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Something Good Can Work

When I Get Home, You're So Dead

“You look good tonight,” is what Mike says in return.

I put my hands on my hips. “Uh, what did you just say to me?” I am simply… flabbergasted. What is going on!

He leans in, whispers, “You look hot tonight.”

“Listen up, you dumb idiot. You lied to me, came onto me… and now you have the gall to tell me I look hot? Please don’t tell me you knew Cassie and I were friends!”

Mike shrugs, “I may have known that piece of information –“

“WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING?!” I shout, but Mike just kind of chuckles. I want to smash his face in! That smug little pig! “Why would you ever do that?”

“I don’t know… because you’re cute?” He quips and shrugs again. My body shudders with the anger. This stupid idiot!

“You mean you almost screwed up your relationship with one of the nicest girls and humiliated me, was because you thought that I was cute? What is wrong with you? You know what? They’re names for guys like you, they’re called douchebags! And you’re like… the king of them! So, how does it feel to be the douchiest douchebag?”

Mike laughed, “Believe me, sweet pea. I’ve been called meaner names than that. It doesn’t faze me.”

I let out a shriek of frustration. This guy is impenetrable. It’s like he has a shield made of iron all around him. I try to ignore the fact I think it’s cute – to be so carefree. And then I try to ignore how cute he looks in his black beanie.

Suddenly, as if summoned by God to make this situation worse, Cassie is back. She’s grinning and holding a beer out for me. I take it, and nearly drink the whole thing in one sip.

Mike and Cassie stare at me, but I ignore the looks. I try really hard to not look bitter as the alcohol slides down my throat. Ugh, I really hate alcohol.

“So…” Cassie mutters. “Are you two getting along? Did you get the Craig thing fixed?” She laughs awkwardly, not wanting another weird scene like before.

Mike looks at me to answer these questions, which I was surprised about. Wasn’t he worried I could blab the whole truth? But then I remember: of course not, that sly dog would think up an excuse as easily as he blinked.

“Yeah, Mike is really great,” I say to Cassie and grin. I avoid Mike’s eyes. He probably looks smug. “I can see how well you two get along. I’m just a little disappointed I’m just meeting him now,” I lie smoothly. It kind of shocks me.

I take a glance at Mike, who is nodding in agreement. His eyes find mine and he winks. I try not to kick his shins. Cassie is missing all of this, and grinning. I’m afraid her cheeks will burst and Mike will have the freedom to torment me even more.

“I know!” Cassie laments. “But I just couldn’t find a good time. But now it’s like my two favorite people have finally met! The universe has restored order!”

The two of us chuckle politely at her joke.

“And,” she continues, just as bubbly. “I know that we will all be spending a lot of time together! Am I right?”

Mike sips his beer, smiles, and puts his arm around Cassie. “Of course, girl. I can’t wait to get closer with Iris.” His words have double meaning, but only I catch it. I keep my eyes on my toes.

“Well, this has been fun,” I say desperately. “But I think I should go… I have a paper I want to get a start on.”

“Aw, you don’t want to stay and chat, Iris?” Mike asks and puckers his bottom lip into a puppy look.

I cringe at the cuteness. “I can’t. It was nice meeting you, though, Mike.”

Mike, once again, holds out his hand to me. “My pleasure.”

I frown and practically run out of there, hoping Cassie will find a ride home.
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eek! two updates in one night! and like, twenty minutes apart! feeling pretty cool right now, you have no idea. this story is so easy and fun to write. i love iris so much, haha.

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Title Credit: When I get Home, You're so Dead - Mayday Parade