I'm losing my mind and you just stand there and stare as my world divides.

Chapter Seven

Aiden's POV
I grabbed my guitar and took the Metro to the recording studio. I really enjoyed working there. Being a session musician was a lot of fun. It also paid a lot of money. My stop came and I got off the Metro. I walked to Reprise. My co-worker, Lacey, greeted me.
"Hey Aide."
"Hey Lace."
Lacey was really nice. She was from Canada orginally. She was a brilliant pianist. She had long, bleach blonde hair with a black stripe on her bangs.
"Guess what band is coming to record a CD today?"
She screamed. "MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!"
My mouth gaped open. "Frank..." I whispered. He was here. In this recording studio. I was pretty sure I had a crush on him. His face would not leave my mind at all. But he had Gerard...
All of a sudden I could feel arms come up behind me and hug me.
I turned around.
We smiled at each other. I almost started to blush. Wow. I think I really do have a crush on him...
"Lacey was telling me you're recording today..."
"Yes, she's right."
"You probably won't need a session guitarist..."
"Nope. Unless Ray breaks all his fingers."
We both laughed.
"Well.. I guess we need to start recording. See ya later, Aiden."
"Yeah, see ya."
Frank kissed me on the cheek.
Frank Iero has just kissed me.
I felt like I had a buzz. A love buzz. Lacey just glared at me.
"I just met him last night. He's friends with a friend of Tristan."
"You know how jealous I am of you right now?"
I smiled. "Insanely."

Later That Day
My day was over. I was leaving the recording studio and Frank ran to catch up with me.
"Hey Aiden!"
I turned around. He was looking so handsome. Black jeans, pink tee-shirt, studded pink belt, and black Misfits shoes. Damn. He was smokin'.
"Um Gerard's going to hang out with his friend Bert tonight so I was wondering if you'd like to um... go out to dinner with me tonight?"
I felt like a high school girl getting asked out on her first date. "I'd love to!"
He smiled. "Awesome. But what will you tell Christian?"
"Tristan," I corrected. "I'll tell him I have some extra work to do."
"Will he believe it?" Frank asked skeptically.
"Most likely."
I got out my cell phone and highlighted Tristan's name and called him.
"Hey it's Aiden"
"Hey baby what's up?"
"I'm kind of held up with work. This girl wants to redo the entire session and I did a lot of songs for her. So I'll be home late."
"Damn. Okay. Will you make it up to me tonight, Angel?"
I bit my lip. "Yes. I will make it up to you."
"Good. Bye, Aide."
"Bye Trist."
I hung up my phone. "I'm free for you"
Frank placed his hand around my waist and we walked to his car.