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Act Appalled

"Mike?" I nearly gasp. I'm seething, Mike just kind of smirks. "What are you even doing here?" My tone is nasty, Dylan notices and I see him fidget awkwardly.

"I'm seeing this movie, sassy-pants," Mike snaps back.

"Well… leave," I say, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Mike chuckles, "No, I paid 8 bucks for this, I'm staying. Why are you so sour, anyway?"

"What's sour?" asks a voice, and guess who? It's Cassie. I want to kill everyone. Dylan is looking away from her face, afraid. Sadly, he was the odd one out.

"This Pepsi, will you get another one? Maybe they have to change the filter," Mike snaps at her and Cassie looks shocked at his tone. She begins to stutter an answer when Mike smiles sweetly, "Please?"

With the 'magic' word, Cassie brightens. "Sure!" She turns and basically skips away.

Dylan jumps out of his seat too, "I'm going to get a snack too…"

Mentally, I'm begging him not to go, but he too walks away. Then, it's just Mike and me. Lovely.

Mike jumps over the seat to sit directly next to me. "So, on a date with that nerd?" He proceeds to put a tattooed arm around my shoulders.

I grimace, "He isn't a nerd," I defend. "His name is Dylan and I really like him."

"Then you must like boring guys."

"Need I remind you that you're technically on the same type of date Dylan is? Like you know how to treat a woman, you sleaze." I remark and I vaguely see Mike pout in the dark.

"After this, Cassie and I were hitting up a party. I'm sure Dylan was going to drop you off and you would go to bed. I can tell he won't satisfy, if you know what I mean."

"Satisfy what? My sexual desires?" I scoff and laugh, "Is that what you were getting at? Please, not everyone sleeps together on the first date, Mike. And what do you know about my sexual desires?"

Mike opens his mouth to say something back but Cassie runs to our seats, interrupting. "Dylan is throwing up in the bathroom!"

I cringe, "Seriously?"

"Yeah, I saw him run into the bathroom and he hasn't come out. I asked a man who came out and he said Dylan was puking everywhere."

Mike fake pouts, "Oh no!"

I glare but Cassie continues, "I feel so bad… I can take him home."

"Oh, no, Cass, I can take him home… he's my date!"

"Oh hush, Iris. You know we live near each other! Plus, I know you love scary movies. Mike will keep you company, won't you?" Upon his name, Mike smiles and nods, like he's some angel. We both know he's not, though.

"Of course, darling," He says and pats my arm. I glare yet again, but Cassie doesn't notice.

"Okay. It's settled," She smiles and starts to walk away.

"Thanks Cassie," I somewhat call, as much as I can in a quiet movie theater without disturbing anyone. "I owe you one!"

She leaves and then I'm stuck alone in the dark… with Mike Fuentes.

- - -

The movie credits begin rolling and I let out a sigh of relief. I guess I was holding in a breath without realizing it.

"How 'bout that, little lady?" Mike asks me as he stands and stretches. As soon as Mike's pet name for me registers, I blush. Little Lady. God, stop it, Iris!

I shrug, "I liked it."

"I liked it," Mike impersonated me as he crossed his eyes.

"Shut up," I warned but Mike just laughed.

"Let's get you home."

- - -

The ride home… was awkward, to say the least. We didn't really talk. We hopped into a car that had more rust than car paint on it. I guessed it was from Mike's high school days, which was amusing. The only positive thing about the ride was Mike blasted Reign Supreme.

We stopped outside my house, next the curb. Mike reached over and turned down the volume. I refuse to look in his eyes, thinking it'd make this even more awkward!

"Well…" I muster the words, "Thanks for the ride, Mike."

"No problem, little lady."

I blush and open the car door; I get one foot on the ground when Mike calls out to me, "Wait!"

I turn slightly, "Yes Mike?"

"Do you want to hang out sometime?"

To say I'm stunned is an understatement. "As friends," I compromise. I really want to, but I can't. Plus, Mike is a huge jerk… but something about him…

Mike hesitates, catching onto the dreaded 'friend' word. "Like… on a date," He clarifies. But he's completely relaxed. It's not even like he's interested, or trying not to sound too desperate or something.

It's working. I freeze, "Come on, Mike. You're technically dating my best friend. I don't want to."

"Don't want to, or can't?"

I sigh, "Why do you have to make everything so damn complicated?"

Mike takes as moment to grin brightly at me, "Because it's so gosh-dang fun to mess with you!"

I flip him off and he laughs. "Take it into consideration, okay?"

I shake my head, "No Mike, I will not. What about Cassie anyway?"

He shrugs, "Cassie who?"

"Cassandra. My best friend?"

"I'll see you later, okay?" Mike changes the subject in a hurry. I'm confused.

"Whatever," I say and give him a tiny wave. "Later Mike."

"Bye little lady!" He calls out and I slam the car door feeling a weird tickle in my stomach from his pet name again. I bet it's my supper coming up.

When I get to my room and crash on my bed, it's Mike's dimples on my mind. I couldn't help it, but his dangerous and mysterious qualities were fascinating… plus, he was totally off-limits, so I was just really attracted to him. That's it – right?
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Title Credit: Act Appalled by Circa Survive