floor, letting his back rest against the couch, before pulling Giovanna in-between his legs. “If she’s real an all, you should know things about her.”

“She is!” Danny sighed; he was getting really tired of sticking up for himself. “Do ya’ll want to know about her?”

“No, we don‘t.” Izzy muttered sarcastically. “Of course we do!”

Danny stuck his middle finger up in the air before speaking, “Her name’s Nicole, she has auburn hair and green eyes. She just turned 23 and studies broadcasting in college. She wants to own and work at a radio station and have her own on-air show.”

“Well, that was descriptive.” Mariana whispered to Dougie.

“He probably just Googled a girl and made up her background.” Dougie reply causing Mariana to giggle and cuddle up against his side even more.

“I heard that you asshole!”

Mariana giggled as the other’s laughed; this was her family, and she wouldn’t change anything for the world.
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Tom & Giovanna.
Harry & Izzy.

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