Sequel: Grenade

Do You Know Your Enemy, Darling?

And They're All Gone

-----{Skylar's POV}-----

I sat on my hotel bed, staring at the ceiling. My breaths were heavy, like I had just gotten done running a thousand miles. It was dark in my room, telling me it was still night. Possibly early morning. Sweat trickling down my face.

I sat up, shaking. It was normal for me to shake this much, or this hard. I wasn't sure what had been wrong with me.

I kicked my feet over the side of the ugly blue bed and let my feet gently touch the floor. Tip-toeing to the bathroom, I leaned down over the sink and let all of my supper flow out of my mouth, and into the potty.

None of this started until a few days ago. Jackson thought it was just because I missed Dillon. This was not the case. Everybody decided to over look my getting sick, my cutting. I knew Dillon was worse, but they couldn't feel my pain. The pain I had.

Okay, no. It wasn't true I wanted them falling all over me, wanting to help me. I wanted Dillon helped before I could be. She was worse. Mine was just a few cuts, and I was getting better.

I wiped my mouth off and stood up once more. Looking over in the mirror to notice a figure standing in the door way.


I gulped and bit my lip. Watching him walk in, I stepped back. "Jackson?"

He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck and letting his wavvy hair fall into his face. "I have to go back to Texas." He looked up at me, his eyes watering.

My heart fell. Everybody else had left me. Zoey and Tom went their own way to start their lives together, Joe stayed close with Dillon but refused to visit her. He didn't want to see her failing. And now Jackson was saying he needed to go back to Texas, the place to far away from my home.

"Why?" I asked, tears falling down my cheeks.

He looked up at me, clearing just waking up. "My sister, Kelly, is having surgery. For what, I don't know. I just know it's serious, and my other sisters are asking me to be there for her." He shrugged.

I bit my lip harder, tasting the blood mixed in with the taste of my puke. "Where does this leave us?" I asked, my tone harsh.

He paused, not knowing how to continue or what to say. I knew he hadn't thought of this. Of leaving me. He knew I couldn't go home. I needed to go back to my small town because my building was being sold, and I had to be there to say I still needed that home.

I turned and threw my hands in the air. Tears spilling from my eyes now. "Great. So everybody else leaves and you decided that poor little Skylar doesn't need anybody!" I yelled.

He hugged me to him and kissed the top of my head. "No, that's not it. I just have to be there for my sister, Sky."

I cried into his chest. "But you'll be leaving me."

He pulled me back, looking into my eyes. "Skylar. I love you. I've always loved you. We'll be together again."

-----{Next Day}-----

I threw clothes into my bag. I glared at the sunlight pouring into the room. I was leaving, and so was Jackson. He decided we shouldn't say goodbye because he didn't want there to be one. He wanted there to be an opening for when he would return. So last night, he wanted to make it up to me. He wanted me to be happy, but it didn't work. Last night should have been one of the best nights of my life, yet when it was over with I cried. He held me close as we cried together.

My phone went off. I grabbed it from the table and watched the screen.

From: Jackson
I love you, Sky

I bit my lip and pushed my sidekick into my jeans pocket. I grabbed my bag and walked down the steps and out into the streets. I hoped into the cab I called earlier and told him to the airport.

Once I got there, I walked in the doors and to the waiting area after I checked in and gave the lady my bags. She looked like a huge Barbie, only with bigger tits.

I sat in a chair, crossing my arms and watching out the window. "I hate them.." I muttered. I finally had friends, friends I loved and loved me back. And they were all gone. Yeah, Zoey wanted me to go with them but I refused. It was their lives. Not mine. Joe wanted me staying with him but I knew he just wanted to be alone for a little while. And as for Jackson..

He asked me to go along. But Texas wasn't my home. It was his, and I knew nothing about it. I'd rather go home and live my life. Go back at working at Hot Topic or get a new job.

I sighed and listened for my plane to be called. I waited, until I felt a pair of strong hands around my neck. I jumped up to see Jackson, smirking behind me.

"Sexy." He looked me up and down. I rolled my eyes.

"Shouldn't you be gone?" I asked. He shrugged.

"No, my flight doesn't leave for another hour." I nodded. "Look, Skylar. I'm going back to Texas. But then I'm finding my way back to see you. I can't live long without you. Please, just tell me it's alright to come back."

I bit my lip. I nodded again and hugged him tightly.

-----{Tom's POV}-----

I ran over to Zoey and picked her up, laughing as I threw her into our new pool.

"Thomas!" She yelled. I looked at her, straight faced and innocently. She stepped out of the pool, dripping wet in her new blue skirt and white tank top.

"Aw, I can still make you wet." I teased.

She glared. She was worried about everybody, and I understood. But we agreed to wait a few weeks before we checked in on everybody. We wanted to plan things, do things, and then do more things.

I smirked and pulled her closer. This new house I bought us, it was now her home. My home. Our home. I wanted it to stay this way.

I kissed her hard on the lips and pulled her into the house. I could tell she was feeling a little better now.

♠ ♠ ♠
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