Sequel: The Bride
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Maid of Honor

Twenty-Three ♥

“Places, girls,” Bob stated playfully.
“Julie…” I trailed off, looking at the bride. She looked back at me, and confusion filled her eyes. I took a deep breath. “I love John,”
Bob watched us carefully.
“I know, Dorinda…but…we’re getting married.” She shook her head. “I honestly wish that I could give him up, but…I don’t think I can.”
I nodded and averted my eyes.
“Just promise me one thing?”
“Take good care of John,” My voice cracked. “That’s my best friend waiting for you at the end of the aisle.”
Julie hugged me tightly, and I returned it.
“Thank you,” She whispered. “If John chooses you, I’ll accept it. I won’t be mad.”
I forced a laugh.
“He’d be crazy to choose a trainwreck like me over you.” I replied. Penny and Yancy were already way down the aisle to hear us. The wedding march started, signaling that it was time for us to walk. “Go marry him,”
She nodded and I took a matching bouquet from Bob. He gave me a sad look. Obviously he had expected John just to jump into my arms after I confessed my love for him.
“Show time,” Julie whispered.
I nodded in return before I started walking down the aisle. Kennedy’s eyes met mine first and he smiled sadly at me. My eyes quickly moved from his to my best friend’s green eyes. He was studding me, and his smile stretched across his face, reaching his eyes. That was the John smile that I knew and had recently found out that I was in love with. He looked amazing, and he actually looked happy. I felt the guilt start to build again. Why did I try to take this boy’s happiness from him in the first place? He was obviously happy with Julie, which means I should be happen for him too. I took my spot, which would be next to Julie once she got here, but his eyes were still on mine. When Julie got half-way down the aisle, John and I turned our attention toward her. Her smile faltered when she saw that he had been staring at me. John’s smile dropped a little bit too when he switched from me to Julie.
She finally reached him, and her father gave her away before John took her hands in his. His eyes briefly met mine before they returned to the bride. They stepped up to the altar, and the Pastor stood there in front of them. The wedding started as any wedding did. Both John and Julie didn’t want a big and long wedding so, they decided to keep things as sort as possible. My heart started to pound in my chest louder as they got closer to the vows. Julie actually went first, and I noticed that she was a little hesitant to say he words that the Pastor had lead her to say. But she did. Julie finally managed to get out the two, small, life-changing words.
“I-I do.” She spoke almost quietly. I watched as John smiled and her, and a few tears fell from my eyes. The pastor begun repeated the same words, but this time, they were focused on John. I wanted to look anywhere but at him, but I forced myself to. It was my best friend’s wedding, and I did make him promise me that I was the maid of honor. I didn’t think that when I was 15, I would actually be standing as the maid of honor to my best friend’s wedding. I didn’t think that it would hurt this much to actually be in love with someone. I never did understand how girls fell in love with their best friend. I used to think that it was impossible, because I never saw John that way. Looking back on our high school years growing up, it made sense now. I had always been in love with John. I wouldn’t have been so willing to give my virginity to him in exchange for his own if I didn’t. I was in some serious denial for the last eight years. John said that I finally understood how it felt, so that only leads me to believe that he was in love with me too. That just hurt me even more.
“Do you, John take Julie to be your wife? Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect her, forsaking all others and holding only unto her?”
John’s eyes locked with mine. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. He looked confused and conflicted. I took a deep breath and nibbled on my lower lip. John just continues to stare at me.
“Again I say, do you, John take Julie to be your wife? Do you promise to love, honor, cherish, and protect her, forsaking all others and holding only unto her?”
John’s eyes tore away from mine and looked between the Pastor, Julie, and myself.
“I-I….” He stuttered. A lot of people took it for being shy or embarrassed. Julie squirmed a little bit, and Kennedy’s smile grew. “I…can’t.”
An audible gasp went through the church, and I let out the breath I had been holding.
“Pardon?” The preacher questioned.
John took both of Julie’s hands in his.
“You believe that there is someone for everyone right?” He asked.
“And you believe that if you had the chance with that someone, you should take it?”
I could hear Julie laugh a little bit. I noticed that the other quest were smiling slightly, thinking they were talking about each other.
“Then I propose that we don’t get married,” He stated, and looked past her, right at me. “Because I’m positive I’m in love with someone else.” I felt another tear fall from my eye and I smiled slightly over at him. Julie and John had a prolonged hug, leaving the other people confused. “I’m so sorry.” John said once they pulled away.
