Better off as Lovers

I can Take your Problems Away


The next day, Sopheap and Brianna had to go to this place for their movie. There were a lot of people who were going to be there like celebrities. Sopheap and Brianna weren’t used to all this attention.
“Wow Bri, this feels so weird”
“I know, let’s just smiled and look good” Brianna and Sopheap were posing for pictures.
Than Ryan and Brianna were. Sopheap and Peter took some too. Poor Brendon was all alone. It was pretty awesome though. Sopheap turned her head and looked at Brendon, he looked rather sad. She felt like she needed to be with him but she knew she couldn’t.
“Peter, this is so weird”
“You know all the people taking pictures and stuff”
“Well you were in a movie and fame is gonna follow you”
“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Sopheap looked up at Pete.
“Well sorta both” He leaned in to kiss her. Brendon looked at the both of them and pulled Sopheap away and kissed her. Pete pulled her back.
“Dude, like what are you doing?”
“I love her” Brendon said.
“Sorry she’s mines, and please don’t ever do that again” Peter and Sopheap went into the car.
“Brendon is a little out of control” He said.
“I know he is, photographers probably took pictures of it!”
“Don’t worry” Oh no, not that ‘don’t worry’ crap again.

Brianna and Ryan went to go back too.
“Did you just see what Brendon did?” Brianna said.
“I know he can’t deal with Sopheap being with Pete. He loves her much”
“I know, poor Brendon” Brianna felt bad for Brendon too.
“He’s been waiting for so long and now I guess he has to move on” Ryan said.
“Yeah he has no other choice really. Sopheap and Pete are getting married this spring.”
“Brendon probably won’t go”

“Where do you wanna have our wedding?” Pete said.
“Um, how about the beach?”
“Yeah that’ll be pretty cool. What about the Bahamas?”
“Yeah but I don’t wanna make it something big, only a couple of friends”
“Yep” Sopheap smiled at him. She loved him much but what about her Brenny Bear? Sopheap looked down. Pete lifted up her chin.
“What’s wrong?” She looked at him.
“Nothing” Pete knew something was wrong but he didn’t want to question her. She couldn’t sleep at all. She kept thinking about Brendon. Ok Sopheap you really needa get Brendon out of your head.

The weeks went by pretty fast. Sopheap already got her wedding dress and Pete had his clothes too. The only people her were invited were: Fall Out Boy, Brianna, Ryan, Jon, Spencer, and Brendon; if he wanted to go. Brianna helped Sopheap get ready.
“Sopheap, you do know what you are doing right?”
“Yeah Bri, I love Peter” Brianna knew Sopheap’s heart belonged with Brendon. The wedding was ready. Brianna walked Sopheap to the isle. Sopheap saw Peter; he was gorgeous. Pete smiled at her. She glanced over at the people. She saw Brendon.

Brendon decided to get over Sopheap and to start by that was to accept the fact that she loved another man; Pete.
“Peter, do you take Sopheap to be your wife and spend the rest of your life with her?”
“I do”
“Sopheap do you take Peter to be your husband and spend the rest of your life with him?”
She looked at Brendon and than at Pete. Everyone was waiting for a response. She ran to Brendon and gave Brendon a kiss.
“Sorry Peter, I love you but I love Brendon too” Brendon was so happy. Sopheap thought that marrying Pete was the right thing to do but, she knew being with Brendon was truly the right thing to do.

Everyone clapped; including Pete. He was a gentleman and was happy as long as Sopheap was happy. Brendon looked at Sopheap.
“I love you”
“I love you too” She smiled at him and gave him another kiss. Brianna was happy for her friend; she knew Sopheap would make the right choice after all.
“I don’t ever wanna lose you again” Brendon said