Better off as Lovers

We shake the Hips in Relationships


Now that Sopheap was getting married to Peter she couldn’t stop thinking about that dream she had all the way back then. Did she still love Brendon? She went to hang out with Brianna the next day. Their movie was number one on Box office charts. They went to go to the mall.
“OH MY GOD BRIANNA! You are not gonna believe what happened last night!” Sopheap said to Brianna. “What?”
“Peter asked me to marry him!”
“Oh my god! What did you say?”
“Yes of course!”
“Congrats!” Brianna gave Sopheap a hug.
“And I got back with Ryan yesterday!”
“Nah uh?”
“Uh huh” Sopheap was happy for Brianna.

They were in Forever 21 and this guy came up to them.
“Um hi” Brianna said.
“Can I have you guy’s sign autographs and take a picture?” He said.
“Sure” They posed for a picture and signed their autographs.
“Thanks and by the way you guys are so hot”
“Thanks” Sopheap and Brianna said.
“So this is how Peter feels like” Sopheap said.
“Wow so I guess we’re ‘famous’ that sounds really weird.”
“I know it does” Sopheap and Brianna shopped till around six in the afternoon.

“Brianna came back to me yesterday”
“Cool, Sopheap still hasn’t came back to me yet” Brendon said looking sad.
“Don’t worry just wait”
“Ryan I can’t wait! I love her too much and she’s with Pete and it’s killing me!” Ryan’s phone rang.
“Hold on” He picked it up.
“Hey Ry, I’m about to leave the mall and Oh my god, guess what?”
“Sopheap and Pete are getting married!”
“Wow that’s great”
“See you later!”
“Bye” He hung up the phone.
“So what did she say?” Brendon asked.
“Ryan tell me”
“Well Pete and Sopheap are getting married”
“What?!” Brendon was devastated. He wiped a tear off his face.
“Brendon I am so sorry” Ryan gave Brendon a hug.

Ryan couldn’t believe Brendon was crying, I mean it was Brendon! Brianna asked Sopheap if she wanted to stay over for a bit so Sopheap did. Brianna opened the door. Sopheap saw Brendon crying. Oh great, this is so embarrassing Brendon thought. He left and went into the room.
“Oh my god, why was he crying?” Sopheap said feeling bad for him.
“Well he knows you’re getting married to Pete and he just broke down.” Ryan explained.
“Poor thing” Sopheap went to find Brendon. She found him in his room.
“Brendon, don’t cry. I hate seeing you like this” Sopheap said.
“Come on give me a hug” Brendon hugged her.
“Sopheap I miss being in your arms”
“Brendon you know I love you and always love you but I’m with peter.”
“I know but I love you too much to let you go”
“Brendon, you’ll find the girl that’s right for you”
“But you are the girl” Brendon looked at her and was about to kiss her. Sopheap pushed him away. “I’m sorry Brendon” She walked out of the door.

“Hey guys I’m gonna go”
“Bye” Ryan and Brianna said. Sopheap felt so bad. What was she supposed to do, leave Peter for Brendon? She already said yes after all.
“You’re home! I missed you!” Pete said. He ran up to her and gave her a huge hug and kiss.
“I missed you too”
“So, how was your day?” Pete asked.
“Well me and Bri went to the mall and this guy went up to us and asked for pictures and stuff”
“yeah it was really weird”
“You’ll get used to it” Pete smiled at her. Sopheap decided to take a shower.

Oh my god! I can’t believe Brendon was crying. Like I guess I still love him but I’m with peter. What am I suppose to do just break up with peter? Why did I have to go over Brianna’s? This is gonna bug me forever now. I wiped the tears that came rolling down on my cheek. Oh great now I’m crying and I can’t stop. I walked into the bedroom and snuggled up next to Peter. He was beautiful. I grabbed his arms and put it around my waste. I really needed someone to comfort me right now. He started kissing my neck. I turned around and smiled at him. He shut the light and kissed me in the lips. I really do love Peter.