Better off as Lovers

Well it's about Sopheap [so·fee·up] and Brianna. They're dating Brendon and Ryan. Jon secretly likes Brianna and Spencer secretly likes Sopheap. One day Jon and Brianna kissed by accident [so they say] and Ryan gets mad at her. Peter and Fall out Boy come. Sopheap has a thing for Peter. So much stuff happens so just read it to find out more =] <33

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYONE.
  1. Let the good times Roll
  2. In the Mirror he Practices all his Lines
  3. Racing through the City
  4. One Night Stand
  5. Do you remember the way i held ur hand?
  6. Stop by this Disaster town
  7. I wrote a goodbye note
  8. I just can’t Stop myself
  9. Young Hollywood
  10. Weapons in the from Of Words
  11. One night and One more time
  12. I'm Alright In bed But I'm Better with a Pen
  13. There's a World Outside of my Frontdoor
  14. Whoa... Love's so Genuinely Cunning
  15. We might of said Goodbyes A lil too Soon
  16. Put Love On Hold
  17. We're so Miserable and Stunning
  18. And I'm So sorry but Not Really
  19. We're throwing Stones in a Glass Room
  20. The Truth Hurts Worse
  21. He tastes like you only Sweeter
  22. Penny for Thoughts, bought a dollar for insides
  23. Me and You
  24. Which Ever You Prefer
  25. Blood Cells Pixelate, The Eyes Dialate
  26. In Hotel Rooms, Collecting Page Six Lovers
  27. Dropped and Well Concealed in Secret Places
  28. We Need Umbrellas on the Inside
  29. Collect the Bad Habits u Couldn't Bear to Keep
  30. WhenPearls in our Shell came out to dance
  31. Flash Flash Flash Photography
  32. It's the Wrongs that make The Words come to Life
  33. I'll Always be waiting in the Backroom
  34. Baby Seasons change but People Don't
  35. This Doesn't mean a thing Anymore
  36. Ice Cream Headaches and Sweet Avalanche
  37. Everyone's Looking for Relief
  38. I'm gonna make You Bend and Break
  39. Sewage of Youth
  40. If I woke Up Next to You
  41. A widow or Divorce?
  42. Sometimes we Take Chances sometimes we take Pills
  43. So Long Live the Car Crash Hearts
  44. I Keep you Sick on the Head
  45. I Can't Stop Feeling Sorry For Myself
  46. We shake the Hips in Relationships
  47. I can Take your Problems Away
    the end.