Sequel: The Bride
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Maid of Honor


"Doe?" My best friend called out.
"Hm?" I replied softly, paying attention to Pat and Garrett's mindless banter.
"Can we talk?"
I turned toward my best friend.
"What about Johnny?"
His eyes passed over the guys all piled up in my living room.
"I-uh...follow me."
I shrugged off his odd behavior, and followed him without a question.
"Dorinda? Earth to Doe?"
"Sorry," I apologized for spacing out. "What do you want to talk about?"
"What if Kelsie's not right for me?"
"You have plenty of time to worry about that. You've only been together for two weeks."
"What if any girl isn't right for me? What if YOU'RE right for me?"
I laughed.
"John, you're not making any sense."
"Will you make me a promise?"
It was like a subject change.
"Of course..."
"If we don't find anyone by the time I'm 23...marry me,"
I playfully giggled.
"John O'Callaghan....are you asking me to marry you seven years from now?"
"I said if...." He mumbled, slightly embarrassed.
"Yes, John. I promise." I replied. "But only on two conditions."
"Which are?"
"One, you make the same promise to me."
"Done...and the second?" He asked me, his green eyes never breaking contact with me.
"I get to be the maid of honor at your wedding if you don't marry me. No ifs, ands, or butts about it."
"Deal. Love you, Pope."
I laughed and hugged my best friend.
"Love you too, O'Callaghan.
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Ahhhhh! So this was obviously before the story even takes place. They're sixteen and fifteen! Heheheh.

Thoughts so far? :)

xoxo Rae