Status: Getting Back Into It!

Is This Really Happening?

Jean Komis was your average high school senior. She wasn't pretty or popular, but she had her share of friends. She always felt out of place; none of her friends liked any of the same things she did, save for Blackhawks hockey.

She was a very shut-out girl, never speaking her mind or being fully herself, always afraid of being judged by everyone, including her friends. She was a realist, though some may say that she was a pessimist. She had no prospects for a relationship, and was sure that no one on Earth could possibly like her enough to ask her out, so she stopped worrying about it and focused on school. Because of this, she was able to attain a 3.8 GPA, and was close to the top of her class. All while dreaming to meet the man of her dreams, Jonathan Toews.

On the almost-eve of her moving into her college, Iowa State University, her dad takes her along when he becomes a "Blackhawk for a day". Her whole perspective, and life, changes on that fateful day when she is introduced to Jonathan Toews. He teaches her to open her heart, and how to love someone, because she had never felt that before.