Sequel: The Bride
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Maid of Honor

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"I'm so freaking sorry! Floor exercises ran late." I apologized, dumping my purse in the booth before I slid in.
"I get it, Dia. You're a gymnast. You've got an obligation to your....what do they call it exactly?"
"A team, John." I giggled.
"Yeah...that." He smiled. My heart started to beat quickly again. "God, I missed you. You know how much you mean to me, right?"
"Same, Johnny." I replied, returning his drop dead smile with one that I only hoped matched his. "Gees! Have you always looked this way?"
"What way?" He questioned. "Is that bad?"
"You just look older." I commented. "I like it."
"Can I get you two anything to drink?"
"A bud light, please." He replied.
"A water." I smiled at her before she walked away. "Okay. Do you know how hard it was to get out of there today? Robby makes me want to pull my fucking hair out."
John just shook his head.
"But at least you're here now. Our best friend day can officially begin."
"I want nothing more."
The waitress brought us back our drinks. We both ordered grilled chicken sandwiches.
"So I kind of have this huge thing to ask you,"
"Since when are you scared to talk to me?" I stated, smirking in his direction.
"Fine." He stated, shaking his head. "I talk to Julie and..."
"And?" I asked, getting antsy.
"And...we both really want you to be her maid of honor."
My jaw dropped as I started at him.
"What about her other friends? I'm sure they'll love to be her maid of honor."
"Did you forget the second part of our deal? You have to be the Maid of Honor.:
"Ugh!" I groaned. "Fine. Fine..."
"Good," He smiled. "She's driving in tomorrow."
"Why so soon?"
"Well the wedding is in a week."
I started to choke on a fry I was currently eating.
"W-what? A week? John! That's fucking crazy! What the hell?"
"Cone on, Dia. You're overreacting. It's our choice."
"I know, John." I sighed.
I suddenly really wanted to be back at the gym, tumbling out my feelings.
Instead I was sitting across from my best friend that I might, possibly, have feelings for. I zoned out and thought about that for a moment. How strong are my feelings for John? I know I care enough that he gives me butterflies, but I don't think I love the boy.

"Holy shit! Next week?" Maria asked me. We were in her living room. She sat down on the couch while I paced back and forth in front of her.
"Yes! I don't even know what to think about this. John's been my best friend for eight years, and she's known him for two! We live together. He was my prom date... hell, he was even my first!"
"Honey, stop flipping your shit and sit down! We need to think this out rationally."
"I need a fucking plan, Mar! I can't let him get married to Julie! Sure, she's nice, but they don't know each other that well. John's probably only marrying her because she puts out!"
Maria raised her eyebrows at me.
"You're sounding stupid. You can start by dressing girly. Show John that you can be sexy."
I bit my lip.
"This can actually work...can't it?"
"Well, you ARE his best friend. You tell me, Dorinda. Can this actually work?"
I stared at her for a few second before I nodded.
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