Status: Complete

In Over My Head


Carling Hale doesn't fancy herself a romantic. Rather, she fancies herself the type of badass paranormal investigator that everyone else secretly wants to be. After a night of post-case revelry involving more than a little alcohol, Carling wakes up entangled (in more ways than one) with one of her fellow TAPS members. When her life turns into a big damn mess, Carling realizes she hasn't the slightest idea how to get herself out.

Ghosts? No problem. Romance? No fucking way.

(This is old. As in, like, really old. Sorry in advance if it's lame.)
  1. 1/5
    Investigation; Steve wears choo-choo jammies
  2. 2/5
    Carling and the rest of the TAPS team visit a local bar; Carling wakes up in a predicament
  3. 3/5
    Things get severely awkward for Carling; TAPS sets up for investigation
  4. 4/5
    Carling, Steve, and Tango share an awkward moment during an investigation; Tango cheers Carling up.
  5. 5/5
    The End. :)