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Something Good Can Work

Everything's An Illusion

"Do you want to just hang out with me instead?" I ask. I see Mike's eyes light up slightly and I feel like punching myself in the face. It takes everything inside of my little body not to groan.

Mike shrugs, trying to act nonchalant. "I guess, I have nothing else to do."

I scoff, somewhat hurt, "Whatever Mike, you can just leave..." I start to close the door but Mike jams his foot in-between the door and the frame.

"I was joking!"

I quickly grab my jacket from the kitchen table before I (or he, truthfully) changed my mind.

"So where are we going?" I ask, as Mike leads me toward his car. He shrugs and fixes his baseball cap.

"Wherever I feel like, I guess," he quips and revs his engine playfully. "Wherever the road takes us, girly."

- - -

We end up at a carnival. I smile slightly. I really hadn't expected for Mike to take me here. It was a pleasant surprise. We started to walk down the paths, in-between food stands, games, and rides. There are shining lights everywhere, kids laughing, and screaming.

"Am I seeing another side of you, Michael?" I ask slyly. We stop suddenly in front of a particular game where you shoot darts at three balloons. Get at least two and get a prize!

"This is like my inspiration for all Whiskeyhandz songs, darling," Mike actually laughs out loud at himself at this. The kids in front of us shooting the darts mumble something about being distracted. I shoot Mike a confused look, "Oh god, forget I said anything."

"--Whiskeyhandz?" I question him. Mike avoids my eyes.

"My... rap group consisting of me and my friend, Jaime. Just forget it."

I throw my head back and let out barks of laughter, "A...what! RAP GROUP?"

"Just shut up and let me win this teddy bear for you." He snaps. I make a mental note to google Whiskeyhandz later.

Mike grabs a dart and raises his arm at a ninety-degree angle. The dart is close to his nose and one eye is closed. I snort at his concentration. He ignores me and jerks his arm forward, letting the dart go. It glides through the air and misses the first balloon by a mile. Literally. It was nowhere close. I laugh and the lady working the game laughs as well.

Mike growls and we immediately stop. He picks up another dart and prepares the same way as the first dart. This time, though, the dart collides with the balloon, making a sharp 'pop' noise. Mike is trying not to look smug, but I can tell he's quite pleased with himself. He winks at me before throwing the third dart.

The last balloon pops as well and the woman working the game hands Mike a huge teddy pair. As we talk away, he grins. "Here, my lady. I won this for you."

I narrow my eyes, "For me?"

He laughs, "Yeah, for you. I saw you eying it."

And... well, I had been. I smile genuinely. "Thank you, Mike."

"It's my gratitude for not kicking me in the balls when you probably should have."

"I should have kicked you in the balls and then kicked you in the face," I comment and he shrugs.

"You're right. So, that's the closest to an 'I'm sorry' you're gonna get, so... enjoy it. Savor it." Mike says playfully but I can sense he's serious about not saying sorry. It must be some weird pride thing.

"Someday, though, Michael, I want a real apology. A full-fledged one, with roses and clear pronunciation. All pride aside," I say dreamily, imagining this day. It would be a great day.

Mike snorts at this, "Okay," he brushes it off, "Whatever." We walk in silence for a bit, and he begins, "But really. It was a dick move on my part. I shouldn't have been so confusing. I mean, as flawless and wonderful as I am --" I snort but he ignores me and continues, "--I shouldn't have confused you like that, you know? I mean... obviously you were going to be attracted to me. I guess Cassie just got to me first, right?"

I laugh hollowly, knowing our situation was so awkward and weird. It brought a bit of the resentment as I recalled that he lied to me, somewhat... basically seduced me, and then was introduced to me as my best friend's boyfriend.

It was confusing. And it wasn't exactly fair. But I wasn't about to let Mike think he'd gotten the best of me, that I'd simply fall down at his feet when he asked.

"Mike, you are a piece of work, you know that?" is the comment I settled on and he laughed. He put his arm around the huge bear and me as we walked. I spent the rest of the night trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach.

- - -

We're driving home, talking normally when Mike's phone rings. At first, he lets it ring... and ring... and ring. Suddenly he snaps it open. "What?" He says into it.

The person on the other line is unidentifiable but I can hear a constant stream of speech. I pray it's not Cassie. That would probably ruin everything. Everything about this... date? Oh god, shut up Iris!

"...Yeah," Mike says in response to whatever conversation he's having, not looking at me. "Okay... That sounds good, Janelle. Yeah... pick you when?.... Oh, yeah seven-thirty's perfect. Okay... later, little lady."

I wince - calling another girl MY nickname?

"Sorry about that," He says and snaps his phone shut. We arrive at my house, parked outside on the curb. "What were you saying about um... what's that guy's name again?"

"Um, his name is Seth Bolt and he's an amazing bassist for..." I look Mike's way and he doesn't seem to be paying attention. "Earth to Mike, I was telling you something very important." Of course the topic of my future husbands was very important, thank you very much! "Are you taking that girl out on a date? Janelle?"

"I was planning on it," Mike says frankly. I think my jaw hits the floor of car.

I'm stuttering, "But...but Mike! You can't!"

He makes a noise nothing short of a snarl, "And why not?"

"Apparently you have this girl, and her name is Cassie. Technically your girlfriend?"

"Oh, well I'm on a date with her best friend right now aren't I?"

"God you're such... you're such an asshole, Mike! This was not a date, not even close! And here, you can keep this stupid bear anyway, I hate it! I hate it so much!" I know my words are pretty childish, but I can't help my word vomit. I take a deep sigh to continue, "It's so ugly and purple is not my favorite color at all! And you know what? I hope someday someone hurts you as bad as you're hurting my best friend and… you suck and I HATE YOU!"

I end my rant and slam his car door as hard as I could. I feel so happy with my rant when I hear the car door open, presumably Mike. I slow slightly - giving him time to say sorry... YES! Finally! Justice!

"...Iris?" I hear him call. I keep walking though, feeling pride swell in my chest. "Iris, wait!" Mike sounds more impatient. I keep walking up the long drive to my apartment, head held high. "Iris, you forgot your cell phone do you want it or not?"

I stomp back to Mike, snatch my phone and try to ignore that annoying, smug look on his face.

Seriously. My life sucks, you guys.
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yep, i confess that i AM in fact a diehard Seth Bolt fangirl. JUDGE ME. boy is an angel.

oh, hi. i'm back. more later. i'm on spring break. :)

chapter title: Everything's An Illusion - Mayday Parade