Do You Remember How We Started?

t h r e e w o r d s

Fuck.” Dougie murmured and pushed Mariana away once he realized what he had done. He noticed her red tinted cheeks, and smirked to himself that he had been the one to cause that. He couldn’t tell if her heart was beating just as fast as his9 from where he was; the blonde male was leaning against his bedroom door’s frame, watching Mariana. Shoving his hands into his pockets, Dougie fumbled around looking for a cigarette to calm his nerves; finally finding his pack on a side table, he quickly pulled one out, lit it, and placed it between his lips before taking a deep drag from it.

Dougie watched as his best friend stand with a coy smile across her lips as she let her hips sway a little bit more than usual when she moved towards him. Their gazes were on each other as Dougie stubbed his cigarette in a nearby ashtray -his eyes never breaking from hers. Mariana played with the hem of her shirt, raising it higher as each second passed. His blue eyes sparkled with mischief as she tilted her head to the side as her tongue ran over her lips.

“If you keep acting like that,” Dougie groaned when she pulled her shirt over head and dropped it beside her. “I might just have to fucking take you.”

“Then take me.”

Dougie growled, pulling his shirt over his head as he walked over to her; grabbing her gently by her neck, he pushed his lips on hers before letting his body weight fall softly on her causing her to stumble back over the arm rest of the couch. Slipping his arm underneath her, he helped support herself as she crawled backwards to make more room. Dougie’s lips moved from her mouth, across her jaw down to her neck; as he nibbled and sucked on her skin, her quiet moans were being released against his ear.

Her hands rested on his chest -she could feel his defined muscles. His skin was smooth, smooth to the point where she felt herself begin to think of things of what she could do on his stomach. He was very dominate with her, barely giving her time to breathe. His hands tugged the top of her jean shorts as her fingers glided down his stomach and played with the button on his jeans. He pulled away from her neck for merely second, to pull her shorts down her legs. Once the material was clear and out of his way, his lips attacked her mouth as her hands worked on his zipper as she tried to control her breathing since his hands were slowly rubbing her thighs.

Finally, getting the button of his jeans undone, Mariana pulled them down with a little bit of help from him. She heard him growl softly as her palm pressed against the bulge underneath his boxers. Keeping his lips on her neck and her hand pressed on his v line, his lips traveled up her neck at an agonizing pace, slowly testing her patience. Marianas licked her lips as his hot breath brushed against her ear.

Can you handle this?” His husky voice reached her ears as his hands undid her bra strap and pulled it off before picking at the hem of her panties. “Are you ready for me?

“Stop teasing me…” she stated as he nipped her ear before his hands hooked underneath her panties and pulled them down and off her body; she was completely naked on his couch with him hovering over her only in his boxers. “Not fair.” she whimpered as his calloused groped her chest teasing her. Getting irritated at the game he was trying to play, she grabbed a fist full of the fabric on his waist and pulled it down letting his dick spring out. Dougie kicked his boxers off his legs before pressing their bodies together, letting his dick rest against her thighs. Mariana’s breath was caught in her throat, he was taking his sweet ass time, and it frustrating her. “Come on.” she groaned causing a deep chuckle to emit from his throat.

“Patience…” he mumbled as he slowly pushed opened her legs a bit to brush his tip against her clit, not caring that all she wanted was him to be completely inside of her. A small moan left her mouth to let him know that she was reacting to his touch.

“Stop fuckin’ teasing me.” she moaned out, just as he slowly began to push into her; when he was completely inside of her, he waited for a few moments to let her body adjust to his size before gently began to thrust in and out of her. Mariana felt herself instinctively wrap hers legs around him trying to pull him closer. Dougie observed how her breasts would bounce simultaneously as he thrusted into her. His eyes shined with excitement and lust. She felt his hand travel lightly up her side, leaving one hand attached to her hip, until his fingers tangled themselves in her hair, pulling slightly. A moment later his lips crashed against hers, their lips moving in sync. A surprised gasped emitted from her mouth as he picked up his pace, nearly slamming into her. “Fuck.” she whimpered between thrusts, feeling the bubbling feeling in the lower part of her body.

“Shit.” His mouth was off of hers the sound of a phone’s ringtone going off. Mariana’s knuckles felt like they were about to pop with how tightly she was gripping tightly onto him. “Fuck, fuck!” His pace was fast, too fast to the point where her breathing was starting to become irregular.

Dougie rested his forehead on her shoulder and soon a dull pain erupted from her neck, “Oh my God-” Mariana continued to moan as he pushed in and out of her. “You fuckin‘ bit my neck!”

His chuckled vibrated against her skin. “Just leaving something for you to remember this by.” Soon enough, Mariana felt the bubbling grow and pulled the male closer to her body as she arched her back to let him go deeper.

“I’m so close.”

Dougie kissed her cheek. “I know. I’ll get you there.” The sweat was pouring off their bodies as he continued to cause friction between them. To get her off faster, he removed his hand from her hair and down to rub her clit. This new action caused Mariana to arch her back until her whole back was completely off of the couch. Dougie felt her restrict as if she was deciding to let him go first, but that wasn’t how Dougie did things, he always made sure the girl was pleasured before him. “Don’t hold back, baby, just let go.”

At the sound of his words falling off his lips, she let herself go; clenching tightly around him, nearly brought Dougie over the edge when he kept himself moving inside her as her warmth surrounded him. “Go.” was barely audible to him, but he heard her soft plea. After his release, he pulled out of her before gently placing his weight on her trembling body. His head rose with every breath she took as her body tried calming itself down from the high it was just in.

Her eyes were closed, but she wasn’t passed out; her hand was combing through his hair lazily. The pair didn’t even bother when the phone had gone off once more, just simply basking in the afterglow.

I love you.”

A soft smile spread across her face when those words left his lips. “I love you too.”
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