Do You Remember How We Started?

n o t s o g o o d n e w s

“I really don’t want to go.” JD murmured as Nicole’s grip on her wrist tightened as the auburn haired girl pulled her along. “I don’t want to see him.”

“He asked for everyone to be there,” Nicole dragged her up the steps to Dougie‘s apartment building. “that includes you too, whether you like it or not.” JD’s face scrunched up; she didn’t want to be here. She didn’t want to see him, she was so furious with him right now, she just didn’t want anything to do with him.

“You’re right,” JD mumbled as she tried to shake her wrist loose. “I don’t like it.” Nicole stopped and shot the shorter girl a look before pressing a button that was probably buzzing Dougie’s apartment to inform him that people where here. JD groaned as she heard the familiar noise when the door unlocked. “I fuckin’ hate my life.”

Nicole laughed, “No, you just hate Dougie right now.”

JD nodded her agreeing, “True.” Nicole stopped walking, and pursed her lips causing JD to nearly crash into her. “Why’d we stop?”

“Danny told me where to go, and what number to press for Dougie’s place, but he didn’t tell me where to go from there.” JD rolled her eyes and grumbled curse words underneath her breath as she grabbed the other girl’s wrist and dragged her down the hall, up two flights of stairs, down an other hallway until they reached Dougie’s apartment. JD banged on the door loudly then stood behind Nicole.

“Childish much?”

JD pushed Nicole lightly, “Shut up.” The door opened revealing Danny, which caused Nicole to walk straight into his arms. JD crossed her arms over chest slightly relieved that Dougie hadn’t been the one to answer the door. She was pretty sure if he had her fist would meet his face.

“Did he tell you why were here?” JD heard her friend whispered to her boyfriend. “She’s still here?” JD raised an eyebrow at them questionably.

Who was still here? JD thought as she moved herself in between Harry and Izzy, causing the two of them to laugh lightly and scoot over to make room on the love couch.

“Do you know why we’re still here?” JD ask everyone else in the room; she knew it must have been a pretty important talk if the whole crew was there. Sure, they all spent time together, but when everyone was invited over without warning, it was unheard of. Though, sometimes hanging out with certain members of the group were without warning, but having a “talk” without anyone knowing why, was just unheard of.

“We know as much as you do.”

“Fuck,” JD groaned as she tossed her head back. “so nothing, we know nothing.”

“Until Dougie tells us.” Gia pointed out from her spot on Tom’s lap.

“Well,” JD licked her bottom lip. “where is fuckface?”

“See that JD is still in bitch mode.” Dougie’s voice reached her ears as he popped into the room. Mariana held up her finger and flipped him off causing the blonde man to place a hand over his heart and frown, “That hurt, baby, that hurt me real bad.”

“You what me to show you hurt?” JD stood up from the couch only to have Izzy pull her back down by gripping on her shirt. “You’re a real asshole, Douglas.”

“Are we back to first name basis?” Dougie narrowed his eyes at the small girl sitting between two of his closes friends. “Are we not pass that already?”

“I only call my friends by their nicknames, and you are not a friend of mine right now.” A flash of hurt cross his face but was gone before anyone could notice. “Now,” JD ran her hand through her hair trying to calm herself down. “will you please tell us why we had to rush the fuck over here?”

“Well, Mariana,” Dougie gritted his teeth. “I only tell my friends personal things, so would you please kindly exit the room.” The blonde man swept his hand out to the side, and gestured for JD to leave the room.

JD tapped her chin thoughtfully, “No. I’m good sitting here.”

“Fine.” Dougie spat out causing everyone else to exchange looks with each other. “Guys, I just wanted to tell you that I have a girlfriend.” Once the word girlfriend left his mouth, the brown haired hoe that came by Danny’s last night came out of the kitchen with a smile on her face. JD scowled when she watched as Dougie wrapped his arm around her shoulders and place a kiss on her forehead. “Guys, this is Carla.”

JD opened her mouth to say something, but someone else beat her to it.

“Oh hell no.”
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