Julie laughed slightly.
“Go,” She whispered, but everyone heard due to the massive amount of over-head mics. They both turn toward me, and everyone followed their looks. Julie shot me a small wink and laughed. I replied with a small smile and laugh. John stepped forward and grabbed my hands in his big ones. It was odd, but nothing has ever felt so right.
“Have you ever felt like the biggest idiot in the world because you almost let the one person you love more than anything go?”
I laughed, and I nodded my head.
“I pretty much felt like that when I saw you walking down the aisle.”
I bit my lip and blushed.
“So what are you proposing, O’Callaghan?” I asked him softly.
“I propose that I kiss the woman I love with all of my heart in front of a bunch of people who came to see me get married to someone else.” He replied.
“Fair enough,” I smiled.
John smiled back widely at me, the same grin he had when I walked down the aisle. His hands left mine, and cupped my head gently. John turned my head up slightly, and bent his down to capture our lips together. I gripped onto his jacket, and slowly moved my arms until they were up and around his neck. I pulled John closer to me as we kissed in front of all of the wedding guest. Applause erupted from a big group of people. I smiled into the kiss, knowing exactly who it was when I heard ‘GET SOME’ as the loudest yell. John’s hands left my head, and wrapped tightly around my back. He lifted my small frame from the ground and continued to kiss me. I pulled away, taking a breath, and I looked at his face. His eyes were closed and he had the biggest smile on his face. I pressed my lips back to his, tightening my grip. I lifted my feet from just swaying and locked my ankles together. John’s chuckle rumbled through both of our tightly pressed chests before we had to pull away again.
“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do that.” He whispered.
My eyes fluttered open and I smiled at him.
“I think I do.” I admitted. “Now put me down, you giant.”
John chuckled and slowly sat me back down. He smiled down at me and kissed my lips one more time.
“I hate to ruin this moment, but we would like to know about the wedding,” The Preacher interrupted. He clearly wasn’t a fan of John’s sudden switch of affection. John chuckled and latched our hands together before he pulled us up to the front.
“Julie and I are no longer going to get married.” John announced.
I rolled my eyes and smacked his stomach. John just shook his head and wrapped his arms around my shoulders, and hugged me tightly to his chest. “I do, however, love this beautiful girl in my arms right now,”
My cheeks burned, so I hid my face in his chest.
“So there isn’t going to be a wedding?”
“I guess not.” Julie shrugged.
“Actually…” Kennedy said, moving from his spot next to where John was standing and he jogged down to the pews where Maria was sitting next to the O’Callaghan’s. “Maria, I’ve been wanting to ask you this for a while, but will you please marry me?”
Maria giggled.
“Oh, right!” He stated before he pulled a ring out of his pocket and bent down on one knee in front of her. “Will you marry me now?”
“Yes!” She laughed. Kennedy quickly slid the ring on her finger.
“Let’s get married,”
“Now?” She looked so surprised.
“Everyone we love it here, there’s already cake and everything. It’s already set up. Marry me right now.”
“Okay,” She laughed before kissing his cheek. “But I have nothing.”
“Follow me,” Julie stated, grabbing both mine and Maria’s wrist. We got back to the dressing room where she tossed us both dresses.
“What is this for?” I questioned, looking down at the pink-ish color dress.
“For Maria’s wedding! You can’t just wear the same dress twice, it looks tacky!” She giggled. “And that dress is obviously for you to wear in the wedding. It was my after wedding dress, but you can wear it.”
“Thank you so much,” Maria smiled before she hugged Julie. “I don’t understand why you’re being so nice though. You’re wedding was just ruined.”
Julie shrugged.
“You win some, you lose some. Just so happens I lost this one...but I’m more that positive the right girl got him.”
I smiled and wrapped my arms around her neck.
“You’re the best. You really are.” I stated.
Julie just rolled her eyes.
“Just get ready,” She laughed.
“Wait, Julie....will you stay and be a bridesmaid?” Maria asked her hopefully.
“I would love to, but I’ve got nothing to wear.”
“Wear your wedding dress.” I stated and Maria nodded in agreement.
“But....I’ll look weird in the pictures.”
“Honey, I’m wearing a purple dress with your sparkly purple shoes. I don’t think it matters.”
“Okay...I’ll do it.” Julie laughed.
“You’re seriously about to get married.” I stated, looking at Maria. “You’re going to be a Brock! I think...”
Maria giggled.
“Yes, officially a Brock.”
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