Zombie Airship


Augustine sat in the chilly water, rinsing out her long curly hair. She hadn't had a chance to relax and bathe in quite a long time-- at least four days. Her curls floated as she dunked her head into the freezing water, setting the used bar of sop on the bank. With a silent gasp, she emerged from the water, hair drooping onto her cheeks. She stepped out, nude, grabbing her soiled billy, skirt, blouse, and corset from the nearest tree.

With her back to Gunny, she dipped the filthy garments into the babbling stream, running the stale bar of soap over them. A blush caressed her cheeks as she tried to cast out the embarrassment with conversation.

"We'll fly soon... I can feel it. The thought of finally testing my perfected theorem is exhilarating, Gunny!"

The auburn haired ex-militant ruffled her hair giddily, smiling at her accomplice. Her dream was finally becoming a reality. It was no longer a foolish desire, but a fact. The S.S. Nightshade was hers and soon, it would take lift. "Yes, we shall fly. We will bloody fly, Augy! We'll show them all that we're not insane. Us and the S.S. Nightshade."

Augustine fished her garments out of the water and wrung them out delicately, turning to face Abigail with a flushed face. "Yes. The two of us and our very own creation-- the pnuemonic gears and tubes that you put together so lovingly and the scientific method I will help you fly with. Help us fly with. Our ship is a beaut'."

Abigail could hardly wait until the dawn. The night that Cooley had helped her escape from the bend came flooding back into her mind. The nerves had wracked her body as she waited with excitement. She looked to Augustine, who has folded her damp clothes over the branch of a tree. She cover her breast and smiled back at the auburn haired girl, sharing her excitement.

"We leave at dawn. I think this calls for celebration of some sort, before we must depart," Augustine said, walking abruptly back through the thin forestry towards their airship. Her long legs took long strides as Abigail tried to keep pace. The freezing air whipped at her bare skin as she rushed to get back and find a cloak.

Abigail sighed, smiling quirkily. Augy was a strange one, indeed. Indeed, I believe we do, Augy. But what can we do? We're rogue... if we're found and recognized, we will be sent back to our respective camps."

Augustine smiled quirkily, almost slyly, as they neared their own camp. "If they don't recognize us, then they cannot punish us. We have the cloak of night, dear. It will shield us for at least a few hours of celebration."

Abigail ran the thought through her mind a few times as Augustine pulls an old, oil-soaked cloak around her body, waiting for her own original garments to dry. A sly smile slid across Abigail's face as a plan came to her mind. They would dress as men! Yes, it was a simple plan. They take to the town, find the nearest inebriated officer, swipe his garments and carry on as men.

As she explained her plan to Augustine, the doctor smiled in return with unabashed slyness. The plan was lovely, her depthy eyes lighting up with the sheer excitement of what they were about to do. For so long, they'd both followed the rules, both had strict regimes to march to. Now, they were swiping fruit and bread from the local stands and planning on grabbing an officer's uniform and disguising themselves as men.

"Oh, Augy! We're so naughty! Could you imagine how the boys back home would react if they knew what we up to? Oh, we'd be in so much trouble!" exclaimed Abigail, bouncing up and down. She had never rebelled before her escape from the militia, all this was new and exciting.

"Naughty indeed. In the Red Army, if I'd done this, they'd have beaten me black and blue!" Her spine tingled, the night air passing overhead seeming to be gathering heat. It was impeccably timed- they were long due for some freedom.

Freedom was an overused term. They'd been, legally, free, but what freedoms had they had? Confined to the lab or the barracks, being belittled for their gender, and Lord forbid if any of the men in the Red Army had discovered that Augustine was attracted to women. Now was their time to flip the tables, to take control and shake the very ground beneath them.

"We are revolutionaries, Augustine, but we are the ones with a real cause. While our boys are fighting for a 'revolution', it is us, who are changing things." Abigail smiled to herself as she remembered the way Cooley would smile and laugh at her revolutionary outbursts. He always humoured her, and never told her she was wrong.

"Well, what are we waiting for? My impatience is growing by the moment, Gunny. Let us go!" The woman pinned her cloak in place, knowing she wouldn't need her dampened clothes in this plan. Grabbing the militant's hand, she rushed forward, into the direction of the city. Smoke billowed overhead of the forest's canopy, overcasting the moon and telling them which way to go.

The duo ran through the forest for what seemed like miles, but before they knew it Abigail was barreling into the town gate.

Augustine, grabbing her hand quickly, whispered, "Abigail, behave yourself. If we want this to work we'll have to be very quiet and very sly. Can you do that for me?"

