Do You Remember How We Started?

h e c a n ' t k n o w

“Alright, so spill.”

Mariana raised an eyebrow as she swirled her cup of ice coffee around, “What are you talking about?”

“The reason why you got so upset by what Dougie said.”

“I’m not upset.”

Nicole raised an eyebrow at the girl sitting across from her; leaning back until she was slouched in her seat, Nicole crossed her arms under her bust before speaking. “Hey, I’m a girl too, you know. I know when a girl’s feeling hurt, and honey, you have it written all over your face.”

“I do not have it written across my face.”

Nicole shook her head, “Come on, JD, you can trust me.”

Mariana licked her bottom lip, “I don’t even know you.”

“My name is Nicole Cassadee Ann Cook; friends call me, Nicki or CasCo. I was born on February 3rd 1988, making me twenty-three. I’m studying broadcasting in college, and want to own a radio station. I have a step-brother named Brandon; I’m an aunt of a two year old baby girl named Schuyler. My favorite color is green. For some reason, I can picture myself settling down with Danny,” Nicole paused. “but don’t tell him that just yet. There, now you know me.”

Mariana sighed; she didn’t expect the girl to lay out her life story so she could trust her. Then again, Mariana didn’t have a reason not to trust the girl. Nicole was Danny’s girlfriend, and if Danny trusted her than Mariana could too. “If I tell you, you’re going to be the only one who knows.”

“Okay…” Nicole mumbled uncertainly.




“English, JD!”

“I like Dougie!”

“Oh.” Nicole’s voice came out as a whisper. “That’s it?” Mariana narrowed her eyes at the girl sitting across from her when she began to laugh. “So what if you like Dougie? You can't control who you like, it just happens.”

“You’re forgetting one small detail…” Mariana muttered as the waitress finally brought their food to their table. “Dougie said he could never date me.”

“May I remember you that he said couldn’t not wouldn’t and to me those words have completely different meanings.”

“It still hurts, Nicki.”

Nicki frowned before she took a bite of her chicken caesar salad. “I know you feel rejected right now, but maybe he was lying, you never know. Boys can be idiots.”

“It’s just,” Mariana took a bite of her pasta. “I’ve liked him for so long, and to hear that he could never date me, just… broke me.”

“It sucks, I know, but you can’t let him get to you like that.” Nicole stated. “He might be scared to let you know that he likes you more than a friend ‘cause I’m pretty sure the saying goes something like, I would rather be friends, than be nothing at all.”

“I feel like this situation is more like, you always want something you can’t have, and I want Dougie.”

“Then you need to show him, girl!”

Mariana huffed, “Why should I go through so much to show him I like him, just for him to shoot me down again?”

“From what Danny has told me, Dougie can be slightly inattentive.” Nicole commented as she sipped from her drink. “Just tell him.”

Mariana shook her head, “No. He can’t know, so don’t tell anyone, not even Danny.”

Nicole sighed, “Okay.”
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