Do You Remember How We Started?

f a t e i s i n h i s h a n d s

“What’s the 911?” Izzy shouted as she walked into JD’s apartment with Gia following right behind her. “Why’d we have to rush all the way over here?”

“Yeah,” Gia added. “Tom and I were in the middle of-”

“Sex can wait G!” JD cut her off. “This is more important.” Gia rolled her eyes before taking a seat on JD’s couch next to Izzy. The two girls knew something was up with the way that their two closest friends had this different sparkle in their eyes -something was totally up between the two. “Nicki and I have been talking…”


Nicole glanced at JD before speaking, “I realized that with JD and Dylan playing couple it kind of ruined her chances with Dougie -no, hurt her chances of being with Dougie and I want to fix it, you know? Try and get them together.”

“Also,” JD caught her friends attention. “I might have been the reason why Nicki and Danny aren’t together.”

“Wait, hold up.” Gia leaned forward. “What do you mean by might?”

“Okay.” JD frowned as she toyed with the hem of her shirt. “I am the reason why they’re not together, and I feel really bad ‘cause Nicki and Danny are perfect for each other and they deserve each other so I want them to get back together. I ruined something good for Danny, and my best friend too.”

Izzy looked at Gia, wondering if she was thinking the same thing; when Gia nodded her head, Izzy knew that they were going to help out their girls. “We want to help.”

JD grinned as she brought her girls into a group hug, “Thanks… we probably need all the help we can take.”

“In that case, I’ll get Tom to help out too.” Gia told the girls as she chewed on her bottom lip nervously because she was scare of her best friend’s reaction when she informed them with something else. “By the way, Tom proposed.”

“I’ll get Harry to he-” Izzy paused when Gia statement finally processed through her head. “Did you get say that Tom proposed to you?”


“Oh my fuckin’ God!” JD squealed as she grabbed at Gia‘s hands. “Let me see the fuckin’ rock!” Nicole laughed with Izzy as JD gushed over the sparkly ring resting on Gia’s ring finger. “It’s so pretty… Tom has good taste.”

“His mom helped him pick it out.”

“Awe!” Nicole cooed before congratulating her, along with multiple comments here and there about how lucky she is and how she can’t wait until Gia started planning the wedding.

“You know what this means?” Izzy asked. “We need to get everyone together before the wedding, or everything is going to shit.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I’m just thinking about the line up for the wedding.” Izzy explained her reasoning for her statement. “You know Tom is going to pick Harry as his best man, than Dougie, than Danny…”

“And Gia’s going to pick Izzy, JD, then Nicole.” JD finished off, frowning. “If the relationships aren’t fixed, the wedding is going to have this awkward tension throughout the ceremony.”


Nicole frowned, “Then we better get to work.”


“You sure this will work?”

“Why wouldn’t it?”

“Maybe because he might hate me now… and he might not be alone.”

“I doubt it.” Izzy mumbled as she walked up the stairs that lead towards Dougie’s apartment. “Harry told me he just left not even five minutes ago.” Mariana nodded her head taking in the information.

“Stop, this is stupid.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Why should I walk right in there, basically tell him that I’m in love with him, only to have him hate me even more?”

“You’re not making any sense…”

Mariana groaned, and tossed her head back. “I can’t do this.”

Izzy scoffed. “You just don’t like putting yourself out there and having someone else hold fate in their hands.” Mariana rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms over her chest. It wasn’t that she didn’t like having her fate being held in Dougie’s hands, it was just that she knew Dougie and how he reacts to certain things.

“What if he rejects me?”

“He wouldn’t.”

“What makes you think that?”

“’Cause Harry told me that he waited until one of the guys told him that Dylan was no longer, and was planning on a way to get you back,” Izzy paused in front of Dougie’s door. “but basically, you’re doing him a favor by coming here.”


“Yeah…” Izzy pounded on the apartment door and gave Mariana a grin before sprinting down the hallways shouting a quick ‘good luck’ over her shoulder. Mariana’s heart speed up when she heard the clicks of the door unlocking. For some odd reason, she quickly began straightening out her clothes and combing her fingers through her hair, she wanted to look decent enough for Dougie -no, she wanted to look pretty for him.

When the door opened up, her heart dropped to her stomach.

Standing in front of her was the man who had stolen her heart all those years ago, and here she was about to let him know just that.
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