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Something Good Can Work

A Light That Won't Go Out

For the next few days, I felt really weird. I wanted to be alone, yet I practically needed someone to defy my walls and embrace me. Cassie’s company wouldn’t cut it – no, of course not… but the person whose company I really craved I didn’t want to crave. I didn’t want anything to do with Mike, I knew that, yet my mind (and my body, truthfully) thought otherwise.

So, when Dylan asked me to go on a date, I quickly accepted. I felt like this was a chore, a little unusual for my previous mindset. I had had such a crush on Dylan, but it felt a little faded now. I couldn’t help but compare him to Mike. Mike was so unprecedented. Dylan…not so much, everything he did I felt went exactly by the books. And I was slowly losing interest.

However, when he held the door open to his car for me, I felt the butterflies return a bit. I tried a smile out, a genuine one since he first knocked on my door.

I brushed the hair out of my face in what I thought would be a cute move, “Thanks Dylan.” He smiled, obviously I had thought right. Looking down, he seemed more nervous than before.

He hopped in the driver’s seat, taking a moment to fully look me in the face. “You look really nice,” he told me. “I’m glad you decided to come, despite the fact that you don’t exactly know where we’re going.”

I laughed, “Well, I’ll be honest… I did second-guess, because an activity like a hike wouldn’t work with this wedges!” I flexed my foot, which had a summery wedge on the end of it. Dylan eyed my shoes, nodding and laughing in agreement.

The rest of the car ride entails awkward jokes and polite laughs, as well as a copious amount of small-talk. It was tiring, having to try so hard. It almost felt like treading on egg shells when talking to Dylan.

When we pulled up to a carnival, I momentarily cringed. It was the same one Mike took me to, it was still in town for a couple more days. The date was literally getting worse and worse – only on my end though. During the car ride, I had made only a couple comparisons between him and Mike… but now, it was undeniable.

Would he want to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl ten million times like Mike had? Or would he eat like, 6 bags of cotton candy like Mike?

I shook my head in frustration at my own weakness. WHO CARES!

“Do you enjoy the spinny rides?” Dylan asked politely. (Mike hadn’t asked, he just assumed and practically dragged me onto any and all ‘spinny’ rides).

“Yeah, I do,” I replied which earned a small smile.

“Oh good! But first, let me win you a stuffed animal. Would you like that?”

I smile, but oh God. Somebody end the misery! “Yeah, that’s very sweet of you.” I say softly. Dylan smiles, proud of himself.

Of course, he picks the same game. The one with the darts and balloons. I remember how focused Mike would be only to miss by a mile and how hard I laughed at him. I shake the thought.

Dylan picks up a dart to hit the balloon first try. He doesn’t make any funny faces, no commotion like Mike would have. He just does it, straight-faced and somewhat determined. He picks up another dart and hits the balloon, exactly.

“Wow,” I say, “Did you play sports in high school?” The girl working the booth is starting to collect our… er, Dylan’s prize.

Dylan shook his head, “I kind of wanted to. But my parents were big into the whole ‘get-into-college’ thing and wanted me to stay focused.”

It was hard for me to understand but I nod like I do. (My parents were pretty chill with me, letting me run around and do all of the activities). “Oh, well, isn’t ya know, sports and clubs look best on an application?”

My application consisted of mostly B’s but I swam on the team and was in Student Council. I thought this was a satisfactory application and I was going to fight his parent’s idea!

Dylan sighed, and the worker at the booth handed him the stuffed animal. “Not when you have a perfect 5.0 GPA and a 34 on your ACT.” He pumped his fist into the air mockingly at his accomplishments, “Whoo.”

...Oh. “Point proven. Now, what’d you get me?” I laugh. Dylan smiles at the change of subject.
“A bear! Just for you, m’lady.”

I grasp the bear in my hands but it’s nothing compared to the one Mike got it. It was bigger, fluffier, and I had more fun receiving it. I couldn’t help but compare, compare, compare. Lord help me. “It’s perfect,” I say and flash a smile. It doesn’t really reach my eyes, but Dylan can never tell the difference.

- - -

We spend the rest of the night scrolling around the carnival, looking at the lights and sounds of kids yelling, laughing, and music playing in the background. It’s nice, and of course towards the end Dylan makes a shy grab toward my hand, which I guess I appreciate.

It’s a simple gesture and I notice that his hands are a little clammy. Or maybe it’s mine. Either way, our hands slightly slide with the motion of our walking because of the sweatiness. It’s weird.

We decide collectively to make a quick run to Jamba Juice, which is conveniently closing in 20 minutes. Dylan drives a little crazier than he did on the way here, I think briefly of Mike’s crazy driving then remember I’d rather be with Dylan and stay alive.

We order and grab a seat on some higher stools. I have to slightly jump up to get on it, thanks to my petite height and Dylan smiles, “You’re cute.”

I wink and am about to respond sarcastically when a voice interrupts me.

“Isn’t she though?” The voice drawls out. I look up and see none other than Mike Fuentes, who has his arm draped around a tall, thin woman with a sleeve tattoo on both arms and a piece on her thigh. I can tell because she’s wearing short shorts.

The woman, in response laughs, as if Mike is making fun of me. Dylan is staring at me, probably wondering if this is real life or not.

“Why thank you, Mike, but isn’t it time to go?”

“Little lady, we can’t just leave together and leave our dates waiting. I’d rather take you somewhere fancy this time,” Mike responses, quick as a whip. I sigh.

“That’s not what I meant, Mike… now who is this?” I ask, sounding like a brat. Or a jealous girlfriend, but I prefer brat.

“This,” Mike gestures to the sneering girl under his arm, “is Janelle.”

“Not as cute as Carmen,” I note, slightly under my breath but I know Mike can hear me. That little rat.

“Well listen, I can’t stay long but tell Carmen I say hello. I’m sure I will bump into you again, Iris. I’m sure hoping to,” Mike flirts, and I swear he’s batting his eyelashes. I scoff.

“You wish. Bye now.”

He starts to turn away, but then he stops. I see impatience practically coming out of Janelle’s ears. “Oh, wait. You’re not going to introduce me to your lovely date?”

I smile through clenched teeth. Dylan is not looking Mike in the face. For once I wish that Dylan would be as confident as Mike, perhaps shake his hand and intimidate him. But no. That wouldn’t happen. “Yeah, this is my date Dylan. We had a lovely night. He bought me a bear at the fair.”

Dylan smiles at his mention but that’s it. Mike grins a toothy grin, “Well… well…well. How original.”

I smile, “Okay, bye now. Leave.”

Mike reaches out and touches my shoulder, “Bye little lady. Bye Dylan.”

Even long after Mike and Janelle saunter out, I feel Mike’s touch burning my skin. The burn doesn’t go away, even after the date, even after I’m tucked in bed.
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