The red-head frowned impatiently, nodding to the other woman. Beyond the gates, the bustle of the city had dulled to a small clatter. Aside from a few street vendors and drunkards, the streets were devoid of people. The citizens were tucked away in their beds, the night settling them into lullabies of dreams. Browning grasses softened the ground, the well-walked cobblestone paths gray in comparison. Pulling her cloak closer to her body, concealing her visage, Augustine kept Abigail's slender hand in her own as she lead them through the shadows expertly.

They walked in the shadows for a short while before coming upon a beautiful sight. Two militia officers, passed out drunk. The two girls drug the boys out of sight before stealing their clothing.

"Oh no, Augy. How are we going to cover our womanly curves?"

The blonde wracked her brain, surveying her surroundings with intelligent, wise eyes. Hay lined one of the vendor's stands, and she tiptoed to it. Taking two handfuls, she ran back before the vendor could chase her down. Stuffing the uniform, she hid her hips and breasts fairly well. Handing the extra to Abigail, she smiled.

The red-head looked at the girl and scowled.

"But, I don't wanna look portly!" she said begrudgingly, as she stuffed the hay into her uniform.

"Hush, Gunny. Don't you want to have a spot of fun? The uniforms will come off in the morn, my dear." She smiled, tucking her long hair beneath the nape of her coat to conceal it. Stiffening her face, she almost pulled off being a man. Almost.

The small girl giggled as she buttoned the uniform, and pulled her short hair into a low ponytail

"Well I'm glad to know that if I ever need to, I can be a man," giggled the girl.

Augustine took a deep breath, broadening her shoulders and smiling with confidence. Her cheekbones were too high to be masculine, her eyes too big and curious. Thank the Lord for the darkness shrouding them, hiding her feminine face. "Where to, my dear?"

"We can go anywhere we want. But first, food."

The blonde quirked a brow, her eyes gathering all the data that could interfere with their plan. "Have you any pence on you? I have, about, sixpence. Yourself?" She'd made sure to tuck away the money for a special time. Now was special enough. Where they were going, they'd need to gather supplies in the nearest city away from Alexandria.

Abigail blushed, and whispered "No. I don't have anything. But we are officers, they're supposed to give us things as we need them!"

"We're better safe than sorry." She quoted the old phrase, leading the red-head to the nearest vendor. They sold fruits, breads, and sweets of various assortments. Using her best masculine voice, she began.

"What would you like, Gun?"

Abigail froze, realizing she was going to have to attempt to sound manly, she opted for a drunken slur.

"I want.... that... peach right der," she slurred, going slightly cross eyed and leaning heavily on her companion.

"And, I'd like ya' to give us all the bread and cheese half a pence can buy, ya' hear? Two peaches and two mangoes." It was astonishing, to see Augustine acting so well. As the man turned to fill their bags, the blonde gave Abi a sly wink.

Abigail smiled back, leaned against the taller girl's shoulder, and hiccuped. The man returned, two brown paper bags filled to the brim- one with bread, the other with fruit and cheeses. He took her money, and they went on their way. Merry, they returned to the shadows and rummaged through the delicacies.

"My dearest friend, I think this was our best plan yet!" murmured Augustine around a bite of sweet bread. The pair sat in the darkness, giggling and chewing for a while, before Abi realized it, the sun was coming up.

"We better get back to the ship," said Abigail. "It'll be dawn soon."

Augustine took Abi's hand, leading them back to the ship. It shone dully in the light of the dawn, the sky pink with the new day. As the sun approached the horizon, the pink plain erupted into a sea of violets and oranges, the occasional gray. It was a perfect morn the begin sailing the air. The SS Nightshade was ready to take to the skies that glimmered so beautifully overhead. Abigail set the food below the deck. Augustine climbed onboard after grabbing her dry clothes from the branch she'd placed them on, stripping and becoming lost in the sunrise that taunted them. Her olive eyes reflected the violet hues, her porcelain skin rosy in the lighting as she held onto the guardrails. "Gunny, look."

The redhead looked in the direction Augustine told her to.

"Well, damn. Augy that's the prettiest sunrise I've seen yet. Perfect for flying."

Dearest Cooley,
Oh my dear, you'll never guess what we did today. You'll laugh when I tell you. We stole a pair of officer uniforms and went to town! Oh, Cooley it was the most fun I've had in ages. I miss you, Cooley. I truly do. How are our boys? Do they miss me yet? I'll see you soon, I promise.

Love, Abigail.
♠ ♠ ♠
As the ship takes form, their plans to take to the skies form, as do celebrations to commemorate the moment they will share.