Do You Remember How We Started?

g i r l f r i e n d

After resting on the couch for a bit, Mariana pushed Dougie off of her to take a shower, in which Dougie had begged her to let him join –but she knew that if she had let him, the whole purpose of taking a shower would be delayed. She had a feeling since both of them hadn’t answered their phones for nearly the whole day, it was just a matter of time before someone randomly showed up.

“What does this make us now?” Mariana found herself asking Dougie. The blonde male tore his eyes off the movie that was playing on the TV and looked down at the girl who was cuddling against his side; he really loved this girl, hell, he had always loved her. He loved her fiery attitude, how playfully she could be, how compassionate she was for others, and he loved how she would stand up to anyone whether if she knew them or not. This is where he wanted to be, cuddling in bed with the girl he loved.

“I’d like to think we’re fuck buddies now.”


“Babe, I’m joking.” Dougie chuckled while his hand gently began to rub small circles on her hip. He watched as she rolled her eyes, but tightened her grip around his waist. “I’d like to think that you’re my girlfriend now…”

Mariana pushed herself up so she was face to face with him. “I’m your girlfriend now?” Dougie swallowed the saliva that was building up in this mouth as he watched his girlfriend slowly change her position from being next to him to straddling his lap. “So does that mean you’re my boyfriend now?”

Dougie rolled his eyes. “Fuck yeah.”

Mariana smirked as her lips hover over his; both of their breaths were brushing each other’s faces. “Can we have boyfriend-girlfriend sex now?” Dougie smirked as Mariana let out a squeal when he changed their positions so he was now hovering over her.

“Only if you want me baby.”

Mariana brought her lips to his neck, slightly nibbling her way up to his ear. “I’ve always wanted you.”


“Seems like you guys worked things out.” Izzy spoke as Harry was trying to get Danny to at least crack a smile; Nicole and Danny still hadn’t worked things out between them. They could be just like Mariana and Dougie sometimes –so fucking stubborn.

“We did.” Mariana said softly, but couldn’t help but smile when Dougie pressed his lips against her forehead. Izzy and Gia cooed at the new couple, finally happy to see their best-friends not fighting and just being with each other, just like how it should be. “So, when’s the wedding?”

Gia blushed as she looked at Tom. “We were thinking either Spring or Fall.” The group nodded taking in the information for the wedding as Gia continued to ramble about the wedding details. She told them what she was thinking about what colors, who she was going invite, and what kind of dresses she wanted the bridesmaids to wear.

“It’s going to be beautiful.” Nicole spoke up; Mariana had noticed that her best-friend was awfully quiet, but realized that she hadn’t been in the same room with Danny since their argument. Nicole would come up with excuses if the whole crew needed to be together, but since this one was to talk about Mariana and Dougie getting together, and Gia and Tom’s wedding, she had to be there.

Dougie lowered his head so only his girlfriend could hear him. “What’s going on with them?”

“They got in this huge fight; things were said that shouldn’t have…”

Dougie made a humming noise letting Mariana know he heard her. “We said things we shouldn’t have, and we’re okay now.”

“Nicole and Danny aren’t us.” His girlfriend pointed out. “We were mean to each other, Danny called me a whore and Nicole flipped her shit about it, and then told her if it weren’t for him she wouldn’t have friends like us.”

“Fuck, that’s harsh.”

“I know, I just hadn’t figured out how to fix it.”

“They look like they want each other.” Dougie pointed that he had been seeing the two of them glance at each other but look away before the other could notice. “I bet if we locked them in a room together, they’ll do what we done twice today.” Mariana blushed when Dougie winked at her as his hand squeezed her hip.

“Besides the last part you just said…” Mariana quietly laughed. “What are we, thirteen?”

Dougie shrugged, “You gotta do, what you gotta do.”

“You seriously want to lock them in a room?”

“Yes, it seems like fun.”

Mariana laughed, catching some attention by accident. “For you, maybe.”

Dougie looked down at her, pouting. “Don’t ruin my fun, baby.”

Mariana rolled her eyes. “Oh, trust me, I won’t.”

Dougie smirked as he glanced between Danny and Nicole. “Cool, looks like I’m locking them in a closest tonight.”
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