Do You Remember How We Started?

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“What movie should we watch first?” Nicole asked the others as they all sat around in Danny’s living room. Danny’s house was where the gang spent their Friday nights; their Friday night movie marathon. Plus, the only reason why it was at Danny’s house and not anyone else’s was because his living room was bigger and more comfortable to fit the seven, now eight, people.

“I have no idea.”

“Ghostbusters!” Harry shouted out causing the rest to groan since that was the first, and only movie that Harry would suggest to watch. It wasn’t everyone’s favorite movie to watch, but if it kept the drummer happy than so be it.

“Why don’t we watch something else for a change?” Izzy offered as she patted his chest affectionately when she noticed the small pout on his face. “How about a chick flick? Since the past Fridays’ we’ve been watching what the guys wanted?”

“It‘s only because we out vote you girls,” Danny stated with a smirk on his face which caused his girlfriend to scold him slightly for being rude. “and no dude wants to watch chick flicks, I know I don‘t.”

“You wouldn’t see a chick flick with me?” Nicole crossed her arms over her chest as she gave Danny a sad look as she shifted away from him a little bit. “Do you not love me enough to see a movie with me?”

“I, ah,” Danny stumbled over his words as everyone in the room began to chuckle at the look Nicole was giving; she was guilt-tripping him, and it worked. “I would see a chick flick with you baby, I do anything to make you happy.”

Nicole smiled before she pressed her lips to the corner of his mouth, “Good ‘cause we’re watching 27 Dresses!” The girls squealed in excitement as the guys slouched down in their seats, throwing insults at Danny.

“I really fuckin’ hate you right now.” Tom muttered as he unwrapped his arm from around Gia’s shoulders so she could go into the kitchen and make some popcorn.

“Don’t be mean,” Gia rolled her eyes. “At least he’s man enough to make his woman happy.”

Tom narrowed his eyes, “Are you sayin’ that I don’t make you happy?”

Gia scoffed, “You’re missing the point, babe.”

“Please enlightened me then.”

Gia shook her head as she walked out of the room. Tom shrugged his shoulders at the looks he was receiving from everyone. Trying to get the attention off of him and Gia’s argument, he let his eyes wonder around the room before noticing something missing.

“Where the fuck is Dougie?”

“He said he was picking something up before he came.” Mariana answered Tom’s question as she walked into the living room just arriving.

“You guys didn’t come together?” Izzy asked surprised. “You guys are always together.”

Mariana frowned softly, “We can’t spend every moment of our lives together.” Nicole shot her a sad look before telling her boyfriend to stop placing butterfly kisses on her neck. Mariana took the empty seat, which was her favorite chair in Danny’s house, before glancing at everyone.

“Where’s Gia?”

“She went into the kitchen about ten minutes ago…” Tom mumbled before springing up from his seat rushing into the kitchen to fix the damaged he caused. Tom was really a sweet guy, but question something about him he becomes defensive and usually says the wrong thing to somebody, and whether the others knew it or not, he had hurt Gia’s feelings.

Mariana went to ask what movie everyone decided on when she was interrupted, “Hey!” everyone turned their necks to glance at the person who had spoke. Mariana’s heart dropped when she noticed Dougie’s arm resting across some brown haired girl’s shoulders. “Sorry, I’m late.”

Mariana’s eyes narrowed, “Who is she?”

Dougie rolled his eyes. “Nice first impression, JD.”

JD scoffed, “She’s new, you know how we are with new people.”

Dougie cleared his throat, shifting his weight from leg to leg but kept his arm wrapped around the unnamed girl’s shoulders. “Now’s not the time to be a bitch, Mariana.”

She stood up, “Me? Being a bitch? You brought some hoe into Danny’s house without asking anyone!” Mariana raised her voice slightly. “You know how hard it is to bring people in our group. Remember how long it took us to accept Izzy?!”

“Yeah, but what’s the difference between Carla and Nicole, huh?!”

“So the hoe has a name.”

“Answer my question, JD!” Dougie screamed at her ’causing Tom and Gia to rush into the living room completely forgetting about the popcorn. “What is the difference with Carla and Nicole?!”

“Dude, keep my girlfriend’s-”

“Shut up, Danny!” Dougie snapped. “I want to hear JD’s answer.”

“You want to hear my answer?” JD asked. “Nicole isn’t a hoe unlike the bitch you brought!”

“Fuck you!” Carla held her middle finger up in the air before turning to look at Dougie. “Baby, if she’s going to be bitchy to me, I think we should just go.” Dougie placed a kiss on her cheek before nodding his head.

“Alright.” Dougie spoke as he turned and look at all of his friends before leaving his gaze on Mariana. “You're just like every fucking girl out there, fake and useless.”

Mariana’s jaw dropped as her eyes watered; if there was one thing to say to a girl, that would be it. Though countless of times, Dougie reassured her that her ex-best friend was wrong when she said that, but having another one of her best friends say that, just broke her down even more. He knew just what to say to completely break her, and apparently, everyone else in the room knew that too.

“Fuck you, Douglas Lee Poynter!” she screamed at his retreating figure.
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