Do You Remember How We Started?

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“I can’t fucking believe him!” Nicole hissed, pulling JD into the kitchen when she noticed the tears threatening to cascade down her face. “I know I'm new to the group, but still, what the fuck is wrong with him?!” JD shrugged her shoulders before pushing herself up onto the counter and burying her face into her hands. “Oh, Mariana-”

“I just don’t get it,” Mariana whispered. “Why would he say that to me? He knows, he fuckin’ knows that is probably the worst thing you could ever say to me.”

“He’s just being a prick,” Nicole muttered as Gia and Izzy walked into the kitchen with confused looks plastered across their faces. “what he said isn’t true.”

“What’s going on?” Gia asked crossing her arms under her bust.

“Yeah,” Izzy agreed. “What the hell was that back there?”

“That was Mariana marking her territory.” Nicole joked, trying to lighten up the situation, but apologized when she caught the look that JD shot her. Izzy leaned against the fridge, her eyes bouncing back and forth between Nicole and Mariana.

“Mariana,” Gia sighed. “what’s going on? Why’d you get so hostile when Dougie brought that chick?”

Mariana licked over her lips, moistening them. “I just don’t like her.”

“You don’t even know her.” Izzy pointed out as she ran her fingers through her blonde hair. JD looked back and forth between the three girls, she knew that Nicole was obviously on her side, but she was sure where Izzy and Gia stood. Why weren’t they upset that she was upset? Were they happy for Dougie? Mariana didn’t know.

“Guys,” Nicole stopped Izzy and Gia from rambling on about how you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. “let’s just leave it alone, alright? We all know how Dougie can be,” Nicole paused for a moment, “you guys more than me, but Mariana’s right in a way. He hasn’t had a serious relationship since he and Frankie broke up.”

JD inhaled sharply, she had been there with Dougie through that whole relationship. She was the first person he told about his crush on Frankie Sandford in 2004, she was there when they meet her in 2008 at the GAY club, and he instantly asked her out. Mariana, at the time, was happy that Dougie found love (which was way before JD started developing feelings for him) until Frankie broke up with him. Dougie was crushed and JD was there to pick up the broken pieces until Frankie came crying back, telling him that she was stupid for leaving him.

They got back together.

In December 2010, Frankie broke up with Dougie again, saying that she wasn’t in love with him anymore and not even a month later, she’s begins dating Wayne Bridge. Dougie was more than crushed; he hated seeing pictures of Frankie and Wayne acting all lovey dovey in magazines and on T.V that he finally went into depression.

Not even JD could pull him out of it.

Not only did Frankie hurt Dougie, she hurt Mariana too; she felt what Dougie felt, and hated her for making her best friend so depressed. If Dougie had let her, Frankie wouldn’t be as pretty as everyone says she is. What hurt JD even more was the fact that Dougie needed rehab to try and get over her.

Dougie wasn’t really the same after dating Frankie.

He didn’t do relationships now, he didn’t date. He was into hook ups, something that Mariana despised. As much as she was starting to fall in love with him, she wouldn’t be a hook up with him. Sure, they’ve talked about friends with benefits, but JD wasn’t into that stuff no matter how hard Dougie tried to convince her. She didn’t want to be in a one sided relationship, or participate in an open relationship because if she was going to “date” Dougie she wanted him all to herself.

JD knew that she shouldn’t get so worked up over Carla since she’ll be gone when Dougie got what he wanted from her, but the fact that he let her meet his friends sparked something inside of her ‘cause he had never done that before. Was there something about Carla that was different from the other girls?

“She’s right,” Gia murmured. “we all know how much Dougie has changed from his break up with Frankie.”

“But he has never brought a hook up home before.” Izzy added.

“Maybe she’s different?” Gia asked, not catching the flash of hurt cross JD’s face.

“She doesn’t look like a relationship type girl.” Nicole stated, trying to divert the conversation into another direction.

“She’s right,” Izzy agreed. “she looked like a groupie more than an actually normal girl.”

“Guys,” Mariana voice came out soft. “Let’s just drop it.”

“Yeah,” Nicole paused when she heard Danny calling her name from the living room. “we can figure out what to do with Carla when the time comes.” the auburn haired girl left the kitchen leaving the three girls.

“We shouldn’t make this seem bigger than what it might be.” Izzy spoke up. “We don’t even know if she’s going to be around.”

“She might not even last long.” Gia tossed her opinion in as JD nodded her head along with them before brushing her hair off her shoulder. “She’ll probably be gone by the morning.”

“I hope so.” JD whispered, hopping off the counter and went to the living room hoping to try and save the night that Dougie had so rudely ruined.
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