Sequel: The Bride
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Maid of Honor

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“You’re adorable, Dorinda.” Renee told me.
I giggled.
“Thanks.” I replied with a smile.
The conversation about me and John splitting up had washed over fifteen minutes ago, but John’s hand still remained in mine.
“I’m so glad that you agreed to be my maid of honor.” Julie smiled over at me. “I just…I love that I know I can trust you, ya know?”
I instantly slipped my hand out of John’s. I saw him giving me a questioning look.
“I totally get it,” I smiled at the brunette. “I can trust you to, right?”
“Of course,” She laughed.
Something in my gut told me that Julie wanted to trust me…but she just couldn’t.
“Dia, is your hair lighter?” Pat asked.
I giggled.
“Actually yes, it is. For the First time in my life, I got highlights in my hair.”
“It’s longer to.”
“Shh…that’s a secret.” I winked playfully.
Maria giggled.
“If you haven’t picked out dresses Julie, you should check out Dorinda’s store. She carries some big name designers.”
I blushed.
“That’s very true. We carry a lot of things. I actually have to work tomorrow.”
“So I should come by tomorrow?”
“It would be good.” I smiled.

Soon after we finished eating, we all moved into the O’Callaghan’s huge living room. Pat and Jared were sitting on the floor while I was perched up on Garrett’s lap. Julie and Maria were sitting on John and Kennedy. Garrett’s arms wrapped around my middle and his chin rested on my right shoulder.
“Don’t you two look cosey,” Momma Ohh giggled, bringing attention toward where she was looking. Everyone looked over at Julie and John, were they looked like they were barely touching. “I meant Gary and Dia.” She explained.
People’s eyes swept over to us.
“Whoa…” Jared laughed.
“That’s new.” Pat added with a comment.
“Awe I’m almost Garrett’s age,” Ross pouted.
I only laughed.
“When did this happen?” Big John questioned.
Before Garrett could answer, I did.
“Not too long ago. Just a few hours or so…right Gar?”
“I-uh…right.” He smiled and laughed.
I pulled back and kissed his cheek like I normally would, but I put the biggest fake smile on my face. He returned his head to my shoulder, and pressed his nose into my hair.
“You owe me…big time.” He whispered before he pulled back and kissed my cheek.
“When did you realize your feelings?” Maria asked, smirking in my direction.
I smirked right back.
“Right when the guys got home from tour. A couple of days ago,”
“Seems fast,” John mumbled watching us.
“Me and Garrett? Not at all. It’s not as fast as you and Julie.” I smiled. “I’ve known Gar for forever.”
“She’s right, man,” Garrett laughed.
“I think it’s sweet,” Kennedy stated while he sent us a playful wink.
“Me too,” Julie cooed. “They look adorable right, John?”
“Um…..yeah?” He replied awkwardly.
I wanted to laugh because the look on his face said it all.
“He’s jealous.” Garrett mumbled into my ear.
I nodded and giggled as I watched John’s face twist.
John O’Callaghan is more affected by me than I originally thought.

We talked a little while longer before Julie’s parents stood up.
“It was nice meeting all of you, but we’ve got to go. Our hotel is about thirty minutes from here and it’s nearly eleven.” Bob stated as he stood up. Every one waved goodbye to them.
“I’ll walk you to the door.” John stated as he stood up to grab Julie’s hand. They moved out of the living room with her parents. Pat and Jared jumped at the chance to move on the couch where The Stones were sitting. I rested my hands on Garrett’s while I waited for John to come back. Shane was looking over at us.
“What’s going on in that brain of yours, Shanester?” I joked lightly.
“N-nothing,” The youngest boy shook his head.
A few minutes later, John came back into the living room.
“We should get going too.” He stated, staring at Garrett and me.
“John…it’s only eleven.” Momma Ohh laughed.
“Dia’s got a big day tomorrow.” He huffed.
I furrowed my brows.
“Gar can take me home.”
Before Garrett could answer, John was talking again.
“Dia…come on.” He whined, pulling his very own pout that I knew I couldn’t resist.
Garrett saw it coming so he unwrapped his arms from me. I stood up and smiled over at John.
“Go get my leather jacket.” I stated.
“You got it.” He smiled before he went to get my jacket. I pulled up the strapless grey dress I was wearing.
“Pat, can I catch a ride with you?”
“Umm…sure,” Pat nodded.
John came back and helped me slip the jacket over my bare shoulders.
“That’s pretty necklace, Dorinda.” Momma Ohh stated.
“Thanks, Johnny got it for me,”
“John, it’s beautiful!”
“Thanks,” He laughed.
“Come on, hugs all around.” I stated. Pat, Jared, Maria, and Ross all stood up to hug me first. Shane was next, he held on to me tightly. John’s parents hugged me at the same time.
“Don’t be stranger, Dorinda.” Big John stated.
“She won’t Dad,” John answered. “Ready?”
“Uh…yeah,” I nodded before we started toward the door. Then I turned around quickly and walked back into the living room. “I forgot to give my…boyfriend a hug?” I said. It sounded more like a questioned.
Garrett laughed and wrapped me up in his arms. I hugged him back tightly.
“This better not get weird.” He whispered. He let go of me and I smiled at him.
“Don’t worry about that.” I laughed. I kissed his cheek lightly.
“I’m going to take you out tomorrow.”
“Okay,” I smiled before I finally turned around and I saw John standing there with an irritated look on his face.
“Are you ready?”
“Yes,” I sighed heavily before we both walked toward the door.
“Dia, wait!” Shane stated, slightly running toward me.
John huffed and rolled his eyes.
“I’ll be in the car.” He snapped.
“What’s up, Shane.”
“It’s weird.”
I furrowed my brows.
“What is?”
“Everything is all messed up. Julie and John and you and Garrett…it’s strange.” He answered truthfully. “I want you with John, Dia…”
“Me too, Shaney.” I whispered.
He smiled widely.
“You’re secret is safe with me.” He whispered before he hugged me and went back to the living room.
Now Shane knows.
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